Dan Bongino: “Obamagate”

Dan Bongino as guest host on the Mark Levin show last night.

Dan details the mess that is this Russia mess, the FISA mess, the FBI mess, and what it really is:  The Obama Administration weaponized federal agencies to usurp a federal election and the lefty media’s complicity.

This is audio only and REALLY worth listening.

This is 100 times worse than Watergate.  Mind you, the left has been yapping for the last 45 years about a bungled burglary which effectively did nothing.  In 2016, the Obama gangster government ACTUALLY DID commit crimes.

~ Hardnox

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2 Responses to Dan Bongino: “Obamagate”

  1. clyde says:

    I heard this. Bongino absolutely hit it on the head. Although WE already knew it.

    • Uriel says:

      Unfortunately, knowing and correcting have not seemed to follow together. We have seen and most have felt and still feel powerless to force these to court. We simply have to watch, wait, and hope they are brought to justice.

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