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Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.
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9 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Terry says:

    I’ve never cared for using magazine ammo.
    The pages keep getting jammed in the chamber.

  2. Hardnox says:

    To think mental midgets like her have power over us. Shivers.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    You must roll up those magazines tightly so that the clips fit and can be used for ammunition. And, if we give up these magazines, the bad guys will just lay down their weapons and be nice.

  4. Whitetop says:

    She must hang around with Maxie Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee. Probably honorary member of the House Black Caucus.

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