What is happening with Obamacare?

Are Republicans planning to sell us down the drain? Have they forgotten what the 2016 election was about? Do they plan to commit political suicide if Obamacare is not repealed and replace before their next reelection dates?

Obviously one major crisis at a time is all that congress can handle. I get that the budget is first on the list but the issue on Obamacare is one that began on January 21, 2017 and has been running hot and cold ever since then. It should have already been resolved yet little to nothing has actually been done.

What congress, especially Republican members, are hoping is that if enough of them throw safety lines to keep Obamacare afloat at least one will make it through the process and become law.

They probably hope after a year of day-to-day crisis and obstacles, voters will forget what their mandate has always been “repeal Obamacare in its entirety then replace it with a better product”  and instead like good snoozing sheep voters will simply allow Obamacare to have huge amounts of money dumped into its system.

Judicial Watch added a Corruption File News release on February 1, 2018 which was titled “Obamacare Recruiters Get $1.2 Billion Under Proposed Law”. In that post, they discussed that a fraud-infested Obamacare “outreach” program will get an astounding $1.2 billion from American taxpayers if legislation introduced by a veteran congresswoman becomes law. The preposterous measure, introduced by California Democrat Maxine Waters a few week ago, aims to recruit customers for the health insurance exchanges set up under Obama’s disastrous healthcare overhaul. Supposedly Waters crafted the law because the Trump administration slashed Obamacare outreach funding by more than 90%.

This isn’t the only reports coming out that there are efforts to “patch up” and resell Obamacare not just from Democrats but from some Republicans as well.

There were more than a few submitted by Democrats. the four below are just a sampling.

  • Rep. Raul Ruiz (Dem-CA) introduced HR3258 in July 2017. He titled it ” Marketplace Certainty Act”. Its purpose is to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to improve cost sharing subsidies. A Senate companion bill was entered late June 2017 and sponsored by Sen. Shaheen (Dem-NH).
  • Rep. Diane Black (Rep-TN) also submitted bill  HR1628 that revised dates but more importantly it amends the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 to increase funding for community health centers.
  • Sen. Cardin (Dem-MD) submitted S1511 which was basically to set up “Individual Market Reinsurance Fund” with no sunset provision to have states draw from who qualified according to criteria in the bill.
  • Rep. Higgins (Dem-NY)submitted HR 3748  provide for an option for individuals who are ages 50 to 64 to buy into Medicare, to provide for health insurance market stabilization, and for other purposes.

A few Republicans however haven’t been slacking in this endeavor to keep a failed health system despite the warnings of implosion and the problems of rising insurance rates.

From National Review comes information on two bills. The first, championed by Sens. Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D., Wash.) S934, would appropriate cost-sharing-reduction payments to insurers. The second, sponsored by Sens. Susan Collins (R., Maine) and Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) S1383, would give insurers an additional $10 billion (and perhaps more) in federal cash.


The point in bringing this up is that Obamacare has some issues to be considered in 2018 from taxes to insurance premium raises. It wasn’t taken care of in 2017 when it should have been. Now those who will be running for reelection in 2018 may have this albatross around their necks as well.

Had Obamacare been repealed in 2017, there would have been some leeway addressed in a sunset clause that would have made life a lot easier. If more Democrats manage to recoup congressional seats, there will be hell to pay getting this done and out-of-the-way just as any other lingering issues like wall or taxes or whatever will also find a very hostile incoming congress if Democrats manage to take back control of both groups. Trump may be shackled for the rest of his term in office if that happens or find himself on the receiving end of impeachment even.


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11 Responses to What is happening with Obamacare?

  1. With the mandate effectively gone, as of 1-1-18, o’shitbagcare is void, anyways. All that remains is the hollow law on the books. Trump should just throw that one into the fireplace like an old magazine.

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  3. Shar says:

    First off we can thank McCain for no repeal. Now about nine states are proposing their own individual mandate. You are right about Congress, they can’t chew gum and walk. All caught up in committee delays by dims. We need Uncle Mitch to go with majority and we need new blood.

    • Uriel says:

      Umm Mitch is Pelosi in male attire. What Dems want eventually he gives in to. As to new blood I agree Repseem to have a huge turnover coming with so many not returning. Unfortunately we aren’t seeing old guard leaving yet in the Dem party

  4. Wise Owl says:

    Yes, Uriel and Shar, Mitch the Bitch has got to go, and Ryan is not very impressive either. I sincerely hope we get some new, conservative blood in Congress and the old lobbyist suckers can fade away.

  5. Whitetop says:

    We don’t need any replacement for Ocare; get the government the hell out of our healthcare because they ***k it up like everything else the government gets involved in. The piece of shit legislation Speaker Ryan put up at the first of the year providers the guiding light for what the GOP had in mind and it wasn’t repeal. Ryan owns it lock stock and barrel.
    Shutting off all funding to Planned Parenthood needs to be taken care of as well. The attached link provides insight to Fusion GPS involvement in the Coup to remove President Trump.

    • Agreed! We never had “health insurance” before because we paid cash. This insurance crap is the fault of hospitals, insurance companies and the drug industry colluding to scam the American people into it being a necessity.
      Back in the day, if we didn’t pay our doctor’s or hospital bills, we wouldn’t see them again until the bills were paid. That goes for the pharmacists, too.
      If I want health insurance, I should be able to go to the same agent I use for my car and home and get a policy there, not through some phantom government pool. And just like the car and home options, I should be able to choose from a coverage menu.

      • Uriel says:

        Don’t forget Trump wrote an executive order last October to help with the insurance across state lines — Competition Across the United States —(a) It shall be the policy of the executive branch, to the extent consistent with law, to facilitate the purchase of insurance across State lines and the development and operation of a healthcare system that provides high-quality care at affordable prices for the American people.

        I don’t know however how that has affected the market…anyone?

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for adding….one good thing about Planned Parenthood…they lost their CEO or whatever you choose to call her. Now maybe things will get straightened out.

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