Senate Bi-Partisan Budget Agreement Reached

White House Press Briefing Feb 7, 2018. It includes a short comment by Sec. Mattis as well.



McConnell speaks in Senate



“I’m pleased to announce that our bi-partisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities have yielded a significant agreement.” Mitch McConnell

The compromise we have reached will:

  1. Ensure that for the first time in years, our armed forces will have more of the resources they need to keep America safe.
  2. Will help us serve the veterans who bravely served us.
  3. Will ensure funding for important efforts such as disaster relief, infrastructure, and building on our work to fight opioid abuse and drug addiction.

This bill is the product of extensive negotiations among congressional leaders and the White House. No one would suggest it is perfect, but we worked hard to find common ground and stay focused on serving the American people.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: This bi-partisan agreement will unwind the Sequestration cuts that have hamstrung our armed forces and jeopardized our national security.

SECOND: This bill will provide for our returning heroes. Too often underfunded, overcomplicated bureaucracies fail to deliver the care our veterans deserve.

THIRD: This agreement will also bolster our ongoing national struggle against opioid addiction and substance abuse.

FOURTH: It will fund new grants, prevention programs, and law enforcement efforts in vulnerable communities all across our country.

FIFTH: It will also provide for disaster relief efforts.

SIXTH: The agreement will clear the way for a new investment in our nation’s infrastructure. A bi-partisan priority shared by the President and lawmakers of both parties.

The Appropriations Committees once the bill is passed by both chambers will have six weeks to negotiate detailed appropriations and deliver full funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2018.


I didn’t include Schumer’s crowing (er, um glowing) speech nor did I add most of McConnell’s praises (smarm) of members–just the gist of the announcement.

Once the Budget Committees pass their budget resolutions, the resolutions go to the House and Senate floors, where they can be amended (by a majority vote). A House-Senate conference then resolves any differences, and the budget resolution for the year is adopted when both houses pass the conference report.

The budget resolution is a “concurrent” congressional resolution, not an ordinary bill, and therefore does not go to the President for his signature or veto. It also requires only a majority vote to pass, and its consideration is one of the few actions that cannot be filibustered in the Senate. 

So we have yet to get the Senate floor final vote or reconcile the House and Senate versions. 

I am so glad that these people got their head out of their arses long enough to pass not just a short term but a budget that will be covering two years. If they are smart, they will begin negotiations for the next two-year term in September 2018 so they don’t have any more snags.

I am cringing though for a couple of reasons:

1-I have to wonder just what was given over by McConnell who we recognize is not only a namby pamby but RINO. Hearing Schumer cackle in glee does not warm my heart because he obviously believes the Democrats have pulled off another coup.

2-I also have to wonder with all of these “fancy grants and programs” just how much that budget will end up being and if it is near or above GDP just how the crap congress intends to pay for the difference.

I actually am not knocking that this has been done exactly but why the F#*K wasn’t it done back in September when it should have been completed?

Schumer tried to lay a guilt trip blame on Trump for “threatening” a shutdown and tweeting about “getting a budget deal done”; but in actual fact, those threatening tweets may have been the final spur after the shutdown debacle that got this agreement not only done but took care of the budget for more than just a short term.

Now after such a momentous (sic) announcement, we still have to wait for the finalized bill being sent the President before we can discover just how much lighter Uncle Sam’s pocket will be. 





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8 Responses to Senate Bi-Partisan Budget Agreement Reached

  1. malenurseken says:

    A GREAT read yes! TY. Im surprised nothing in this bill about Daca or the wall ! But thats good. Issues to be settled later. (Democrats seldom agree with that)! I for one was SICK of these short term bills kicking the pork and bean can down the road! That ONLY costs taxpayers MORE! OH I heard trumps tweets. He blamed the DEMS! Said OK lets shut the govt down! I bet thats why they came around! Knowing THEY would get the blame for it! Trump is a sly fox! I LOVE IT!
    But NOW will the spending bill be approved? I doubt it. DEMS want DACA included AND an extension with that. TRUMP DONT DO IT! PLEASE

    • Uriel says:

      It may yet happen remember they have to reconcile and pass the thing. Right now several senators and representatives are bucking it.

    • Uriel says:

      as the WH media mentioned, it may be that immigration/DACA and the wall will be handled separately. To me that is the right thing to do. Budget should not be tied to immigration reform or held hostage to anything else.

  2. Whitetop says:

    I think Schumer realized if he didn’t go along Trump was getting ready to dump a load of excrement on his head. I agrees about the Continuing Resolutions being just another way of deflecting responsibility and ending up spending more money. There should be a law that congress doesn’t get paid anytime a budget isn’t approved in Sept.

    • Uriel says:

      I hope so Whitetop. Though if they feel their little “victory” on budget is threatened it could be right back to the same problem. It could be given Schumer’s attitude that he will willing cause another shutdown if he feels he has been ignored. Also those Republicans who are against the agreement could put their own spanner in the works.

  3. vonMesser says:

    Lock them ALL in a room with one toilet in the corner. In another corner is a Subway Sandwich shop (cash only). In a 3rd corner is a drinking fountain. In the 4th corner a bunch of US Navy shipboard bunks.

    When they have a valid budget, they can come out. Not before.

    • Uriel says:

      Don’t forget Military Guard with weapons at every exit! I agree and have had dreams upon occasion of that happening too

  4. Hardnox says:

    I don’t trust McConnell for a second but Schumer knows he and his party would get blamed by Trump especially given what happened 2 weeks ago.

    Meanwhile crazy Nancy stood up and talked for 8 hours yesterday on the House floor demanding action for the so-called Dreamers. When did she ever stand up for Americans?

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