Dr. Sebastian Gorka: “Watergate was a minor event in comparison” to #Obamagate

As additional details of Obamagate unravel, a clear fact pattern has emerged. From Fast & Furious; to the IRS and its targeting of conservative groups; to the unmasking scandal; and the weaponizing of the Department of Justice and FBI to unlawfully spy on an American citizen, the Obama administration repeatedly abused its power.

The election of Donald J. Trump upended the left’s plans and operations within the USA.  Hopefully, his administration will root the bastards out but let us not forget the left are masters of deception and have been embedded for over 100 years.

Mind you, they are still operating but not much longer as the nooses tighten.  Meanwhile, the left controlled media keep the average lemmings in the dark much like the frog in a pot on a stove and thus have no idea how grateful they should be that Donald Trump is our president and not Hildabeast.

Imagine how weaponized our government agencies would be had she won.  Shivers…

~ Hardnox


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3 Responses to Dr. Sebastian Gorka: “Watergate was a minor event in comparison” to #Obamagate

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  2. Whitetop says:

    How long is it going to take before evidence gets turned into sentences?

  3. Uriel says:

    You know there were many examples of this NSA and monitoring media groups. Remember when AP found that all of their reporters also had their computers tapped and their emails? The Times I think was also reported to have had this happen. That happened around 2012. There are dozens of other examples that have been conveniently swept into the trash pile as well.

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