Sunday Feel Good Stories

Two would-be robbers got more than they bargained for when they attempted to hold up a Hamilton, New Jersey convenience store when a man (off duty-security guard) walks in and pops a cap in both of them.  The thugs used a fake gun.  The man says “mines real”.  Lol


A stupid ass speeds away from cops resulting in a high-speed pursuit.  Stupid ass promptly wrecks his car, then attacks the cop, and gets then blown away.  Stupid is as stupid does.


A Few DRTs (Dead Right There) and a few DOTs (Dead Over There):

From Gwinnett County, Georgia:

A man shot and killed someone who broke into his car and charged toward him outside the Gwinnett County home where he lives, police said.

The resident was upstairs when he heard a noise just before 1 a.m. Friday on Mayfield Farms Drive in unincorporated Lawrenceville, Gwinnett police Cpl. Wilbert Rundles said.

“He grabbed his firearm and went to investigate,” he said.

The resident found the intruder in one of his cars and confronted the man, police said.

“He verbally challenged the intruder,” Rundles said. “The intruder charged at the resident and the resident fired more than one shot, striking the intruder.”

The unidentified intruder’s body was found DRT near the garage.


From Houston, Texas:

According to a preliminary investigation, the incident began as an armed robbery at the Exxon station at 10721 S. Post Oak. The male suspect went into the store and held a female clerk at gunpoint. He allegedly went behind the counter and grabbed money from the register and also stole beer.

While he sped from the scene, the clerk went outside to take photos of the suspect’s car. The suspect noticed this, however, and police say he turned around to confront the clerk. The clerk was not hurt and ran back inside, and the suspect fled once again.

Shortly before 9 a.m., Bellaire police received reports of multiple crashes on the West Loop in the northbound lanes. They arrived to find the suspect’s black Toyota Avalon stopped, and Houston police responded to the scene to assist.

Police say the man came out of his car with a handgun and refused commands from police. The suspect walked toward a nearby parking lot, clinic and the HCC campus across the frontage road. Police say he also tried to carjack passing motorists, who did not stop for him.

The man continued to point his weapon at officers and others, so one Houston officer opened fire and shot him. The wounded suspect then dropped his weapon and continued to flee on foot, but he soon collapsed.

Firefighters from Bellaire responded to assist him, but he was pronounced DRT.


From Lake Charles, Louisiana:

The Lake Charles Police Department has arrested a man in connection with a residential shooting in which a homeowner shot at an intruder.

The incident occurred around 11 am at a residence on Madeline Street in Lake Charles. Police say that 23-year-old Isaiah Williams entered the home with another suspect and was shot by the resident. Williams later died from his injuries.

A second suspect, who was seen fleeing the scene, has been arrested. Police say that 21-year-old Freddie Dequan Vezia has been arrested for his involvement in the shooting. Vezia has been charged with one count second-degree murder and home invasion. His bond is set at $800,000

Police say the charge of second-degree murder comes because Vezia was a principle in the home invasion which led to Williams being shot and discovered DRT.


From Pensacola, Florida:   (Ooooh.. a double)

Lyntonio De’Shawn Quinn, 22, has been arrested for homicide – murder while engaged in a certain felony offense, home-invasion robbery and home invasion with a firearm.

On Tuesday, deputies were called to the area of 48th Avenue in reference to a gunshot victim. When deputies arrived on the scene, they found David Washington, 27, DRT.

Washington and three other people are believed to have committed what appeared to be a drug-related home invasion on 48th Avenue. During the home invasion, Washington was shot and discovered DRT.


 From Portland, Oregon;

A grand jury has determined a U-Haul employee was justified in fatally shooting a would-be robber earlier this month in Southeast Portland, police say.

Tyson B. Pfau, 27, won’t be prosecuted in the shooting death of 53-year-old Robert R. Porter, who police say tried to rob the Powell Boulevard U-Haul office at gunpoint on Jan. 3.

Detectives learned Porter went into the business and demanded money while wielding a handgun, Portland police said in a news release. Pfau shot him multiple times during the incident, police said, and another employee called 911.

Police said witnesses and Pfau, a concealed handgun license holder, cooperated with investigators. Police released no additional details about the circumstances of the shooting.

Detectives think Porter, a Newberg resident, had been involved in multiple other Portland-area robberies. Police said he was taken to a hospital but DOT.


From Maplewood, Minnesota:

Officers were called to a report of a robbery around 7:45 p.m. at Princess Liquors in Maplewood. According to Maplewood Police, two suspects were holding up the store and began to assault one of the employees. Another employee confronted the suspects and fired a gun, striking one of them.

Both suspects fled the store, but police located one of them a short distance away with a gunshot wound. He was transported to Regions Hospital, where he later DOT.


From Lake Wells, Florida;

According to Judd, the incident began as a domestic violence situation. About 8 a.m, deputies were called to the home on College Hill Road in Lake Wales. The wife and daughter of Shannon J. Cables, 46, said he had threatened his wife with a long safety pin, then struck the wife with a pool cue and used mace on them.

During the incident, Cables pointed a gun at the women, but the 19-year-old daughter tackled him and got the gun away. The women then fled the home. Cables fled into the woods.

The wife was taken to the hospital. Deputies remained at the home.

About 2:15 p.m., deputies escorted the women back to the home. As they arrived, one of them saw Cables emerge from the woods, carrying the AR-15 and a shotgun.

One of the deputies confronted Cables and told him to put down his weapons. Instead, Cables opened fire with the AR-15, Judd said.

The deputy returned fire. Two deputies emerged from the back door of the home and also opened fire.

Cables was struck and stopped firing. Deputies began first aid and called paramedics. He was taken to Lake Wales Regional Medical Center, where he pronounced DOT.


From Dunwoody, Georgia;

Police said the shooting happened in a Walmart parking lot on Winter Chapel Road around 7:45 a.m after being told the suspect had pulled into the store’s lot.

The individual, who has not been identified at this time, was suspected of robbing a Kroger in Johns Creek with a handgun, police said. According to authorities, a witness followed the suspect to the parking Walmart parking lot.

During the confrontation, police say that the suspect left their vehicle and was not complying with their commands. It was at this time that an officer fired one shot into the suspect.

The suspect was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced DOT.


Sorry, it’s been a while since the last rendition of “Sunday Feel Good Stories”.  They take a while to put together, and frankly, the DRTs are in short supply.  No shortage of dumbasses though.

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14 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. Terry says:

    YAY ! Feel Good is back. I knew something was urging me to wake up early on a Sunday morning !
    I never get tired of the 1st vid :
    Dumbass : Am I shot ?
    Ving Rhames : Oh f**k yeah.
    Dumbass : Oh f**k.

  2. clyde says:

    I liked the first video. “Fool, mine’s real”. Bwahahahaha

  3. Wise Owl says:

    Miscreants! Get them while they’re young, before they can reproduce.

  4. vonMesser says:

    Had one near Seattle the other day. Not quite a true feel good story, but it’s happening all over the place. Idiots are carjacking, and then being spoofed by stick shifts. Here3 is a quick recap of several others just a cut/paste article:

    Smug stick shift drivers are gloating this week over the news that Pittsburgh police are hunting for two wannabe carjackers who apparently gave up on their plan when they found out their victim’s car had a manual transmission. If this story seems vaguely familiar, it’s because it happens all the damn time.

    Don’t believe us? Check the record for yourself.

    JUNE 2015 — Utah man allegedly attempts to steal a car, then has to call a cab after he can’t figure out the stick shift.

    FEBRUARY 2015 — A California man allegedly forces a driver out of his vehicle, but then just runs off when he realizes he’s unable to man the car himself.

    NOVEMBER 2014 — Two teens in Houston allegedly try to carjack a vehicle, then end up having to force the driver to give them stick shift lessons at gunpoint. They don’t get it, and end upon fleeing on foot.

    JUNE 2014 — Three teens allegedly try to carjack a 70-year-old woman at gunpoint, then give up when they couldn’t even get the five-speed to move.

    MAY 2014 — A Nebraska teen allegedly forces a woman out of her stick shift car at gunpoint, then finds himself unable to back out of the driveway.

    JANUARY 2014 — Three men allegedly try to steal a car from a food delivery driver at knifepoint, then give up when they see the manual transmission, settling to get away with only some stolen dinner.

    FEBRUARY 2011 — A gun-wielding Colorado man allegedly attempts to steal a woman’s car, then can’t get the vehicle in gear.

    These reports are nearly indistinguishable from an Onion article on the same issue, and these are just a small handful of the incidents that made the news.

    Carjackers, you need to get it together. Everyone else, forget that fancy car alarm system. A stick shift might just be the best security you can get.

  5. Jules Smith says:

    Oh my word! I go shopping on Post Oak! Are aliens allowed to carry weapons because I need to go to PintoRanch?!

    Good stories.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Notice in the first vid the first robber has to take two runs at jumping over the counter? The older security guard has no problem.

  7. Whitetop says:

    The attached link is a take off on the old Big John song. You won’t mistake the singers for Jimmy Dean but the words are good.

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