Judge Jeanine Pirro – Trump Was Right from the beginning

Here’s the whole show:


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5 Responses to Judge Jeanine Pirro – Trump Was Right from the beginning

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  2. Uriel says:

    She nailed it. This was a story of corruption against one man–but it wasn’t the worst. It was the story of high level officials caught in manipulating and criminal activities that harmed the foundation of our rules of law, enforcement, and justice agencies–but it wasn’t the worst. It is the story of sedition and treason of enemies of our sovereignty who seek to take over our country–but it wasn’t the worst. The worst was the planned destruction of any and every country that practices democracy rather than ideological socialism by taking down and destroying the one last remaining bastion of republic and democracy in order for their cancer to consume the world in pitch black one world government ruled by evil. Every nation in the world would have toppled without a whimper if this had happened because if the strongest falls, all fall.

    BTW. Everyone is having brain farts if they forget to include the State Department in all of this.

    • Hardnox says:

      Great comment. Fortunately, we have a president that is tough enough to endure this. Now onto the house cleanings.

      The Dept of State is rife with lefties.

  3. Whitetop says:

    Judge Jeanine keeps answering the same necessary question and never gets an answer. Who is going to take these people to a grand jury and when? I don’t think congress really wants to deal with this issue and figures if they ignore it long enough it will go away. I’m tired of congressional investigations and want to see justice done. If a special council is the only way to get the truth and justice out then select a judge from fly over country and vet every lawyer he/she puts on their staff. To let this thing fester is a danger to the GOP in the fall election.

  4. malenurseken says:

    Wonder why the second video of Judge Jeanine is unavailable????

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