Palestinians Say Trump’s Cuts Will Starve Them

As shouts of “the US owes us” and effigies of Trump and others are brutalized and burned…. Ambassador Haley breaks the news to the UN about reducing payments to Palestine. Needless to say there were angry looks and words.

What everyone seems to completely gloss over is that Israel made all of the right moves from the time they were first acknowledged in 1947 as a legitimate country.  They established a stable government. They set up infrastructure, laws, military protection, and helped business grow in order to prosper.

However, even though Palestinians were given a chance to establish their own lands, set up their own government, and establish a prospering country — THEY DID NOT for many years. It wasn’t until 1988 that Palestine made a half-hearted effort to set up their land and government. Even then, they chose to believe someone else would surely direct them and pay for all their needs.  They have done this for the last thirty years and the US has been the chief Midas for humanitarian efforts in the region though not the only donor.

They chose to sit back and let each day solve its own problems. They chose to be handed billions in funds to prop up their facade. They refused to put even a little effort into really becoming a solid nation with a well-ordered government and laws. At least until Hamas and other groups say them as vulnerable prey and wanted all the incoming wealth that was supposed to go to take care of refugees, in particular children.

Pocketing and providing more funds were easier to swallow if the Obama and Bush representatives simply  looked the other way. So long as dhimmi is paid, those in control are perfectly happy to sit back and watch Palestinians suffer from lack of food and from abuse.

So now they decided to act like little children denied a trip to the ice cream shop because they are not prepared to handle their own businesses and finances. It is all the horrible, mean, terrible, lying, cheating, abusive country of the United States’ fault for all their problems.

Well, in one way they are correct–we should never have paid any money to the country for any reason especially after it was seen that the money was not going to help those it was earmarked for. If they wanted independent status then they should have had to do all of the things any other new inductee to the UN had to do…work for it.



Palestinians Say Trump’s Cuts Will Starve Them
as Their Leader Buys $50 Million Plane

Conservative Tribune
Timothy Whiteman
January 27, 2018

The Palestinians may have only a quasi-nation as well as official Observer at the United Nations, but they sure do know how to suck-up to Uncle Sugar. Case in point is the latest out of the Middle East.

As Robert Spencer at the watchdog news site Jihad Watch noted, the Palestinian Authority (their governing body) is whining that due to mean ol’ Donald Trump axing foreign aid to them, the American president “is threatening to starve Palestinian children.”

To the surprise of no one, while Palestinian Liberation Organization mouthpiece Saeb Erekat was bemoaning and damning the Yankee emperialists, he failed to mention that the PA will be dropping a cool $50 million for their alleged leader, President Mahmoud Abbas, to have his own private jet.

As Spencer reported, “‘Amid funding cut fears, PA purchases $50 million private jet for Abbas — report,’ Times of Israel, January 24, 2018″.  

More specifically, “Even as the Palestinian Authority faces major funding cuts from the US, it has purchased a new luxurious $50 million private jet to be used by President Mahmoud Abbas, Hadashot news reported Wednesday….” The report continued, “Funding for the plane was said to have been provided both from the PA budget ($20 million) and from the Palestinian National Fund ($30 million)….”

“When US President Donald Trump originally threatened to cut aid earlier this month, top PLO official Saeb Erekat said it would lead to starvation among Palestinian refugee children. ‘Now, he is threatening to starve Palestinian children in refugee camps and deny their natural rights to health and education, if we don’t endorse his terms and dictations,’ Erekat said, referring to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

In spite of their Muslim brethren in oil-soaked nations such as Iran and Qatar failing to financially assist their Palestinian amigos, the Palestinian territories are consistently at the bottom of the economic ladder. Oddly enough, there’s still plenty of money left for missiles and terrorist training camps.

As cited by, the PA ranks just below the economic powerhouse that is Haiti, but just above the economic basket case better known as the Republic of the Congo.

But the Palestinians have enough shekels or dinars or shiny beads or bottle caps (whatever passes for currency there) to buy a private jet?

Read the article HERE.


I am so thankful that President Trump is trying to get our country out of the business of funding the world. Now let’s stop UN payment, move them to where ever – Gobi Desert maybe. And use all those funds to pay down on our own debt.

After thirty years of pouring money down the rabbit tunnel on average between one and two billion dollars every year from all its donors, Palestine should have been able to get their act together and find ways to feed and care for their own citizens. Yet they instead chose to pour the money into the weapons and supplies of war and watch their children starve while government leaders found easily plucked wealth to add to their own coffers and stuff away for their own benefit.

At the same time as we poured money out of our country to help others, our own people were suffering from lack of support and people were stuffing their freezers and caskets with bribes and illegally gotten funds here as well. Mind boggling. Not because people didn’t see the problem but that the problem refused to let go of their favorite hookah mouthpiece and our government allowed and enabled them to continue.



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14 Responses to Palestinians Say Trump’s Cuts Will Starve Them

  1. GunnyG says:

    Good riddance.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Palestinians are known as “sand ni**ers” for obvious reasons. Their leaders are as self-serving as those of any “sh*thole” African nation. And the end results are the same. Why are there so many total jackwagons on this planet?

  3. Deserttrek says:

    let them eat AK’s and 7.62

    the arabs could be productive vibrant societies if they want to be

    • Popular Front says:

      Damn right they could. I had a holiday in Beirut in early ’65 and it was a great place! Top hotels, bars, cafes, plazas, the beaches, babes in bikinis, you name it – one long party. Of course back then it was being run by Christians with a leavening of the old French colonial administration to make things run smoothly but THEN! you guessed it, the arabs started the at first slow, then rapid descent into chaos and destruction we are all familiar with today.

  4. “Palestinians Say Trump’s Cuts Will Starve Them”

    My answer: And?

  5. Wise Owl says:

    Excellent expose, Uriel. I had no idea. Gee, they seem a lot like North Korea, with funding for missiles and weapons, but their people starve. Shame on them! They should have been cut off from funds long ago!

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Wise Owl. These guys have somehow managed to appear legitimate and receive aid from around the world, yet they apparently haven’t got the means to figure out how to set up and keep a functioning government. Now think about this–when Israel gave up the Gaza strip in order to gain some peace, they left the area with industry and well started areas of gardens…not one single landmark building nor fertile piece of ground remains that I am aware of….yet the Palestinians living there need help? Seriously, those that were relocated from there to a more protected area had to start over from scratch, left behind worldy goods and equipment, had put a lot of time, labor, and investments to build but Palestinians couldn’t even manage to build up from what was left behind. Because the Jews left it, the Muslims destroyed everything there.

  6. Whitetop says:

    Find Nikki a new job in the Trump administration and get us the hell out of the UN. Send them off to some shithole country so we don’t have to listen to their whining. Maybe if they have to help themselves for a change they can become a productive country in the world society. They have been feeding off the US taxpayers teat for so long there is hardly any chance of it happening.

    • Uriel says:

      Sounds eerily like our social system now doesn’t it folks. Only now finally, those who need a hand, get the help if they work at some project to help a community. How about community area gardens for people to grow food locally and sell it for a small fee? How about taking old cars and things like lamps and learning how to recycle and fix them up for those that can’t afford high dollar useless stuff? How about all those Habitat houses? that is a useful thing to know. practical beats book larnin’ most every day. it also builds confidence and character.

      Those people had establishments and businesses that while not internationally known certainly fed and clothed their families at least up until the early 2000’s. That is until someone there realized that they could feed out of the offerings of the world and not have to work at much.

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    Here is one reason the Palestinians are so poor.

    • Uriel says:

      great addition IR. There is no way apparently to figure out if even one leader is actually there to help the people. Seems like it boils down to the least greedy of the many who does seem to at least pander to some visible assistance. Of course, what goes into his own bankroll is always far more. Yet these people starve, most can’t read, few receive even the most basic health assistance and anything they do get comes from humanitarian outside sources. Seems to me it would almost be easier to put the whole area under a strict NATO government and military. Let that group start, control, and establish even a third better conditions. Then and only then if there are trained leaders from the Palestinian group let them ease in to positions and raise them up or kick them out as they work. Seems the only stable time not run by Muslim extremists was when the Middle East was held under NATO countries like England and France.

  8. malenurseken says:

    I say STARVE! Or beg YOUR govt for food! Or JOBS??? Screw palestinians

  9. vonMesser says:

    The Izzies have a right to their own country.
    The Palestinians should have a country of their own – I think thy had a chance but blew it with Arab “help”.

    But, that aside, I am not an Izzie fan. They killed friends of mine (34 killed 171 wounded) on 08JUN67, and could have killed me. I had orders to the ship but they were changed to Vietnam. Refer to USS Liberty AGTR-5

  10. Hardnox says:

    Good news. Maybe they will now consider purchasing food instead of arms… probably not.

    No matter. I am thrilled POTUS has pulled the plug on these assholes.

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