Pelosi Moment When Even a Staunch Liberal Commentator Questions

The Moment When Even a Staunch Liberal Commentator Questions
and finally understands why Patriots have awoken



Published on Jan 29, 2018

Hours after the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to release the Nunes memo written by committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes memo (R-CA) and his staff, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN to make the case that this was a reckless action. And things got pretty tense between her and anchor Chris Cuomo.

Playing devil’s advocate, Chris Cuomo continued to present the Republicans’ case for making the four-page document public. After Pelosi claimed the Nunes memo was a “total misrepresentation” and that Democrats have said nothing should be put out until reviewed and redacted by the intelligence community, Chris Cuomo provided an explanation from the GOP.


An article from NYMagazine may help better understand the “Nunes” Letter:

“…Nunes’s latest, a congressional campaign to make public a four-page memorandum, written by his own staff, that is said to outline how the federal government abuses its secret surveillance powers. The effort is not aimed at protecting the civil liberties of innocent, everyday Americans — more on that later — but exposing a lawless conspiracy, launched from the deepest recesses of the surveillance state, to undermine the Trump campaign and the future president of the United States. House Republicans who have seen Nunes’s memo don’t agree on how to characterize it, but in broad strokes the document appears to make the case that the Russia probe was tainted from the start because the legal process by which it began was perverted by deception and discredited allegations.”

1) First lie–that Nunes never read?

How could he NOT have read a four-page memo that was written and researched within his own group?

2) Second lie – a four page FISA is way to small. There has a Lot of  information and documentation in order for a FISA judge to sign off.

True – but the FOUR page is a memo written within the Intelligence group and has been gathered by Nunes into a summation. The backup information is where much of the redaction is needed. Why would the Democrats counter with a “do not release” on a Congressional FOUR page memo saying it goes against national security unless they fear even the wording of a congressional group should somehow no longer be provided for public review. That in itself goes counter to the very important ability in the constitution given to all citizens to participate in the laws of the country and the decision-making. Information, not political spin, is a powerful tool for those who want to be a part of that process.

3) Third lie – this is not information the American people should have given to them. It is a national security issue.

Well then the national security people involved with top clearance should not have been working against the constitution and the sovereignty of our nation. We Patriots are adult enough to think for ourselves (unlike paid-for informants, marchers, or zombie millennials).  We do not take sides against one party or the other — we do value and expect honesty and truth to work hand-in-hand to the betterment of our country. What we do not value is a “he said/she said” attitude without being able to read the facts. It is in OUR interest of national security that every reason and fact be placed where we can read for ourselves the truth and make our own minds up. We are not a particular party–we are the CITIZENS.


Then you know the pillars of the deep state are shaking.


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12 Responses to Pelosi Moment When Even a Staunch Liberal Commentator Questions

  1. Whitetop says:

    Every time this woman opens her mouth she scares the shit out of me. Total lack of integrity, honesty and concern for the American people. Her idea of redacting would be each page having 1/16th of an inch white border with the rest of the page blacked out. That way the democrats would be safe from any information that would lay blame on them.

    Get rid of incumbents.

    • Uriel says:

      Pelosi doesn’t scare me — just embarasses and disgusts me. Embarasses because as a female close in age, she is giving respect for elderly a really bad rap. Disgusts because I know that she has covered up so many years and soft-spooned over a socialistic new world order takeover of our country. Yet she has continued for all those years to be a “key figure”.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    I am beginning to believe that she is part of this NWO effort. The pervasiveness of the lies exceeds even Democrats’ mental abilities.

    • Uriel says:

      Somewhere back when I was doing research on a post a year ago or more, I found online Socialist Party information that Pelosi and others were members of their party from early years. So it makes sense that she would be the “face” of the NWO especially because she is so brainless.

  3. Whitetop says:

    Every hour the memo isn’t released gives the democrats time to destroy more evidence.

    • Uriel says:

      One wonders. Though the information researched in the document can’t be lost there is far more yet undiscovered or already destroyed. Trump has till Friday I think to release or decline it will be interesting to see how he releases. I have no doubt he will but how much redacted is important as well. I don’t see the national security threat actually being covered in four pages of carefully worded information the real threat is what is referenced as source.

    • Wise Owl says:

      I have been wondering all along if this Mueller investigation, with what– 15 pro-Hillary attorneys– is sanitizing any Uranium One evidence in the guise of his “investigation” into Trump, because he is guilty along with Ovomit, Hillary, Holder, and others. What a coup– access to all the incriminating evidence and sitting down with 15 ace attorneys to remove/tweak key details to get them off. Yeah, I think the same way as you, Whitetop.

  4. Uriel says:

    The Dems, I believe, know that the four pages are damaging enough to be a serious threat only because they were told to believe that. Odd that Dems are like an insect mound. They move to a single thought, never independently for fear they will be punished. Republicans are more messy and chaotic but at least they think and vote as each believes rather than blindly together.

  5. Deserttrek says:

    the botox has rotted her brain
    at one time people like her would have been locked up for their own good

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