NEVER Bet Against The Donald

Pence Was Like…..



And Soon Afterwards…..


Next Challenge : I Bet You Can’t Make America Great Again

I know where I’m placing my bets !


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10 Responses to NEVER Bet Against The Donald

  1. vonMesser says:

    Shithole Country is no longer acceptable. From now on they shall be called Turd World nations.

    Much like Redneck is no longer acceptable. We prefer to be called NASCAR Americans.

  2. Diego Dave says:

    thats my DJT! just telling it like it is…the TRUTH…they are shitholes places to live…and that’s why people are leaving in droves at the risk of death trying to go elsewhere.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    There was an immigrant on TV the other day from Nigeria. He said, “It is a shit hole.”
    “That’s why I came here.”

  4. Diego Dave says:

    i am in contact with a native missionary friend in mbarara uganda…of the many SH countries in africa uganda is one of the better (at least in comparison)…he has told me that his country is being overwhelmed with migrants from neighboring countries…

    now get this…amazing…since DJT made the SH remark, he tells me that when they interview migrants at his refugee center and he asks them why they fled, he said they are often saying (and i am quoting my friend) “…because my country (that they fled from) is a shithole…”…from the mouths of the people who live there!

    so DJTs remarks have been heard around the world.

    • Wise Owl says:

      What an interesting story, Diego Dave. DJT is known for his bluntness and candor, which the Democrats try to use against him, but this testimony is saying a LOT! Thank you for that!

    • Terry says:

      That’s pretty amazing DD. They must be relaying his comments by jungle drums.

      As Jeff Foxworthy would probably say :
      ” If you have to flee to Uganda to improve your situation
      You probably live in a shithole.”

  5. Whitetop says:

    Media has to stay with what they know which obviously is shitholes. Notice how they kept practicing the word to get it right.

    When I was a little kid calling someone PoopPants would get your mouth washed out with soap. Don’t know what the punishment would have been if I knew the word shit at that time.

    • Terry says:

      It as like they were taking a grade-schooler’s delight at being able to say a naughty word w/o getting in trouble with the adults.
      Their same childishness shown through at the SOTU last night by refusing to acknowledge any accomplishment of Trumps.
      What a pathetic bunch of losers.

      If you would have said “PoopPants” these days, you probably would have to eat a Tide-Pod.

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