Trump’s Huge Popularity with Global Business Elites at Davos

American workers and consumers are winning … and we know this because the attitudes of the global elite smart money people are rushing to embrace the philosophy held by the winner of the US Presidency — even though that philosophy contradicts the public stances held by these very same elitists just a couple of years ago.

The CEOs of global business enterprises, who just a couple of years ago were cozying up to the skinny brown tush of Barack Hussein Obama and helping him loot the American economy — these good folks are today waxing poetic about Donald John Trump and his MAGA approach to markets and corporate taxation.

Unless I take a job as towel boy in the rest room at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere in Davos, I will never know for sure if these folks were holding their noses as they waded through Batears’ shitstorm of regulation and taxation — just to be able to continue landing contracts with the US government.  Whatever the case, today they are singing Trump’s praises.  And even the leftist douche-rag New Yorker Magazine knows it.  Their columnist John Cassidy’s take is a little different from the standard conservative view, but it rings pretty much correct (if one ignores the de rigueur leftist snide remarks about “plutocrats” and “tax cuts for the rich”).

Note that this article appeared a day ago — and the warm reception Cassidy predicts is exactly what President Trump is experiencing, according to today’s news stories.

Why Donald Trump Will Be Welcome in Davos


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3 Responses to Trump’s Huge Popularity with Global Business Elites at Davos

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Goof comments and accurate summation, IMHO. Thanks!

  2. Whitetop says:

    Tax cuts for the rich would include people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, CEOs of Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and the list goes on. What do all these people have in common besides being rich? They are democrats. Schumer and Piglosie would do well to remember that when they talk about tax cuts for the rich. Piggie doesn’t have to worry where her next meal is coming from either.

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