The Worm Vomits

as we knew it would. Fasten your seatbelts folks, this is just the beginning.

EXCERPT:  “A journalist announced last week that he will publish a photograph of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that he took in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting, but did not make public because he believed it would have “made a difference” to Obama’s political future. 

The photographer, Askia Muhammad, told the Trice Edney News Wire that he “gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy.”

“But after the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it was kept under cover,” Muhammad said.

Asked whether he thought the photo’s release would have affected Obama’s presidential campaign, Muhammad said, “I insist. It absolutely would have made a difference.”

Make a difference? No more than the videotape of Barky partying with PLO Terrorist Rashid Khalidi that ABC DESTROYED so that no one would ever see it, of course, before the election in 2008. Rest assured, this is just the BEGINNING of the mountain of lies and bullshit that surrounded this clown ever since he was selected for the WH by George Soros.


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7 Responses to The Worm Vomits

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Paging the Mother Ship: Please beam these asshats up NOW. You do know that Farrakhan believes in aliens and UFOs.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    Nice! Thank you for uncovering that, Gunny. Sadly, the liberals are still mourning over Hillary’s loss to even notice, but the rest of us will think, “Yup, no surprises there, from the Manchurian Candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

    • GunnyG says:

      Thanks. I beat Mark Levin in posting it to Twitter! haha! I said it before and I will say it again, the amount of shit that is going to come out on this moron and his tranny wife will be shocking!

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    Does anyone else recall when Obama said, “Judge me by the kind of people I surround myself with.”
    I guess not enough were paying attention, eh?

  4. Whitetop says:

    Democrats are as transparent as a block of coal.

  5. Hardnox says:

    No doubt the photographer was more than a little concerned about the possibility of his ‘suicide” should he have disclosed it earlier.

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