White House: Democrats Own Schumer Shutdown

Dan Bongino joins FOX & Friends on the government shut-down.  Bongino also talks about the FISA scandal perpetrated by the Obama Administration against the Trump Campaign.

People must go to prison over all of this.

~ Hardnox

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7 Responses to White House: Democrats Own Schumer Shutdown

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  2. clyde says:

    The GREAT Schume Shutdown of 2018. In spite of the asinine media morons, they WILL own this one. #Releasethememo

    • The dems can deny their responsibility all they want but the American people, sans a few blithering idiots and random anarchists, can see this plain as day.
      I anticipate that a lot of folks have set aside any thoughts of civil strife or open hostilities but, looking at the level of corruption, and the depth of it, I don’t see any of this being settled by peaceful means.
      The dems and the left, equally evil, will not go down, let alone away, without an all-out fight to the death.
      If they lose power, they’ll NEVER see DC again and they can’t afford it. The same applies to the repubs or the right.

  3. Ya gotta love Bongino. A straight-shooter like no other.
    I hope, somehow, that that FISA report gets released or leaked out. The American people need to know who’s doing what and to see, first-hand, the scope of the corruption that runs rampant in DC. Russians, be damned!
    This will be the death knell of the DNC, Hillary, o’shitbag and a whole host of others; and I can’t wait!
    As Hillary said, herself, “if Trump wins, we’ll all hang from nooses”. I don’t see the problem…

  4. I blame them *ALL* – a “pox” on both parties and all politicians (swamp monsters) in Washington. Clean out the House to drain the putrid swamp.

  5. Whitetop says:

    Do you think the shutdown is to take attention away from the memo?

    • Of course it is. Anything to distract the public away from them being exposed to the facts.
      DC has always been about distractions and ponzi schemes. “Watch this hand while the other robs your wallet”.
      And when posed a question, the left hand knows not what the right is doing.
      I’m sure others see this pattern…it’s historical. Lies and deception are their trademark.
      If it were ever about honesty and true “progress”, we wouldn’t be facing these dilemmas on a monthly basis. Imagine our country running without leftist ideologies getting in the way…? Scary thought!