Is the Left Hiding ‘Real’ Number Of Dreamers?

We can all safely bet they are hiding those numbers.

USA Today is claiming there are at least 3.7 Million illegals that came to the USA as children, not the 800,000 that is widely claimed by the Dims.  FOX & Friends comment on it this morning:

First of all, Obama’s executive order is ILLEGAL, unconstitutional and President Trump rescinding it is perfectly legal.  Naturally, the Left went berserk and various courts have issued “stays” on the Trump administrative actions.  By the way, Batear’s Executive Action expires on March 5, which is why the Left has shut down the government.  This isn’t about the budget.  It’s about illegals and the left’s power base.

Secondly, remember when Valerie Ratface Jarrett went to Guatemala 8 times followed by a flood of so-called children who only needed to claim they were 17 (even though they had 5 o’clock shadows at 10 AM) to qualify under DACA?  Supposedly, at least 200,000 “children” arrived in the USA.  This, of course, is in addition to the millions more brought here by illegal parents going back decades.

Of special note, the DACA Kids are separate from the Dreamer Kids, even though the media and the left are lumping them together.  They are two different groups.

It is widely documented and calculated once legal status is achieved that this will trigger at least 10 more arrivals via chain-migration.  Assuming the number is 4 million that equals 40 million, on the low side, for a total of 44 million.  Once achieved, there will never be another Republican Administration… EVER.  This will be one party rule forever.  Imagine a Dim Administration and Congress granting legal status and citizenship to every illegal here.  11 million ILLEGALS is a focus group number.  It was 25 million back in the 80’s.  The number sure as hell didn’t shrink.  It’s probably more like 50 million in reality.

Further, the US House of Representative Seats are apportioned via the US Census which counts people, not citizens, and hence is the crux as to why Democrats refuse to support immigration laws because most illegals are in democrat districts.  If illegals were deported or self-deport, the Left will lose House Seats.

This whole kabuki theater is about the democrat power base and their long view on ruling America.  They left is willing to sell America down the river for power, change our culture and society, and the hell with us citizens.

The left is evil.

~ Hardnox



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10 Responses to Is the Left Hiding ‘Real’ Number Of Dreamers?

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  2. Terry says:

    The scenario you described, plus the dims vehement objection to Voter ID, has nothing to do with the left’s concern for anyone but themselves and winning elections.

    • Uriel says:

      agreed Terry, once the plebian level Dems realized the power of the illegal vote – in particular in putting a fake citizen in office as president, the game twisted more to them. at no time have the Dems actually done much to benefit the working class or those needing real help. They only created zombies who require “total gimme” so that they can feel more powerful as the “leaders”. If they had, all of the cities and states they have run continuously over the years would not be in receivership, bankrupt, or near third world hovels with dilapidated buildings and little hope. Had they REALLY lived what they preached, the world would have less corruption, drugs, sex slavery, and would be far more peaceful. But none of that exists in their cities and states BECAUSE they are the purveyors of corruption, the vampires siphoning off the will and the rights of their citizens, and the ones who pocket the wealth from drugs and promiscuity at the highest levels.

      • Hardnox says:


        The real question is what do the Dims stand for? The answer is clearly whatever harms America in the nutshell. It certainly isn’t pro-American citizens and a growing number of Americans are realizing it too.

  3. RE says:

    3.7 and more probably. When the housing bottom fell out here for me in 2006 (thank you osama bin obama) all the white and black construction crews I knew and had worked with for years just slowly disappeared, no work. Then the builders replaced every stage of new home construction in the areas I work in with all sican crews, I would not buy one of these houses.
    These crews play their radio too loud on the Ay, yai, yai, yai Cantan senores station and talk gibberish all day long (I’m thinking they are talking bad about me, America and Trump) and don’t forget the siesta from 11 ish to 2 ish every day, screw the work, gotta have a nap.

    • Hardnox says:

      I hear ya. Here in VA there is a noticeable number of missing Mexicans. I’m guessing they self deported.

      The total number of illegals of all ages is probably closer to 50 million.

  4. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist says:

    Of course the dhimmies want to import illegals and third world turds. Who would vote for a party that discourages individualism, merit, industry, low taxes, initiative in favor of state control?

    Remember one party opposes voter id and term limits. Need we say more?

    • Hardnox says:

      Bill, welcome to N&F.

      If illegals were prone to support and vote R the Dims would be the first to scream about voter ID laws. They’d be down south building the wall with their own hands.

  5. Uriel says:

    common sense and simple multiplication can show that there are a massive amount of illegal aliens in our country. one doesn’t need calculus or quantum physics training for that. However, I much prefer someone else to do the graphs and chart work.

    In 1980 it was estimated that there were roughly 3 million illegal immigrants in the US. In 2000 there were about 8.5 million. Since then the figures have steadily increased until today when there are estimated to be nearly 11.3 millionILLEGALS in the US. The percent of illegals vs citizens in 1980 was a mere 1.3%. However thanks to Bush and Obama that figure is now about 3.5% of our total population.

    • Hardnox says:

      Honestly Uriel, I don’t believe those numbers. In the 80’s the numbers discussed were 25 million. The numbers in these studies are focus grouped numbers in my opinion. I’m sure I am not alone in that opinion.