Democrat Sponsored Shutdown Now Occurring

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Democrat platform on the surface surely reflects these words. However, the truth is far different. Had they really been thinking about those less fortunate people

–They WOULD have prepared and approved a yearly budget already.
–They WOULD HAVE ALREADY been prepared to follow through with bills on things they believe to be necessary after the budget had been approved.
–They WOULD NOT HAVE acted like small, craven children who are afraid of their shadows in order to finalize a budget and get on with what they were sent to Washington to do-legislate.

The Democrats (especially those in the Senate who do not directly represent the people’s voice) are trying to pin the government shutdown on President Trump or on Republicans; but, step by heel-dragging, grand-standing step — it is all about their actions or lack thereof.

More than one meeting has been offered by the White House to talk out the budget and come to some bi-partisan agreement. Yet Schumer and Pelosi as well as others have refused like spoiled children or some coward unwilling to fight for a cause to take part and actually work together. More than six months of negotiations have been made and rejected by both sides. Congress is a laughing-stock and proof that the category of dunce is alive and active.

After the results of the 2013 shutdown, one would think the Democrats would be hesitant to paste their name prominently all over this shutdown. Especially given that they choose to champion less than a fraction of the ILLEGAL population over the needs and rights of taxpayers in OUR country.

The Office of Management and Budget released a report detailing the costs of 2013’s government shutdown. “Impacts and Costs of the October 2013 Federal Government Shutdown” explained the depth, breadth, and cost of Congress’ failure to fund the federal government. The verdict? The government shutdown was disastrous for the economy, the budget, the federal workforce, and the public.

The shutdown that occurred in 2013 inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy and took a toll on families and businesses across the country. 

First, Federal employees were furloughed for a combined total of 6.6 million days, more than in any previous government shutdown. At its peak, about 850,000 individuals per day were furloughed.

Second, the shutdown cost the Federal government billions of dollars. The payroll cost of furloughed employee salaries alone – that is, the lost productivity of furloughed workers – was $2.0 billion. Fees went uncollected; IRS enforcement and other program integrity measures were halted; and the Federal government had to pay additional interest on payments that were late because of the shutdown.

Third, the shutdown had significant negative effects on the economy. Multiple surveys have shown that consumer and business confidence was badly damaged.

Yet Senate Democrats chose this avenue of shutdown — championing DACA which expires in less than two months — over the citizens they try so dramatically and tearfully to say they champion. Total BS.

Frankly I am no fan of a “one-month” stopgap spending bill. These budgets were submitted nearly six months ago. Congress has had ample time to review, discuss, negotiate, and come to some bi-partisan agreement on our spending not just for a short gap but for the ENTIRE year.

The stopgap is like having a tiny band-aid to cover a very large wound. It does little except waste time, effort, and money. It is an insult to the American voters and taxpayers. More importantly, it is a poor excuse for country-wide leadership from the entire Senate.


Government Shuts Down After Senate Rejects
One-Month Stopgap Spending Bill


Government Executive Management
Eric Katz
January 19, 2018

A stopgap spending bill stalled in the Senate Friday night, leading to a government shutdown for the first time since 2013.

The continuing resolution funding agencies expired at midnight, and lawmakers were unable to spell out any path forward to keep government open. The Senate on Friday night failed to reach cloture on a four-week spending bill the House had already approved. A majority of the chamber voted in favor of cloture, but the Senate did not clear the 60-vote threshold necessary to proceed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.,  took to the floor shortly after midnight, each assigning blame to the other party for the lapse in appropriations. McConnell said he planned to offer language to change the date of the next continuing resolution to Feb. 8 rather than Feb. 16, the date in the House version that the Senate rejected. McConnell said he could not get a vote on that new date right away, however.

In a statement, the White House dubbed the lapse in appropriations the “Schumer shutdown” and blamed Democrats.

“Tonight, they put politics above our national security, military families, vulnerable children, and our country’s ability to serve all Americans,” the statement said. “We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands. This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators.” 

But Schumer said on the floor that Trump earlier Friday had walked away from a bipartisan deal in which Democrats even put the border wall on the table, and called the shutdown the “Trump shutdown.” He urged Congress to get back to work Saturday to come up with a deal.

The Trump administration has already begun sending out furlough notifications and undertook “robust” preparations for a shutdown, senior officials said earlier on Friday evening. The immediate impact of a shutdown would be blunted by it taking place over a weekend, but agencies would begin to feel the full effect Monday if a resolution is not yet reached. The Office of Management and Budget told agencies through guidance that “excepted weekend employees should report for work to perform their excepted activities.”

Some agencies are using leftover funds that have not yet expired to further delay the impact of a shutdown, the Trump administration said Friday. Senior administration officials were not certain exactly which agencies would take advantage of such funds, but at least the Federal Communications Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency planned to do so. About 860,000 federal workers would face furloughs once normal shutdown procedures are implemented.

The White House on Friday endorsed ensuring furloughed federal employees receive back pay after the government reopens. Employees working during a shutdown are already guaranteed to receive delayed paychecks.

Federal employee groups were quick to condemn the lapse in appropriations.

“Congress and the administration have only themselves to blame for failing to keep the federal government open,” said American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox, in a statement. “This shutdown is a direct result of lawmakers continuing to punt the ball instead of having the courage to make the tough decisions that we elected them to do. Federal employees want to go to work. They believe in their mission and want to provide quality services to the American people.”



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30 Responses to Democrat Sponsored Shutdown Now Occurring

  1. I wish, for once, that media forces would separate the language pertaining to immigration and illegals.

    The term “illegal immigration” DOES NOT EXIST. It is one OR the other.

    Reference to those illegally here should be “illegal aliens” (unlawfully here from another nation without permission). They are NOT immigrants. They are INVADERS. Burglars in OUR home. Nothing more or less.

    “Immigrants”, however, , like potential GUESTS, ASK before they enter this country; out home.

    They don’t climb fences or shimmy under them. They come through the gate and ASK PERMISSION to enter; a contrast to those who don’t.

    Let’s get the definitions straight, first. All else will be self-identifying.

    I wish those with the means would force the clarification of this issue.

  2. Excellent post, Uriel. Shutting down in order to avoid giving the voters what they have so clearly asked for just seems like a losing strategy to me, and I think even Chuck knows it.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Well done Uriel.

    None of this is about looking after the needs of the poor huddled masses, it’s only about consolidating power and the upcoming elections.

    The left owns this shut-down lock, stock, and barrel.

    • “Huddled masses” my ass! These aren’t huddled masses. They’re slithering ne’er do wells, hunkering down to avoid the searchlights and Border Guards. They’re criminals trying to enter undetected. “Burglars”, as I continue to refer to them as.

      The left is more interested in their potential votes than they are those standing the wall defending them. This makes me want to puke! Are you shitting me?!?!

      If I were Trump, I’d shut down congress’ health care waiver, just to start, and work my way to changing the way congress gets paid and the military doesn’t. Screw congress! They haven’t “earned” a damned thing but disdain!

      • Uriel says:

        Right on Hadenough!

      • malenurseken says:

        I believe TRUMP will come out swinging after the weekend!

        • The left doesn’t understand that Trump forgets NOTHING. He’s NOT the usual breed of “politician” that blows things off as mere bloviated rhetoric. He remembers who did or said what and, as you suggest, he’ll make them pay – 10-fold.

          If you recall, he “mentioned” an EO removing congress’ healthcare waiver before the ACA went to the floor. This may not have affected all of them but it DID wake them up.

          Perhaps another “wake-up call” is in order. And I can’t wait…lol

        • Uriel says:

          More than likely since there is an impasse tonight

    • Uriel says:

      No Kidding they Do! Had they even considered any of the social programs NO just their illegal base

  4. malenurseken says:

    And this COULD backfire! And mean the end of the DIMRAT party! Especially if the rest of intel gets disclosed on the…… well…. pic the transgression! LOL.

    • Uriel says:

      We can only hope. CNN got their panties in a twist after interviewing some from coal mine country–all were Dems that switched to Trump and CNN thought they had something till the people overturned their poo cart

  5. Whitetop says:

    Congress does nothing but create problems so they have something to run on. They couldn’t solve a problem to save their ass. And still they get paid the big bucks. And for what? Schumer is getting to be more like Maxine Waters; he is so stupid the other democrats are starting to notice him.

  6. Terry says:

    If the tender ears of the left weren’t so fragile, they could just make known their true party slogan :
    “Give us your poor, huddled, shithole leeches, and we will give them enough free stuff to make them yearn to vote democrat.”