On Immigration Reform – Congress Time To End Procrastination

On Immigration Reform – Congress Time To End Procrastination

I went back through the bills submitted to Congress every year since 2003 to see exactly what if anything has happened along the way concerning illegals and lawful immigration. I do NOT agree with the method Obama used in his illegal executive order to pinpoint a few members of the illegal immigrant community. However, I do see his frustration causing some of the action as I also see in large part the frustration of those who want to become citizens that may have been here for many years.

I do NOT condone their right to be here but they are the victims as much as citizens in the manipulation and abuse of their presence for purposes that help Democrats or a select few raise vote counts and lobbyists who wanted their forced labor without the cost of taxation.

In essence many illegals are modern-day slaves who have learned how to manipulate the greed and lax government in order to establish themselves in a country in the hope that their own children never have to live in the same squalor and fear they found in their home countries.

No matter the possible reasons, we now are having to contend with third world gangs, contempt for laws, corruption, and other issues that were from other lands. The ones benefiting most are not immigrants, legal or illegal, but are still those in powerful positions in the “monied elite” who crave what these slaves provide them.

It is the younger groups who like all millennials have been lied to in order to advance a political agenda that is determined to destroy our country and bring communism/socialism and hate-driven government into our lives.

Immigration Laws since 1790 

Looking at  Wikipedia list of all immigration laws since the beginning of the country provides a few surprises for those like me who may know only a little about its history:

1790 – Naturalization Act of 1790 – Established the rules for naturalized citizenship, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, but placed no restrictions on immigration. Citizenship was limited to white persons, with no other restriction on non-whites.

1795 – Naturalization Act of 1795 – Lengthened required residency to become citizen from two years to five years. (this is still the standard in today’s immigration policy.

1798 – Naturalization Act, Alien Friends Act, and Alien Enemies Act – all three for the first time gave the PRESIDENT rights in Immigration that today liberal judges across the land are attempting to undermine. With no sunset — has authorized the president to apprehend and deport resident aliens if their home countries were at war with the United States of America. Enacted July 6, 1798, and providing no sunset provision, the act remains intact today as 50 U.S.C. § 21

1885 – Alien Contract Labor Law (Sess. II Chap. 164; 23 Stat. 332) – Prohibited the importation and migration of foreigners and aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States

1891  – Immigration Act of 1891 – first comprehensive immigration act and established the Bureau of Immigration

1898 – United States v. Wong Kim Ark – the Supreme Court decision for the first time recognized and ruled that children born of non-citizen permanent residents (in this case Chinese) were to be considered natural citizens by birth in our country if they were born in the US

1918 – Immigration Act of 1918 – Expanded on the provisions of the Anarchist Exclusion Act.

1924 – National Origins Formula – set up for the first time quotas by nations and maximum limits per year

1934 – Equal Nationality Act of 1934 – Allowed foreign-born children of American mothers and alien fathers who had entered America before age 18 and lived in America for five years to apply for American citizenship for the first time. Made the naturalization process quicker for American women’s alien husbands.

1986 – Immigration Reform and Control Act – made it a crime and sanctions for hiring illegals, amnesty for some illegals prior to 1986, and border enforcement increased

2002 – Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act – provided for more border agents, schools to report foreign students attending class, and biometric ID’s

2005 – REAL ID Act –  required security standards using ID’s, restricted political asylum, curtailed habeas corpus relief for immigrants, altered judicial review, national standards for state drivers license, and cleared the way for border barriers.

There were more between, of course, as well as a few Supreme Court rulings that altered the acts.

Crux of the immigration reform matter in Congress

Both parties have demanded immigration reform. Both parties have periodically gotten bills into congress but never through to the President that would fix or in any way change the last Immigration Act of 2002 significantly as a comprehensive reform. Two facts – first none of the comprehensive immigration bills ever reached being approved by both chambers of congress and none ever became law.

(Note: the information draws from totals in the congressional bill information. It may easily be too inclusive of other bills such as appropriations but even they apparently have some reference to immigration. I include the numbers here not so much for accuracy but to make a point.)

  • 2003-2007 – Republicans controlled both houses.  854 bills dealing with immigration in some form – not only comprehensive reform but Dreamers as well.
  • 2008-2010 – Democrats controlled both houses.  226 bills dealing with immigration. A Dream Act was submitted with huge Dem party line sponsorship and did not get past the introduction to committee step.
  • 2011-2013 – The houses were split.  216 bills introduced. Less than 12 dealing with appropriations and one for e-verify made it into law, 4 dealt with minor illegals.
  • 2015-2016 Republicans controlled both houses –  253 bills which affected immigration control. One was vetoed and two stopped at solving differences. 18 out of 21 actually made it to become law. 4 affected Dreamers, none of them made it through committee.
  • 2017-2018 – Republicans control both houses – 550 bills concerning controlling immigration. None have dealt with Dreamers so far. None have made it past committee.


So what is my point of noting all those bills and information.

Simply this —

  • Immigration has been an issue since 1780.
  • No one will ever get everything exactly right nor will they ever have a bill that is 100 percent acceptable to both parties.
  • BOTH political parties have submitted many of bills since 2003 and only in a rare instance have any ever made it to the floor for consideration and even fewer made it out of the chamber.
  • NOT ONE bill has made it be  approved by both chambers or been presented to the President for consideration and signing since 2003 that is about comprehensive immigration reform.
  • The losers have always been legal immigrants and American citizens that are trying to do everything by the book.

Democrats found that having and pushing illegals to vote and think they have a right to be here without consequence have caused a great deal of harm especially to the young children of illegals who are raised in the American society and are totally unprepared or unfamiliar with the customs and activities in their home countries. Yet Democrats continue to push the very act such that more every year are raised within our country.

The ones called Dreamers believe that the Democrats have their interests at heart BUT the evidence of bills considered, party in power, and end results do not show that.

What is closer to the truth is that conservatives do believe it is unfair to citizens and to those who come here in legal ways for illegal immigrants to receive any kind of priority over those here legally.

We do understand that there are circumstances and people who believe that they cannot receive a fair hearing and provide better futures for their children in their old country. We would feel the same. We also want what is best for our country–lawful entry and encouraging immigration where fear of deportation or “acts of indebtedness or slavery” are not tolerated. Remember our own forefathers had to deal with this same issue when first they came to the new lands.

Unfortunately that has not translated into any meaningful comprehensive legislation because congress has been determined to wring every ounce of “political pomp” and individual “legacy or five minutes of fame” they can out of the issue without doing any real work to make sure this happens.

In point of fact Democrats in particular are proving time after time that they have only one interest in mind–getting votes to stay in power. Once that is achieved, then they simply ignore the ugly truth of what they caused and continue to follow a plan that does not help either legal or illegal immigrants and more to the point dreamers who are caught in the middle.

At the same time, why have those 800,000 “educated” Dreamers who can qualify not already applied for legal status. It may be that some half-baked, idiot government policy or lack of funds to hire lawyers and file have held them down. Or, it may be they have not learned to value the opportunities they have here after all the propaganda they have been fed.

So if those Dreamers who have or have not applied were given the option in the next month so that they could FREE OF CHARGE take a place in line behind those that have been patiently waiting for years to become citizens — WOULD THEY? Keep in mind that they have to qualify on all points especially criminal charges and proof of continued education including a degree.

What if we said all born between 1940  and 1985 who are currently patiently waiting for citizenship present papers proving they have been in the country, gainfully employed, and had remained in this country continuously appear before immigration judges during the month of April to be reviewed by May and approved by July 31 of this year to take the oath if they qualify — would they?

What if we said all of those born between 1985 and 2000 do the same in May to take the oath of naturalization in August 2017–would they?

What if we said all that qualify born from 2000 to 2012 who qualify as Dreamers do the same in July to take the oath in September – would they?

What if we said all that served in the military that never received citizenship had the right to appear in May to take the oath especially those stuck out of country who have been patiently waiting to return — would they?

What if no matter what at the last day of the open period in September after the last citizen received their naturalization oath – we simply state NO MORE ever again will ever be allowed illegally after that date and NO MORE amnesty would ever again be allowed. At that time then ANY and ALL illegals found would be deported and no longer receive a single benefit — would that happen? Pie in the sky, right? Guaranteed –Democrats would balk.

Time for ALL CONGRESS MEMBERS to use some comparative program that co-mingles all those old bills into a reasonably understandable document and stop procrastinating and making excuses for why they can’t seem to EVER vote on immigration. Surely between all those stupid bills there has to be a reasonable document that provides as close as possible a bi-partisan comprehensive immigration bill that everyone can live with. If nothing else set up a stupid word search list that counts how many times a word appears over all the documents and see if a single bill can include the most consistent uses.

Geez I am tired of their constant grand standing and bickering. Be adults for a change. It isn’t your personalities at risk here — IT IS OUR COUNTRY AND OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. Most of you guys were hired so that we could feel “we the people” were best represented and not “obvious maximus you” or your lobbyists.


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16 Responses to On Immigration Reform – Congress Time To End Procrastination

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Nice sentiment, Uriel, but you are being logical/rational, while liberals only react emotionally. It’s like two different languages, which is why nothing right ever gets done. Example: Liberals want gun control, which requires people who do not follow laws…… to follow a new law. Can you get any more irrational than that? And so one must think on ANY partisan issue– we, the rational ones, must figure out how to present it in emotional terms.

  2. Uriel says:

    For instance the older people who have been waiting sometimes decades to receive naturalization– they have been often productive, some own businesses, many are well aware of what socialist did in their old countries and don’t want it here where they laid down roots. The Dems know they are not necessarily easily swayed by Dem platform and even though an emotional appeal would not be happy that they are voting.

  3. malenurseken says:

    Good post. Informative. I do feel sorry for those who ARE trying to come here legally! And those who already ARE! But you KNOW this all falls on the Demrats! THEY are they ones who COULDNT wait for all these people to get here legally! DEMS and OBUMMA arranged for them to come here! DACA kids….{most who arent even KIDS}… They wanted DEM VOTERS! Thought HITLARY would be President! DONE DEAL! Yea ilegals, LegaLS, and AMERICANS (taxpayers) ARE GETTING CUCKED. This ALL falls on DEMS and now they want to finalize it with a BILL! Thank GOD trump didnt sign it. I say NO DACA and hold DEMS responsible which they ARE

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    Before we have “comprehensive immigration reform” can someone please explain who “broke” the old system? We already have sufficient immigration laws on the books. What we didn’t have was the leadership to enforce them.

    First of all there needs to be some separation of categories of illegal immigrants.
    Adults who crossed the border by stealth.
    Persons who overstayed visas.
    Children born here to parents who were not citizens of this country at the time of birth.
    Minors who were brought here by their parents together as they crossed the border.
    Unaccompanied minors.
    Gang bangers.
    Military veterans who are not citizens. (Huh, how does that happen?)
    Then there needs to be categories for origins.
    Central Americans who are not from Mexico. As well as Cubans.
    Middle Eastern and/or muslims.
    All others.
    Additional factors to consider:
    Educational and/or skills levels.
    Prior arrests or deportations.
    Length of time in the USA.
    Record of employment and or tax payer status.
    Record of using “free” government services including health care services.

    Now, do any of you have a clue how to deal with each category or qualifier?
    Unemployment is declining. Are we going to need the workforce represented by the millions we will have to sort out? Will they help grow our economy or will they be a burden on us?
    One thing seems sure to me. We have to build the wall, end chain migration and lotteries, and restrict or ban immigrants from certain countries.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I should add, for the record, my wife is an immigrant. So I am familiar with the LEGAL requirements of immigrants. Don’t tell me the system doesn’t work if the laws are followed.

    • Uriel says:

      Don’t forget E5 via revamp. Seems a good many of them need to be checked as well

  5. vonMesser says:

    Second – sort out the criminals into major and minor crimes
    Third – deport all the major ones.
    Fourth – examine the minor ones for their individual actions.
    Fifth – deport all minor ones who are not productive or who have (pick a number) minor infractions.
    Sixth – give the remainder 30 days to apply for citizenship from “today” or from “date otherwise eligible”. Failure to apply means automatic deportation.

    • Uriel says:

      That sums it up pretty darn well except can you imagine how gov would react to a mass of individuals lol

    • malenurseken says:

      I say those guilty of crimes, TRY them and convicict. SEND THEM BACK! No major OR minor! Illegal is ILLEGAL! They ALL are! Send ALL back! Let them apply for citizenship from their OWN country as law requires! SCREW this EXAMINATION! To see which are worse! ALL ILLEGAL! DEPORT ALL! GOTTA be tough to protect this country! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL! Criminal OR SAINT!

    • malenurseken says:

      And YES build the F-ing wall. Not just 10 miles of it. The ENTIRE SOUTH BORDER!

  6. Wise Owl says:

    Seventh – Tell any deported ones that there will be a bounty on their heads, DoA, if they return illegally! We have illegals here that have been deported TWENTY times or more.