So Much For “Net Neutrality”: Twitter Helps Chicoms Silence Free Speech

Here is James O’Keefe’s latest expose of the leftard bastards that control Twitter.  It was not enough for them just to mess with American conservatives and people of faith …. noooo, they also have to assist the Chinese communist government suppress speech that criticizes the regime.

Free speech?  Not for us maggot rednecks, and apparently not for maggot Chinese citizens either, at least not in Twitter-world, where brilliant leftards determine who and what will see the light of day.  Hey, Mister Mueller:  Is this not “collusion with a foreign hostile power”?

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4 Responses to So Much For “Net Neutrality”: Twitter Helps Chicoms Silence Free Speech

  1. Wise Owl says:

    And I just got censored on Facebook, claiming my post of a Breitbart article on a friend’s timeline was spam:

    4-chan and 8-chan are looking increasingly better.

  2. malenurseken says:

    Id say everyone boycott TWITerr. But you know that will never happen. I left TWIT years ago. Have trouble with facebook and instagram now. Im censored! What do they call that? Shadow something?

  3. Uriel says:

    actually what the guy revealed is nothing out of the ordinary — there were articles over the last three years or so highlighting this. And If I am not mistaken all of the big guys like Twittledee and Twittledum have either been banned in Europe and China or severely fined and restricted. Doesn’t China have its own Twitter/Google thing going on now?