Word For The Day : S**thole

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Today’s word is brought to you by the letters C,N, and N.


With all the bitching and uproar about what Trump supposedly said, I don’t see any of the MSM denying these countries are in fact shitholes. More like, “I can’t believe he said it !”…..but no denial.

And BTW, calling a country a shithole when it is one, doesn’t make you racist. We have shitholes right here in America….Harlem, Chicago, Detroit , Compton,…….etc, etc, etc,…..


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12 Responses to Word For The Day : S**thole

  1. malenurseken says:

    Yea dont forget Washington DC…. Lot of shitholes there

  2. Whitetop says:

    The Clinton Communist Network is full of $hithole$. At least they are talking their own language.

  3. The only reason Durban leaked this out was to curry favor with his very angry dem cohorts who’ve called him a traitor for even engaging in dialog with Trump.
    Had any other republican said this, or anyone else, for that matter, this would never have hit the airwaves like it has.
    It’s all about demeaning Trump as an unfit racist and nothing to do with defending the countries they’re talking about.
    Two hours before Trump said what he’s “alleged” to have said, those same countries were SHITHOLES. Two hours later, they magically evolved into pinnacles of civilization. WTF!
    Just more liberal hypocrisy, nothing else.

  4. Shar says:

    Not as damming as “deplorables” from Clinton or “crumbs” from Pelosi. Both show they are not in touch with the average citizen. Lets face it, they are elitists and above us. More telling is leaking and twisting words.

  5. SafeSpace says:

    If “sh*thole countries” is such a demeaning and derogatory comment, why does every CNN & PMSNBC talking head find it necessary to repeat it, on air, hundreds and hundreds of times?

  6. Hardnox says:

    Odd how the Left embraces only shitholes while living in gated communities.

    The hypocrisy from the left is beyond childish. They have spent decades trashing us with every foul description possible and when they finally get a dose of truth they crap themselves and turn it into a racist comment.

  7. captbogus2 says:

    The left still doesn’t ‘get it’ do they? The more Trump speaks the minds of Mid America the more popular he grows. The more the left lambasts him for speaking what we are thinking the greater his support grows.
    They just don’t get it….

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