Coincidence or Somehow Related to Uranium One Activities

Since nothing about the sentencing and indictments appeared in the news until now for the Uranium One people, I have to wonder if somehow this group of indictments and sentences might also be tied into the whole mess as well.

You decide.

Connecticut Man Sentenced To 1 Year In Federal Prison For Conspiracy And Bribery

Press Release
January 10, 2018

Greenbelt, Maryland – United States District Judge Theodore D. Chuang sentenced Eugene Ostrovsky, age 57, of Stamford, Connecticut to a split sentence of 6 months imprisonment followed by two years of supervised release, the first 6 months of which are to be served on home confinement, for conspiracy to bribe a public official. Judge Chuang also ordered Ostrovsky to pay a $5000 fine.

According to his plea agreement, Ostrovsky was the vice president and 20% owner of a metallurgical research company located in Long Island City, New York. Between August 2014 and May 2015, Ostrovsky and his co­ conspirators entered into what they believed to be a $3,400,000 Department of Energy (“DOE”)-funded research contract. During the course of negotiating that contract, Ostrovsky negotiated the specifics of a bribe to be paid to a public official then working for the Department of Energy. In May 2015, Ostrovsky and the co-conspirators finalized a total of $80,000 in bribe money, to be paid in cash to the DOE employee, in installments over the duration of the contract.

Three other defendants in this and a related scheme Grigory Trosman, age 78, of Damascus, Maryland, Anatoly Samgorodsky, age 65, of Sarasota, Florida, and Anatoly Fedorovsky, age 57, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced. Trosman was sentenced to 18 months in prison, followed by six months of home-confinement and three years of supervised release. Samgorodsky was sentenced to 18 months, 1 day in federal prison followed by one year of supervised release and Fedorovsky was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison followed by one year of supervised release. Samgorodsky was also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine and $70,000 in restitution; Fedorovsky was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine and was ordered to forfeit $7,000, and Trosman was ordered to pay a $75,000 fine and $469,287 in restitution.

Related Information:

Patch National Staff, Germantown, MD: Sept 22, 2017: “$469K In Bribes From Ukraine, Russia Send Federal Employee To Prison – A worker at a DOE facility in Germantown has been sentenced to prison for accepting $469K in bribes from Russian and Ukrainian interests.”

According to his plea agreement, Trosman was a program manager at the United States Department of Energy’s Germantown facility. He had duties and influence over DOE programs and funding on international nuclear safety programs, including programs related to United States financial and technological support for nuclear reactors in Ukraine.

From 2004 through 2014, Trosman sought and accepted nearly half-a-million dollars in return for being influenced in how he did his job. The bribes also included sponsorship for a visa for Trosman’s wife, allowing her to travel to, and work in, the United States and to attempt to obtain residence here. During this time, Trosman accepted at least $469,287 in bribes in exchange for official acts performed as a public official at the DOE, prosecutors said.

For more than ten years, Trosman used his federal job to help co-conspirators and various companies gain access to federal research money and contract work in Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine. Trosman also used his work-related foreign travel to Ukraine to promote his co-conspirators’ companies’ technology and capabilities and to obtain financial backing for the company’s foreign operations, court records say.

Two other defendants, Anatoly Samgorodsky, 65, of Sarasota, Florida, and Anatoly Fedorovsky, 57, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, have pleaded guilty and both have been sentenced.


HeraldTribune, December 17, 2015: “Sarasota man facing federal bribery charges”

In 2014, the men began communicating with an employee of the Department of Energy. Through a series of communications — face-to-face, text messages, emails and phone calls — the men allegedly offered the government employee money if he could help them get a government contract.

The employee, who was working with FBI investigators, reached out to the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. In November 2014, Samgorodsky and Ostrovsky gave a presentation on SANOVA at the Department of Energy’s headquarters in Maryland.




The timing and the cover up fit way too well to not have some kind of tie to the Uranium One scandal as far as I can see. Especially given that Hillary Clinton had made trips during that time to both Ukraine and Russia.

Sometimes even the most guarded tidbits and suppressed MSM news will drift to the surface of the swamp and once in a while connect sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle to other pieces. The DC group over the years has so many spider web links between different groups and actors that chasing down leads will leave even the most avid researchers aghast.

Maybe this is a little fish in the scheme of things or maybe not. One does have to wonder how so many Russians managed to live and connect with each other over many states, how they might be connected even on the low end with the Russian mob, and how they managed to come to be citizens (if they are). 




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  1. Wise Owl says:

    I keep hoping and praying that this is what Jeff Sessions has been quietly working on, and not that he is part of the Swamp….

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