The Science-Denier Who Would Be Our Queen

Orca Winfrey … friend of Harvey Weinstein … King Putt’s confidante … and now revealed as a science-denier.  Even Orca’s new and oh-so-serious black-framed eyeglasses cannot hide the vacuous new age, touchy-feely mush that passes for a brain in this large and overbearingly hypocritical leftard female.  Read on, friends.

Repressed memories of Oprah and her contributions to medicine … Should she run for president, Americans will need to give some thought to her willingness to oblige any feeble thought if it can charm an audience   by Rex Murphy 12 January 2018   Canada National Post online

The recent Oprah moment induces a walk down repressed-memory lane.  In the early days of Talk TV, of Geraldo Rivera, Maury Povich, Sally Jessy Raphael, and of course her current fameship, Oprah, the hungry hosts exploited whatever weirdness came their way. Of all the tawdry vehicles, none had the racing force of the satanic abuse frenzy, underwritten as it was by the equally fatuous fantasy of the repressed memory syndrome, a marquee item from the Cracker Jack box of pop psychotherapy.

The morning/afternoon shows were pulling in multiple personalities by the dozens (cluster booking was an obvious necessity). They staggered America with salacious sagas of Satanic Ritual Abuse, involving sexual molestation of the very young. Then, with the expertise that only an unquenchable thirst for ratings and heartless ignorance can confer, the hosts “explained” how these arcane cruelties gave rise to multiple personalities and repressed memories.

Oprah showcased the very Queen of Multiples, Michelle Smith, author of “Michelle Remembers” (“the true story of a woman, who as a child … was delivered into the hands of the Antichrist!”). Smith, who was clearly on her way to self-declaration as a one-woman, full-voting UN state, claimed an astonishing 92 discrete personalities, all uncovered from the thicket of her unconscious through “regression hypnosis.” Naturally Oprah, then desperate for any rocket to take her to orbit as a full TV celebrity, was there, her empathy pack on full charge, to give the fractured Ms. Smith and her delusional or fabricated fantasies full airing.

Before long, Oprah was upmarket, the “multiples,” so to speak, diminished in number, and more “coherent” guests, B-list celebrities, revenants of faded sitcoms, life coach types and “affirming” authors began to levitate to the most sycophantic cushion on America’s most famous couch.

Who will forget — who can? — Suzanne Somers, impresario of the “thigh-master,” which was to upper-leg management what the lead boot was to sprinting. Somers quickly left orthopedics of the adipose for a higher calling — Bio-Identics.

Ms. Somers had a featured turn on Oprah, and in her magazine (O), as the lead proponent of bio-identical hormone therapy and self-declared “anti-aging expert.” As much as Ms. Somers horrified some in the medical community, Oprah the Good recognized “her truth,” and who’s to say bio-identics and Somers’ Original Hormonal Happiness aren’t right up there with the discovery of insulin and the unwinding of the double helix?

Medicine has always been an Oprah specialty — that and of course the new-age, inner-child, bespoke spiritualism of the West Coast Hollywood flapdoodles. (Gwyneth Paltrow’s fascination with her colon (and yours) and the Gospel of Goop are but second-hand Oprahisms.)

Her next real shaman — sorry shaperson — was none other than Baywatcher and erstwhile Jim Carrey mate Jenny McCarthy, who took full advantage of the Oprah TV town hall to warn America and the world of the dangers of vaccination and its infallible “connection” to autism. Medical advice on the calibre of Jenny McCarthy’s musings is normally (there is a God) very hard to come by. With Oprah’s help it was front of the bookstore. And what a boon. Jenny McCarthy or the Mayo Clinic? I know where my money is.

Were there world enough and time I would continue with her greatest medical discovery — Dr. Phil. How Western medicine has struggled along since the days of Hippocrates and Paracelsus without the attentions and manners of Dr. Phil, neither I nor you can know. But he is here now, sprung like Athena from Zeus’s head, out of dear Oprah’s equally pregnant cranium.

I offer these meanderings just as reminders of Oprah’s thought and career, now that she is, as some say, a front-runner for the presidency in 2020. As for that speech, well like a lot of her medical advice, it was a sham.

The speech, for all the slobbering praise it received — as performance, and performance only, it had merit — was one giant “You’re all so wonderful and brave” aria to the very audience she should have been castigating.

The Golden Globes themselves are sponsored by the derisory Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the house poodle of the film cabal’s PR wing. The speech itself, if it was anything, was a civil rights oration, not an indictment of the current epidemical sexual scandal, and poses the question: How does Rosa Parks’ name earn association with Harvey Weinstein’s and Kevin Spacey’s — “we all knew” — gruesome grabbings and gropings? Did Oprah call anyone out? Did Meryl Streep ovate, again?

Oprah was there as a “big enough name” to call the focus from the particular perpetrators, the Hollywood set that invited her, and needed her. She gave them her hand, and doubtless they will return the favour if needed. But should she run for president, Americans should give some thought to all the quackery she gave currency, and her willingness to oblige any feeble, false or fatuous thought if it can charm an audience.  There’s as much Trump in Oprah as there is in Trump. At least (for now) Donald has stayed away from healing.

I’ve got a fresh Canadian ten dollar bill that sez Orca will somehow introduce repressed RACE memory into the 2020 Democrat campaign platform.  This woman will surely find a way to link old white people — you know, the ones she said just “have to die off” — and their Grand Kleagle Donald Trump — to the repressed memories of slavery held by American blacks today.  No matter that even the grandparents of African-Americans now alive were born well after slavery ended.  Doesn’t matter, Jim Crow perpetuated slavery, and every time a black man sees a white face it all comes flooding back.  And that is just not who we are.  More proven psychological science … on a par with AlGore’s climatology. 

Whether or not Orca actually contends for the nomination, she commands a huge amount of attention and respect from a large segment of the American female population as well as non-thinking millennials of both sexes … and she either co-owns or influences a significant amount of media outlets.  And her story, that of a billionaire black female who “defeated the covert racism of American society” and rose to fame — never having held a hammer, or drawn a blueprint, or designed ANYthing other than a leftist narrative — her story has great appeal to the leg-tinglers in the MSM.  Be sure that, unlike Sea World, America will not free its orcas any time soon … this one will be splashing around center stage for the next three years at a minimum.

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5 Responses to The Science-Denier Who Would Be Our Queen

  1. Ragnar says:

    McCarthy is correct….do the research vaccines are loaded with heavy metals and other sh1t that isn’t good for your body! Vaccines DO NOT WORK! See HPV, it is killing teens. Trust your own immune system and build it! The Flu vaccine is a hoax and never worked, it just puts $$$ in Big Pharma’s pockets….believe or not.

  2. Whitetop says:

    The song and dance of the leftist, liberals, democrats was that DJT didn’t have the experience to be president because he knew nothing of foreign relations, etc. But now we are expected to believe an orca can govern this great nation strictly because she has been host of a TV program for years?

  3. Hardnox says:

    Orca is the best the left has. The rest are old shrivels, marxists, and idiots. Orca has free cars. Yay!

    Seriously… she’s the best they have.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    LOL, but what happened to her buddy, Weinstein? We don’t hear much about him in the “news” anymore. Is Orca another distraction to get our minds off the SOB?

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