O’Keefe Exposes Leftist Scum In Charge of Twitter Content

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe pull back yet another curtain and find …. Surprise!  Lying manipulative leftists masquerading as fair and honest information managers.


Folks, please take a good look at the painfully hip millennial douchebags who apparently are in charge of Twitter’s content:  A middle-aged black man with a pony tail; a twenty-something hanging out at a bar with thug rap blaring in the background; an Indian or Pakistani guy happily calling the paying customers “rednecks”.  How many of Twitter’s lying leftard employees are in the USA on H1-B visas, displacing loyal American workers?

From their inception I have had nothing to do with either Twitter or Facebook.  Beyond the obvious data-collection and personal security issues involved with these platforms, I have no wish to fund the leftist agenda.  Are your kids or grands blabbing their innermost secrets to the world on Twitter?

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3 Responses to O’Keefe Exposes Leftist Scum In Charge of Twitter Content

  1. Jules Smith says:

    What a bunch of numpty’s. I think we should all open several Twitter accounts each, daily, and inundate this social platform with extreme, pro Trump abuse. Make ’em work a bit harder for their poncey positions.

  2. vonMesser says:

    Shared. And that’s an interesting suggestion Jules. Maybe we could get one of those “twitter-bots” to do it.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Cool… O’Keefe scores again!

    I’ve never twitted and don’t plan to.

    Once again, here’s evidence that the left cannot tolerate a different opinion or truth. Always they resort to manipulation or erasure of free speech if it differs with their approved narrative.

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