For Chicago, It’s More Important to Protect Illegal Alien Child Rapists Than Its Own Citizens

For Rahm Emanuel & Co., it’s apparently way more important to thumb their nose at Trump than to protect their residents from child rapists who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Because, you know, it’s not like Chicago already has a major crime problem or anything, so really, what the heck?

This is also true for any sanctuary City of sanctuary State.

The elected and appointed politicians swear an oath to uphold our Constitution and laws then proceed to ignore them outright.   Frankly, I’d love to see these assholes cherish the safety and lives of American citizens as much as they do illegal aliens.  What about the dreams of American children?

How refreshing would that be?

We all know the reasons why.  House seats are appropriated based on the population count via the Census.  Imagine 11 million illegals (I believe the actual number to be about 50 million) being deported or leaving on their own accord.  The result would be a large number of Lefty seats in Congress would disappear and thus would be allocated elsewhere as the number of reps is stuck at 435.

Further, the push to legalize illegals (insert bullshit reason here) is a bald-faced attempt to garner new voters since they are predisposed to vote for democrats.  If illegals leaned right the dims would be building the wall with their own hands and leading the charge for deportation.  The facts remain that democrats/leftists do not concern themselves with Americans and the welfare thereof despite the soundbites or photo-ops during campaigns.  The Left is about power and control.

It is high time that citizens in lefty areas demand better for their own survival.  It’s that simple.

~ Hardnox


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4 Responses to For Chicago, It’s More Important to Protect Illegal Alien Child Rapists Than Its Own Citizens

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  2. Wise Owl says:

    This is the sort of bullshit our founders were concerned about.

  3. Whitetop says:

    The legal American citizens are being held hostage in their own country by a small number of politicians just so they can transfer wealth from one group to another.

    I recall hearing the number 11 million illegals back in the 1980s and with all the illegals who have come across our borders and the ones Obama shipped in there has to be one hell’va lot more now. Too bad we can’t get honest answers to our questions.

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