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13 Responses to Trump DOMINATES

  1. clyde says:

    He did, but it sure sounds like he will sign a DACA scamnesty bill. I fired off an email asking him NO DACA for any reason.

    • If I may disagree…these DACA “kids” were brought here without their consent. It’s not fair to punish someone if their circumstances are/were out of their control.
      I would suggest that those born here be given full citizenship; they had no choice as to where they were born.

      Those who were “brought” here should be given the opportunity to either attain citizenship or leave. I’d give them 100 days from the end of the DACA program, to file for citizenship or leave. Should they file, they’d have six (6) months to complete their initiation process. If they fail, they go back to whence they came.

      When my Father came here from Germany, he was listed as a “DP”, a Displaced Person. No different than those who were brought here by their parents, illegally. Only Difference being, my father filed to immigrate with the US military stationed in Germany.
      Nevertheless, he was, eventually, granted a “green card” (I still have it) and he was listed as a “Resident Alien” (no pc in those days) and was required to have a job, a sponsor, and was not allowed to collect any general welfare or get into any legal trouble lest he be shipped back.
      Those rules worked back then. I don’t see why they can’t work now.

      • Hardnox says:

        While we should show compassion, I disagree with you.

        If your father was a bankrobber and after his passing you discover he willed it to you, should you be able to keep what was garnered illegally? Just saying’.

        • I must be missing something…
          I did NOT say allow “criminals” to remain. I said those BORN here should be allowed; just as at any other time in the past. After all, they do hold dual citizenship.

          Those who were “BROUGHT’ here, however, are another story. They should be allowed to file for citizenship. Read what I said, please.

          “Crime” was not a factor I addressed. And, with that said, CRIMINALS should, immediately, be sent back after time served. No mercy, there.

          • Hardnox says:

            My bad. They can GTFO too. The 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to them. “make Mexico great again”.

            They are technically US Citizens already. Ask the courts who convoluted the 14th A.

  2. I watched – this was great! To see the upper echelons of our government at work, haggling over details of proposed legislation that affects all of us, is a wonderful thing.
    Trump’s leadership is profound. And so is that of the senators and congressmen. It’s about time we saw them actually at work trying to accomplish something.
    IMHO, this should become commonplace. Only thing I would add is citizen’s input via emails; not social media (not everyone uses it).

  3. Shar says:

    These so called kids are 38. Very disappointed in what appears to be a dem snow job especially when I heard Feinstein with the clean DACA deal. The wall and chain migration will be forgotten.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t DACA illegal to begin with? And now an asshat judge from San Francisco rules that Trump cannot stop it???? WTF? Are we in Bizarro World?

    • DACA IS illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why these morons are trying to uphold an illegal EO is beyond me.
      To be truthful, they’ve violated their oath to “Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States”.
      They should be removed, disbarred and prosecuted for Sedition.

  5. Hardnox says:

    I saw the event live. POTUS was large and in charge. He clearly demonstrated that he is president.

    What I didn’t like at all was him saying that he’d sign WHATEVER Congress came up with. I don’t trust Congress and I sure as shit don’t trust the Left. Remember, these assholes are what caused the problem with illegals in the first place.

    No wall? Deal over.

    As far as giving the dreamers permanent status – A) they are illegal. B) Many are here at the behest of Obama. C) Our kids have dreams too and that must be our priority first and foremost.

    Now GTFO. Those that were privileged to get a free education here, by our generosity, must go back to their countries and make them great again.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    The democrats want them to stay and be citizens for one reason and one reason only. VOTES.
    I do have a problem with sending someone elsewhere who was born here.

    I also have a problem with the burden placed on the taxpayers by whoever came here illegally and had those children here.
    We need to balance those scales evenly.
    How about we come up with a figure that needs to be repaid to the taxpayers to give them a clean slate? I heard yesterday that every illegal alien that sneaks across our border costs us $75,000 a year. Well, if that doesn’t suck, I don’t know what does.

    Something needs to change and until that border wall is built, it never will.

  7. Dynalady says:

    Congress is ALWAYS so worried about how expensive & difficult it is for American citizens to comply w/every law, regulation, mandate & policy they put on us. Have a friend who’s an immigration lawyer. That’s what she DOES—fixes the status of people who are not in compliance w/our immigration laws. Some problems are harder to fix than others, of course, & if you use her you gotta pay her.

    Can’t remember the last time (or 1st time) our govt has argued & fought so hard, complained so loudly, & worked so incessantly to save US the time, trouble, & expense of complying with their laws—be it taxes, business regs, environmental, etc.

    If Trump is signing on to an amnesty, can’t help but think he’s getting trenchfoot from the swamp.

  8. Whitetop says:

    Who pays for the salaries of these immigration lawyers? Are the services to the immigrants free or do they have to pay for these services?

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