Single Pay Public Health Insurance — Busted For The Lie MSM Wants Us To Accept


When Obamacare was first introduced, it was a compromise answer to what Obama really wanted-single payer public health insurance. His 2008 campaign platform proposed Obama-Biden health care plan would provide that “any American will have the opportunity to enroll in [a] new public plan.” Even in front of the AMA in 2009, he wanted one of the plans to include a public option. But, by the time it came to planning and voting on a healthcare bill, the public option had been removed. Perhaps someone had finally gotten through to him about how disastrous a public government-funded only healthcare plan would be in the long run.

In typical lamebrain socialist fashion, Governor Brown decided that California was going to go the way of socialized medicine despite every indication that it was a bad idea and impossible to fund for his state. So in June 2017 with great browbeating and reluctance, the California Bill 562 became law in the state. Their legislature voted to pass a $400 billion plan to create a government-run health care system without a way to pay for it. Of course expensive liberal studies had been done showing “great savings” and “improvement” in order to justify their actions.

Mercury News posted an article in June 2017 about the new socialized medicine plan that stated their Senate committee analysis estimated that the state would have to raise $200 billion in revenue each year, which it said could be done through a 15 percent payroll tax. So in a heavily tax burdened state, the government decided that more taxes were needed to cover their stupidity. An additional risk which was not factored into their decision was whether the federal government would permit California to use existing Medicare funding for such a plan. The state also had no idea whether Congress would be slashing healthcare funding by repealing the Affordable Care Act. So the whole mess was full of more stink to it than one of the smelliest cheeses in the world and riddled with more holes than a sieve.

Of course Democrat congress members jumped on the bandwagon and went all out at the time promising with pomp and circumstance that the single-payer insurance program would fulfill every wet dream of the general public and be the better than a room full of MJ for recreational users. Atlantic Monthly highlighted this in their article in June along with splashing the names Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren generously within its lines.

Senator Bernie Sanders said in an interview after a rally against the GOP health-care bill  in Kentucky, where he promised that “as soon as we defeat this terrible Republican proposal,” he would introduce his own Medicare-for-all legislation. “It’s going to be a tough fight,” Sanders said, “but it is a fight that has to be waged, because it is the only rational solution to the health-care crisis that we face.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren called single payer “the next step” for the party. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has publicly said that “we should have Medicare for all.” Senator Kamala Harris, frequently buzzed about as a rising star in the party, recently told a crowd in her home state of California that “as a concept, I’m completely in support of single payer,” though she added the caveat: “but we’ve got to work out the details, and the details matter on that.”


Two countries often drug out for display on the “use of socialized public healthcare” were Canada and the United Kingdom. In the case of Canada, no word was mentioned of the horrendous wait times experience in 2016 just to get in to see a doctor or for surgery. Imagine that – unbiased MSM and all those expensively contracted reports didn’t warn of the dangers of socialized medicine when they were so generously talking about savings.

Canada TV News came out with just such a warning in November 2016 but I am sure if anyone even read the article, they must have swept it under the rug.  “Its information focused on a survey by the Fraser Institute that found a median wait of 20 weeks for “medically necessary” treatments and procedures in 2016 – the longest-recorded wait time since the think tank began tracking wait times. That’s more than double the wait times reported in 1993, when the right-leaning think tank began tracking the issue in Canada.” The wait times varied by city and province.

In a statement announcing the survey’s results, the institute estimated that Canadians are currently waiting for nearly one million “medically necessary” procedures.

“Crucially, physicians report that their patients are waiting more than three weeks longer for treatment (after seeing a specialist) than what they consider to be clinically reasonable,” the statement read.

Prior to 2016, the longest recorded median wait time was in 2011, at 19 weeks.

In an interview on CTV News Channel on Wednesday, Canadian Doctors for Medicare Chair Monika Dutt expressed concern over how the Fraser Institute collected data for the wait times study, saying she believes there are “a lot of flaws” in the research.

She nevertheless acknowledged that “there are concerns” about wait times in Canada.

“Some places are definitely better than others places, but there has been a lot of effort that has been put into being able to accurately measure wait times, which we need to do well in order to adjust the problems,” Dutt said.

…The real problem, according to Day, is the government monopoly on insuring medically-necessary care, which leads to rationing of doctors and services, and “no accountability.”

…the Canadian Medical Association said that long wait times are typically a “symptom of poor health system performance or poor co-ordination between systems that need to be addressed.”


The New York Times cast a glowing report about UK and Canadian healthcare in September 2017. In the article it said,

Britain has truly socialized medicine: The government not only finances care, but also provides it through the National Health Service. Coverage is broad, and most services are free to citizens, with the system financed by taxes, though there is a private system that runs alongside the public one. About 10 percent buy private insurance. Government spending accounts for more than 80 percent of all health care spending.

Canada and Britain are pretty similar in terms of spending — both spend just over 10 percent of G.D.P. on health care. They also have reasonably similar results on quality, although neither ranks near the top in the usual international comparisons. In terms of access, though, Britain excels, with shorter wait times and fewer access barriers due to cost.

In a comparison of the two, NYT chose British socialized medicine 4 to 1.


Daily Mail (01/09/18) wrote “NHS may be forced to abandon free healthcare for all, says Britain’s top doctor as he warns service needs radical change.”

The NHS is ‘not fit for the future’ and unless it undergoes radical change it may be forced to abandon free healthcare for all, in the future, the service’s top doctor has warned.

Medical director of NHS England Professor Sir Bruce Keogh said the NHS must become far less reliant on hospitals and needed a ‘complete transformation’ of the way it operates.


Washington Free Beacon posted on January 4, 2018 an article by Katelyn Caralle titled “HS Orders Britain to Cancel 50,000 Surgeries as ‘Third World Conditions’ Devastate Hospitals.”

The British government-run National Health Service on Tuesday ordered every hospital in England to cancel all non-urgent surgeries in order to free up staff and beds for emergency patients.

The NHS order will result in around 50,000 operations being postponed until at least February as overcrowded hospitals struggle to tend to everyone, the Telegraph reported. A spike in winter flu has forced frail patients to face 12-hour waits while some hospital corridors are running out of space.

British Prime Minister Theresa May apologized on Thursday to the patients whose operations were canceled, calling the situation “frustrating.”

“I know it’s difficult, I know it’s frustrating, I know it’s disappointing for people and I apologize,” May told Sky News during a visit to a hospital outside London.


Meanwhile back in California – the flu season has hit biggley.  And you guessed it, their new Public Healthcare can’t handle it.

Conservative Tribune (01/08/18): “Obamacare-Obsessed Cali Brought to Its Knees by the Flu” by Benjamine Arie.

“So many people have fallen sick with influenza in California that pharmacies have run out of flu medicines, emergency rooms are packed, and the death toll is rising higher than in previous years,” reported the Los Angeles Times on Saturday.

However, in Los Angeles County alone, 33 people have died of the flu this season and only a handful were under 65, Gunzenhauser said. That means a majority of deaths actually caused by the flu aren’t being counted that way.

“(E)mergency rooms are so crowded that ambulances arriving at hospitals can’t immediately unload their patients, so they’re unable to leave for incoming 911 calls,” explained the Times.

As emergency rooms run out of space and ambulances are held back from responding to calls, products that help treat the illness are also becoming scarce.

To be fair, a powerful strain of influenza would be a serious issue no matter what health care system was in place. There’s no guarantee that, say, repealing Obamacare would have instantly equipped California to deal with this outbreak.”

Yet at the same time, it highlights the problems with centralized health care and illustrates the same problems that countries like Canada and the United Kingdom have known about for years.

The government does only a handful of things well. Health coverage and medicine is not one of them, and the situation in California is an important reminder of how inefficient and top-heavy the current system is.

It’s time to look at better ways of doing things, and competition in the private sector can be a major part of the solution.



Just another nail that should be in the coffin of every commie, socialist, progressive currently determined to turn California into a third world country.  So when does California wise up? Or Oregon, or Washington?  Probably after it is far too late and the rest of the country refuses to hold out a helping hand.



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8 Responses to Single Pay Public Health Insurance — Busted For The Lie MSM Wants Us To Accept

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    “Single Payer”=Tax Payer=Socialism=Enslavement.

  2. Uriel says:

    What would happen if the payer decided it was too costly for any long term assistance and jettisoned every child, adult, or senior that needed help? Zap a lot of people would die. What if the payer said all have to take XYZ for flu and laced it with some deadly chemical? Zap and a large part of the population is no more.

  3. Ragnar says:

    Libtards will not give up no matter that it doesn’t and won’t work….as Daffy would say, “All right what’s holdin’ up the works? What’s all the… What!”

    • Uriel says:

      Lol Ragnar- Daffy. Good one. Seriously though it is idiocy that people believe a Single payer system Especially run by government is preferable- so much power in the hands of a few that should give everyone nightmares

  4. Hardnox says:

    Never let the facts get in the way.

    It’s all about control. Always has been.

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