If The Clintons Do NOT

go to prison after THIS investigation then it is a fact that there is no longer fair/equal justice in the US and a revolution to wipe out the Deep State would be justified. This whole pile of shit goes all of the way back to the top, Obama, Hillary, and minions like Lynch and Holder.

EXCERPT:  “In late November, The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross reported that heavily redacted Fusion GPS bank records unsealed Tuesday reveal DNC law firm Perkins Coie paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 in 2016 for opposition research on then-candidate Donald Trump – including the 34-page dossier.

Ross also reported that law firm Baker Hostelter paid Fusion $523,651 between March and October 2016 on behalf of a company owned by Russian businessman and money launderer Denis Katsyv to research Bill Browder, a London banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act – named after deceased Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.”

And then it gets worse…

EXCERPT:  “Katsyv was busted for a high level embezzlement and money laundering scheme, sanctioned by Russian Officials, in which large sums of money were stolen from the Russian government and invested in New York real estate. Some of the missing funds were traced to Katsyv’s firm, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., which settled with the Justice Department in 2017 – paying $5.9 million in fines.

And again, what does Nunes’ Subpoena cover? Banking records from the period in which Katsyv utilized Fusion GPS services.”

and here comes the thermonuke…

EXCERPT:  “Fusion GPS was paid $1,024,408 by DNC law firm Perkins Coie, which acted as an intermediary for Hillary Clinton and the DNC, to create the salacious 34 page dossier.

  • Fusion paid former British spy Christopher Steele $168,000 to assemble the document (which had the cooperation of two senior Kremlin officials).
  • Clinton campaign manager John Podesta met with Fusion CEO Glenn Simpson the day after the 34 page dossier was made public.

For their efforts, Fusion GPS was paid over $1.5 million dollars between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the holding company owned by pro-Kremlin businessman Denis Katsyv.

Also recall that Fusion GPS hired Nellie Ohr, the CIA-linked wife of demoted DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, to help with investigation Trump, and that Bruce Ohr was demoted after meeting with Simpson and Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy who assembled the dossier for Fusion.”

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6 Responses to If The Clintons Do NOT

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  2. Navyvet says:

    I am afraid I have zero confidence that there will be any consequences for the Clintons nor any of the myriad of other criminals that invest the Cesspool on the Potomac. That’s why they are diddley phucking around with these useless hearings and committees, all the while wasting money while giving their fellow crooks the time to destroy any and all evidence. Then we will hear, “Well we tried, but there just isn’t any evidence…..blah blah blah….barf…puke.” The media pukes will say, “See nothing there, etc etc.” Same old bullshit.

  3. Whitetop says:

    Old saying; “even a blind hog picks up an acorn now and then”. Enough acorns in the links that even Sessions should be able to pick one up. Which republican in Congress will through sand in the gears of justice?

  4. Tony Hodges says:

    I love what you guys do here at Nox & Friends, but don’t get your knickers in a twit about the dossier, the Clintons and how it all came about. There is nothing illegal about purchasing oppo research, no matter where it originates. This is no more a crime than “collusion”. The only thing we can hope for is the use it was put to after the fact: ie., as the basis for the FISA warrants. Even then, the Clintons will be in the clear, because they are as clever (or more so) than those prosecuting these actions against them. We may get some of the token, small fry in the Clinton campaign, the FBI or Justice, but this story ends with the big fish that got away.

    The Clintons are as a new Teflon pan. Nothing ever sticks. So, just like Kenneth Starr’s eight year witch hunt,when nothing really happened. We will have 8 more years of these ridiculous charades, known as the Mueller hearings.

    How else are these Washington lawyers supposed to make a living?

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I hear ya Tony. The difference is that a sitting US Senator (McCain) and Comey used the dossier as the basis for this whole kabuki theater called the “Russian Collusion investigation” and Russian interference into our elections when in fact the whole thing is fantasy.

      I agree, the big fish will get away.

    • Diego Dave says:

      agree with tony…clinton and obama “nistas” are well insulated enough to weather the imperfect storm…they are protected by the ruler of this world…but eventually will go down in flames with him (if they don’t repent). dont wretch, but i actually feel sorry for them as no one escapes judgement.

      what does it profit someone to gain the whole world but lose their eternal soul?

      Isaiah 5:24:

      Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

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