A Liberal Dose of Stupidity Leaving New England In Dangerous Situation This Winter

Fox Business reported on May 31, 2017 that the last coal-burning power plant in New England had been switched off in Somerset, MA. The Brayton Point Power Station has burned coal since 1963 along Mount Hope Bay in Somerset, near the Rhode Island border. It generated controversy for almost as long, with residents, fishermen and environmentalists decrying the damage that its cooling canals — nicknamed “killing canals” by activists in the 1970s — caused to fisheries.

Ironically this closing was done practically the same day that Trump announced plans to withdraw from the climate change gathering. Brayton Point’s operators completed building giant twin cooling towers in the last decade that could be seen for miles. Yet despite their costly upgrade efforts, a decision was made to close the plant in 2013 over the objections of the local coal unions and those who depended on revenue from the plant operation.

Houston-based plant owner Dynegy said it bought the plant after the decision to close it. It has worked to help the plant’s 170 workers find other jobs. A smaller crew stayed on for the decommissioning process through the end of July. Dynegy spokesman David Onufer said Trump’s election didn’t affect Brayton Point’s outlook because the 2013 decision to shut it down was irreversible. He also said that low electricity prices and the high cost to maintain aging facilities were the main reasons for the closure.

The Bridgeport plant is expected to close by 2021 to make way for a gas-fired plant on the same site. Three smaller New England coal plants operate in New Hampshire Connecticut but they seldom run.

GreenPeace activists — Aliyah Field, John Deans, Chandler McGaw, Lauren Thorpe and Nicholas Simmons —were arrested in 2011 according to a Greenpeace spokesperson for interfering with operations and stringing banners. Sierra Club also got involved along with more than 500 Connecticut residents who asked Gov. Dannel Malloy to reduce pollution from dirty coal plants. The Sierra Club held two events at Bridgeport.

Now, however, either because of simple economics or more because of liberal environmentalists who objected, there is a very real danger that many people in the New England area will be without essential heating during this winter.

“Officials at ISO-New England, operators of the region’s power grid, said energy demands during the recent arctic weather have placed major pressures on energy generators, forcing power companies to rely more on coal and oil to produce electricity,” the Hartford Courant reported this week.

Heating oil delivery drivers have had no choice but to keep working through the cold even as most people are huddled inside and trying not to travel over dangerous roads.  The state Department of Motor Vehicles normally limits delivery drivers to 11 hour maximum shifts. But the agency issued an “emergency exemption” on Dec. 28 that “relieves motor carriers from compliance with the Maximum Driving Time Regulations” until Jan. 19.

A shortage of qualified heating oil drivers has also created another dangerous situation. Heating oil companies, like all other trucking-related industries, have been struggling in recent years with difficulties recruiting new drivers. There is also apparently a shortage of qualified drivers that can pass a background check. It seems millennials simply can’t cope with the reality of the work or can’t qualify.

Mitch Gross, spokesman for Eversource, said cold temperatures have “resulted in record-setting demand from Eversource gas customers here in Connecticut.” In Massachusetts on Jan. 1, Eversource saw its third-highest-ever demand for natural gas in that state, according to Gross.

“Energy industry officials have for years warned that inadequate pipeline capacity limits the amount of natural gas coming into New England during peak demand periods like this one. Several multi-billion-dollar proposals for new pipelines have been blocked or withdrawn in the last two years as a result of financing issues and opposition from environmental and consumer groups.” Hartford Courant

In typical fashion, state and federal regulations caused by environmentalist and liberal rants and an out-of-control eight years of regulation writing by the Obama administration has created the last major issue this winter in New England. First, pipeline plans were deliberately stalled or were simply dropped because they couldn’t get traction. Then coal was shut down. The surprise is they still have fuel oil shipped or transported in.

“Environmental limitation on how much, or whether, some oil-fired power plants will be able to generate electricity could become a concern this week and for the remainder of the winter,” explained ISO-New England spokeswoman Marcia Blomberg in an email to Boston station WCVB.

Writing for Scientific American July 2013, LIndsey Konkel explained how “stringent environmental regulations and a steep drop in the cost of natural gas” spurred officials in New England to push away from coal and embrace natural gas.

“In 2000, coal accounted for roughly 18 percent of the region’s electricity generation while natural gas accounted for about 15 percent,” she wrote. “In 2012, just 3 percent of New England’s electricity was generated by coal, while 52 percent came from natural gas.”

While the increased reliance on natural gas isn’t a bad thing, the decreased reliance on coal is. What’s ironic is that liberals have complained about the gas as well.

“Natural gas is killing coal plants, but more natural gas infrastructure may be adverse to health and climate in the long run,” Konkel quoted N. Jonathan Peres, an attorney for the Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation.

So thanks to liberals and their inability to look further than the end of their nose, fuel oil and power companies in New England are doing their best to stay calm and not yell “Uncle” while they function despite handicaps.  Local communities are struggling to provide heat or risk death from exposure to their citizens.

At this writing, nine deaths have already been recorded and more brutal weather is being predicted to hit soon.  USA Todays December 29 headline was “It’s so cold out, a dog froze, sharks died and road salt is useless.”

A quick check of temperatures at roughly 9 p.m. Saturday 1/6/18
Hartford CT 7F Portland ME 4F Boston MA 12F


Isn’t it amazing that state and local officials can pour tons of money into supporting illegal immigrants, do their part to help Obama and the “Deep State” anarchists, find lots of daytime to trash President Trump, file irrelevant and irresponsible lawsuits, warp out in media madness mania, and rant like big dogs about First Amendment rights–





Source of story:  Conservative Tribune – “New England Liberals Shut Down Coal Power Plants, Now They’re at Risk of Freezing”

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13 Responses to A Liberal Dose of Stupidity Leaving New England In Dangerous Situation This Winter

  1. Ragnar says:

    As Gomer would say, well surprise, surprise, surprise…..Liberism: it is a mental disorder…..

  2. SafeSpace says:

    The long-term “green” goal is visible if you look behind the curtain: Save the planet by killing off the “excess” population. And we also see the law of unintended consequences at work: reduce single-source air pollution, and increase thousands of local generators of pollution. Wel, who’da thunk?? These leftists are clinically insane, repeating the same errors and expecting different results. Precisely the same thing happened while the northern oil pipeline was blocked: more trucks and trains wete on the road, hauling tankliads of oil, each leaving a trail of exhaust, and periodically crashing and burning. Duhhh…

  3. Hardnox says:

    I’m not feeling too much empathy for areas in the country that vote and advocate for their own demise.

    What’s also important to investigate is WHO financially supports the enviro-groups. Lots of OPEC and Russian donors. The Enviro-weenies are useful rubes.

    • Uriel says:

      I do Hardnox for those who did not vote for their stupidity and have had their voices overridden

    • Whitetop says:

      Who knows how much Soros pumps into these environmental groups but one source has been a scam called “Sue and Settle” where an environmental group sues EPA or some other agency and then settles out of court for money that goes into their coffers. I believe the Trump administration is putting an end to this scam. Congress needs to investigate and go after those organizations and get that money back.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    I will say it again: Liberals are mentally defective. They have lost the ability to think rationally/logically due to disuse. Instead, they REACT emotionally, with their actions akin to animals that can talk, but lack the ability to think rationally. The physical analogy would be someone who avoids physical activity to the point that they can no longer walk, when they’re in their 50’s. You see them riding in electric scooters in supermarkets and cities.

    • Uriel says:

      whoa Wise Owl, lol actually it is pretty accurate. now that there are more jobs opening up AND states and feds are beginning to demand work for welfare help these guys are going to either have to get with the program and exercise muscles (brain and body) one has to wonder just what will happen. As a reminder, I read a historical article about the first settlers that had this happen. Having lived off others back in their homelands they were ill prepared to work. many died and others had horrific shocks to their systems as they actually had to do their own work. Still some did survive and prosper once they got over themselves.

  5. w barna says:

    Uriel, it’s all a part of the great concept of “Natural Selection”. When you’re too stupid to keep yourself warm, you might be too stupid to survive.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox w barna…you probably have it right from the “liberal perspective” at least on the sites I have skated through it seems that is their ideal means of thinning the herds. I also agree that if one lives in an area that is prone to certain weather hazards like freezing temperatures, then one should always be prepared for those problems ahead of time or move to a different location. Those I worry about are families and elderly who have no support or are currently unable to find shelter in a home or apartment. I doubt seriously that they were able to vote for or against these problems which makes them victims of greed and stupidity of planning.

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