Intellectual Froglegs: The Capitalist that Saved America

Here is Joe Dan’s latest masterpiece.

America is starting to feel like America again (complete with the buzz of liberals bitching in the background).

And at the risk of sounding sycophantic… I’m beginning to think  Donald Trump is from the planet Krypton and his real father’s name is Jor-El…  Are you kidding me?

Like most of you—I’d become conditioned to believe that ANY positive changes to our government (if not impossible) would be a painfully long process.

Not our President. But again, there is little ‘conventional’ about Donald John Trump.

President Trump has had the most successful first year in modern presidential history—  yet over 90% of his coverage  by the mainstream media is negative.  Despite all that… the Trump economy is exploding.  Breaking a new record almost daily…it seem.

Trump owns the media… lock, stock and barrel. He lives in their heads.  And make no mistake, their hatred for Trump is real.  And if YOU support Trump— they hate you too.

And laughably—these pompous-ass elite blowhards claim Donald Trump is the biggest idiot on the planet—  yet he keeps kicking their asses.   LOL.


The interview with Sheila Jackson Lee is a hoot….. SJL is played by my good friend, who has asked to remain anonymous because she lives and works in Hateful Hollywood…but she is SO funny.  She used to work for DISNEY, IN LIVING COLOR, etc.

This episode also features “the Golden Frogleg Awards.”



As always, Joe knocks it out of the park.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Intellectual Froglegs: The Capitalist that Saved America

  1. clyde says:

    Hard to beat Joe Dan.

  2. Joe Dan Gorman says:

    Thank you

  3. Whitetop says:

    Loved the cartoon of the mother admonishing her son to stop lying or he would grow up to be a CNN reporter. Talk about a new way to scare the hell out of your kids.

    SJL was my representative for 8 years and talk about an embarrassment. She owes her seat to the help of a white man who felt the people of Dist. 18 were not getting any representation from Craig Washington who was appointed to take the seat when Mickey Leland died. Craig was in DC to have a good time at taxpayer expense and he obviously succeeded. Dist. 18 is basically a gerrymandered district thanks to the GOP in TX which wants to demonstrate they are not racist. Yet SJL shows her appreciation by slandering white people any chance she gets. She is known to have a bad case of constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth.

    Her airline outrages are well known and she is so important she has a government car pick her up at her DC apartment and drives her to work; one block away. BTW, why is she flying first class anyway?

    • Hardnox says:

      Great comment. JD’s content is funny and serious at the same time.

      SJL is the poster child for hypocrisy.

      Supposedly, she cashes in those frequent flyer miles that we pay for in excahnge for 1st class.

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