If this is the “progress” and government that socialists are proposing for the US – S#@&w You!


Venezuela: Maduro Raises Minimum Wage by 40 Percent to $2 a Month

Ben Kew
January 3, 2018

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro has raised his country’s minimum wage by a further 40 percent, meaning public sector employees will now earn around two dollars a month in his seventh and final major hike of 2017.

“We have good news regarding the protection and stability of all the workers,” said Maduro in a televised address. “I am announcing the rise of the national minimum wage by 40 percent for all our doctors and public sector workers.”

The move means that working Venezuelans will now receive a basic salary of 248,510 bolivares, equivalent to $2.02 a month. On top of that, they are also handed an increased food ticket worth 549,000 bolivares worth $4.46, meaning their total income amounts to around $6.48.

Over the course of 2017, Maduro instigated seven separate minimum wage hikes in order to fight back at what he describes as an “economic war” led by the United States and other Western powers against his regime.

However, the hikes are only like to worsen the country’s unprecedented rates of inflation continually depleting the value of its currency, meaning that figure is only likely to fall.

According to latest figures, inflation rose by a staggering 1,369 percent between January and November last year. The figures were only released by the country’s opposition, as the Maduro regime refuses to publish them.

The Maduro regime is currently moving forward with plans to launch its own national cryptocurrency known as the ‘Petro’.

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There are so many lessons on economy and socialism to learn from the plight of countries like Cuba and Venezuela. But will millennials break with their activist handlers long enough to really see and understand that this is what the socialist/progressives/communists are pushing toward with big government? Will they pay attention to the things around our country that are a result of the greed and egos of communist dictator? Will they look at the rising changes in safety, prices, and enforcement brought about by eight years of socialist ideology applied in the US during the Obama administration?

Where is MSM reporting on this? Anyone else notice the deafening silence? This should headline our news not some garbage about what the President “tweets” or does to enjoy his moments of free time.

Where is the United Nations? This is far more troubling and sincerely needs addressing rather than where the United States chooses to place their embassy in a country. All those funds used to run the UN buildings and maintenance, ferry its diplomats from one world location to another in order to thumb their noses, and many meetings in which they autocratically make decisions best left to sovereign nations could solve a lot more problems in Venezuela and other desperate nations.

I am generally a positive type person but like a long-used battery even that attitude is currently being drained. There does appear to be a few who are waking up in the age of millennials but will it be enough to avert this kind of horror across the world much less here at home?

Despite all his abrassive ways, Thank God for Trump. His election has been the catalyst the country desperately needed. Slowly we have been seeing across the US that more are awakening from their drug-induced boredom and slumber or fearful head-in-the-sand hiding.

Time to use the laws on the books and put these traitors on trial under the Communist Acts. Shoot them in front of a firing squad sounds efficient and far less costly. It is certainly better than they would have provided to the general populace if they were to prevail.


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8 Responses to If this is the “progress” and government that socialists are proposing for the US – S#@&w You!

  1. Navyvet says:

    Hey Snowflakes. Even if you get what you are screaming for, it will take several years. You can leave now for Venezuela and have it immediately…no waiting. Planes leaving daily. Bye now.

    • Uriel says:

      Heck yeah…those snowflakes should be “honored” to go to Venezuela and participate . I mean up close and personal is definitely the way to go before trying to convince US citizens that they are right…

  2. vonMesser says:

    I hereby offer two (2) one-way tickets to Venezuela for anyone who wants to live in a socialist country.

  3. Hardnox says:

    I don’t find Trump abrasive at all. He speaks the truth and in the same tone we all do.

    The left is abrasive to me. They have been peeing down our backs for decades while telling us it’s raining.

    The left won’t mention a word of any of this since it is opposite of the narrative they have espoused. Friggin’ hypocrites. Shitheads like Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Bernie Sanders, and other leftists that have been high-fiving the communist leaders for decades should be deported there. Leave the rest of us capitalist lovers alone.

  4. Popular Front says:

    WOW! $6.48! That has the spending power of an old bootlace – just one, mind.

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