Judicial Watch: DOJ can’t ignore Clinton’s criminal enterprise

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin sending sensitive government emails to her personal email account and why the Department of Justice must look into Hillary Clinton.

I predict the hammer is about to fall.

~ Hardnox

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13 Responses to Judicial Watch: DOJ can’t ignore Clinton’s criminal enterprise

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  2. Uriel says:

    given Hilary is not so much in favor with younger Dems and all that has happened, I hope she no longer has any way to get out of prosecution.

    • Hardnox says:

      Lots of truth to that. Hillary was never loved by the left. Hell, she lost to Batears who no one knew out, and from left field back in 2008. Bernie put a big dent in her and he was a plant to make her look moderate yet Bernie still has a big following.

      Hildabeast was the favorite of the UniParty. Her job was to perpetuate the looting of our wealth for the benefit of globalists. Now her usefulness is over and she will be cast aside.

      The problem for those operating behind the curtain is Hildabeast has plenty of dirt, and they don’t want any of that exposed.

  3. Dynalady says:

    Per this video, it is staggering to think how many staffers, aides, lawyers, employees & their spouses have been willing to do illegal & dishonest stuff for Hillary & the administration. They need to be held accountable. Of course, so much of this has been known for 1yr+. Maybe, hopefully some of the 9000 sealed indictments…?

    Kudos to Judicial Watch. How about all the $$ wasted on ‘congressional oversight,’ the ‘special counsel’, be paid to Judicial Watch instead?

    • Hardnox says:

      It is stunning. No one thought she would lose so they cast aside all morals and caution with the belief the piper would never need to be paid. WRONG!

      When those 9000+ indictments finally get served I predict major finger pointing and plenty of rats jumping ship. Lot’s of suicides too… Arcancide.

  4. Navyvet says:

    The Washingmoney scum (redundancy) either dont know, or more likely dont care that those of us who actually pay taxes are outraged at the lawlessness of the royalty there in the Cesspool, the money pissed away on phony investigations set up to make us think they actually give a damn, and the business (thievery) as usual continuing. I have always believed they are all in on the scam the minute they arrive in that toilet they call Washington.

    • Whitetop says:

      Navyvet you have it the bullseye. I think we will be certain by the end of the week that our elected servant don’t give a shit about the American taxpayers because there will not be any announcements or pushback regarding the information we have just seen. President Trump is right to point out a sailor who took photos inside a sub is now in jail and we have a lot of people complicit in the use of unsecured servers who go home to their family every night. Yes, there is a double standard when it comes to our Nation of Laws.

  5. Wise Owl says:

    Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Tucker, Jeanine, Laura, and all the other conservative talking heads will be outraged, along with us who follow them, but if the past is anything like the future, NOTHING will change. A token underling may go to a country club prison, but the same swamp gas will continue to permeate the nation….UNTIL, one day, they go so far as to incite the same fury and determination as this country saw in the 1770’s. With mixed feelings, I think we’re a long way from that, so there is NOTHING to stop the crooks in politics from continuing, all the while they disarm us slowly, lull us into complacency with tempting gadgets that lets them track us (how soon before carrying a cellphone will be mandatory, as is carrying a driver’s license?), and the lemmings scream until the weather gets cold or their mothers tell them to come inside.

    • Hardnox says:

      Let’s not forget the Revolution started over a measly 3 cent tax on tea. If people actually knew how the UniParty is boning them there would be a huge mob around the Capitol right now.

      Everything on TV is a distraction to keep the lemmings placated and angry at the wrong things while the looting continues.

      • Wise Owl says:

        Of course, Hardnox, but with all due respect– so is the Internet, this blog. Don’t get me wrong– I like what you do/say. But, if all people do with the information they learn on TV or Internet is whine about it, how is that not the same as “educational” sitcoms? What good is the education if we do nothing with it?

        You guys have what– a few thousand followers? How many does Hannity, Dobbs, et al have? Tens of millions. The pundits hammer the truth out daily, but they preach to the choir. The libtards that NEED to hear the message are told, by their MSM and liberal blogs, that what we say here is BS. Faux news and all that.

        Sorry, guys, I am having a dark moment and not seeing much glimmer of hope. Or maybe I am just too impatient. I am hoping and praying that those indictments we keep reading about happen SOON! Keep up the good works, don’t let me get you down. Usually, you all here inspire me, but I am SOOoooo tired of the swamp gas!
        I’ll be OK. Again– sorry.

        • Hardnox says:

          True we only have a few thousand followers BUT our stuff gets forwarded. Besides our readers vote.

          It’s easy to get depressed when the mountain of shit is so high and wide. However, bear in mind the 10-year-old kid who was vigorously shoveling horse poop, day in and day out, whistling the whole time with a smile on his face. When asked why he did his chore with such a good attitude he replied: “eventually I will find the pony I’ve been looking for”.

          Since Trump doesn’t show his hand, I imagine his crew is preparing for a kill shot. Just a hunch but I bet I’m right. I get where you are coming from but remember patience is our friend. The swamp didn’t get that big overnight. Taking it down must be strategic and fatal.

          • Wise Owl says:

            Thanks, Hardnox. I am usually very optimistic, but just happened to hit a low yesterday and vented a bit. Yes, I was hiding under the bed when God passed out patience. But, from all the other “stuff” I follow, I, too, am hoping for the “kill shot” you mention. VERY much so.

            It’s easy to get disappointed. I thought carry reciprocity was a done deal with a GOP majority. I thought a flat tax was almost there a decade or two ago. And so on. But, I am– and will remain– optimistic. Thanks to you and your friends for giving me reason to. MAGA!

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