A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

Sent in by Wise Owl…

Yeah, we dodged a really big bullet.  Organized Criminals?  Yup.

The next shoe to drop must be indictments.  It must be if we are a lawful country, if not we will perish as a nation.

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Just as the reason a dog licks itself (not the version where they can’t make a fist), politicians will lie, cheat, steal, deceive to further their agendas, usually to be re-elected. The corruption has become so extreme that they must raise incredible sums to perpetuate their party, so this fund-raising becomes the focus; ethics are unaffordable. So, they prostitute themselves to lobbyists and constituents to achieve their goals, ethics/morals be damned.

  2. Whitetop says:

    So much crime; so little justice.

  3. Tim White says:

    WHERE it ALL began…

    The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed: Russell …
    About the Author. General Bowen is a retired Brigadier General whose position with the
    Office of Security Services (OSS) and his drug running activities in behalf of the government
    and who has courageously come foward with the truth about his association.

    [PDF]The Immaculate Deception – Four Winds 10
    Nov 15, 1999 – The Immaculate Deception. The Bush Crime Fan& Exposed. By Russell S. Bowen … Bowen is a retired Brigadier General in the U.S.. Army.

  4. clyde says:

    May 2018 become known as “The Year Of Indictments”.

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