Professor Says It Might Be Better To Skip College

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Congratulations lefties!  Even professors admit higher education is a farce.  Of course, this guy is tenured.  He’d be fired for telling the truth if he wasn’t.

Let’s face it.  The push for every high school grad to attend college was to keep the lefty bandwagon in academia employed while furthering the indoctrination of the leftist agenda.  That was the mission.

Back when I went to college I actually learned something and was successful at it.  Now, most grads can’t get a job in the career of their education choice.  Today, 33% of millennials are living with their parents because they can’t make ends meet and pay their student loans, plus the shitty economy that leftists built during the Obama years (and idiotically still insist on).

This country still needs people that can work with their hands.  Our country was built on it.  In fact, those that do live as good or better than those with high education.  Those that don’t have college loans will be vastly better off financially, in the long run, providing they learn a trade.  Burger flippers will, of course, remain burger flippers.  That said,  a degree in LGBT studies with a sub-major in Chilean basket weaving may have been a poor choice to spend your money on.  You should be pissed at those that took your money and not the rest of the world.

Keep voting for leftist policies and keep expecting better results.  How’s that working for you?

As John Wayne famously said, “life is hard, even harder if you are stupid”.

~ Hardnox

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26 Responses to Professor Says It Might Be Better To Skip College

  1. Popular Front says:

    I think that as much of the world is mechanised and automated, a Trade School diploma would be far more useful to society that a degree in Interpretive Dance or Non-Gender Specific Rug Weaving and other such ‘new age’ college courses.

    • Hardnox says:

      Agreed. We still need engineers, doctors, medical professionals and the like but the need for those to build and repair things is vastly greater. Ditto with farmers and ranchers that grow our food.

  2. malenurseken says:

    I totally agree with this! I went to a trade school college twice. Auto Mechanic and nursing program. There was no politics in education then . NO attempt at indoctrination! Have 4 children! One was even valedictorian! ALL are successful and none went to college! One my sons is a professional AC and FURNACE technician! Learned on the job and by being trained on the JOB! NO dam college loans to repay! Took me years to repay my loans back which were small compared to costs today im sure

    • Popular Front says:

      I’m intrigued Ken, that’s quite a vocational shift! Care to tell us why? (you don’t have to)

    • Hardnox says:

      I’m with PF. Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

      • malenurseken says:

        Well kind of a long story. After graduating from auto mecghanic school I was offered a job working on a seismograph rig. I was young. It was opportunity to travel state to state working on a rig. Then death of my 13 yo sister brought me back home and i never went back. Took care of family farm while mom and dad were away with sister before she died. Getting cancer treatment. Well she died in March and no mechanic jobs around the area so I took up welding. Worked as a welder in Manufacturing job many years. (meanwhile working on cars on my own time at the farm) After years of welding I took over the farm dairy operation. Along with my wife. Plus I was driving milk truck for a local company besides farming. Well the govt came along with a Dairy herd buyout program and farmers were paid to sell their dairy cows. Farmers quit milking cows so my job as a milk truck driver ended. Plus I couldnt afford to continue my dairy farming either after that. So my cows got sold. Well drew unemployment awhile. My wife was a CNA at the local nursing home. They needed help. CNA asnd Orderly! She encouraged me to give it a try. So I did. It was income anyway. 3 young kids and a mortgage to pay off. Well the Nurses and others at the nursing home liked how well I worked with people, and how caring I was. The social worker and administrator there encouraged me to go to school and become a Nurse. They even helped with the finances. Well I decided to try it. Wasnt easy but finally 1991 I got my nursing degree and started working as a nurse! Few years later along came a divorice, but I continued Nursing till 2012. Had a hip replacememt. Dr botched it up. Had a revision surgery to fix it in 2014. But once broken that long it was hard to repair. Lot of pain walking. I kept trying it till Jan 1 2016 and had to quit. Eventually got on disability . Not Im alone on the farm and still do mechanic work and welding work on farm in my shop. Work as I am able to on my own time. So the mechanics degree is still a benefit to me. Least I can fix my own cars and farm machinery/tractors etc. That itself is a big saving . Plus I work on other peoples cars too when I can. Make some extra money. Still have my nursing license. So I dfo have alot of things to fall back on! Experienced in many things. Do my own plumbing work, some carpenter work, Minor electrical repairs, Its ALWAYS good to be able to do LOTS of different kind of things!
        Happy new year everyone

        • Hardnox says:

          That’s a great hardscrapple story Ken. Kudos to you for never quitting! No matter what one does and as long as it is honest then it doesn’t matter. All of us contribute to the world turning one way or the other.

          It’s great to have those extra skills too.

        • Popular Front says:

          Thanks for that Ken, it’s quite a story. The bulk of my adult working life was military – 30 years of it. I loved it and I was good at it but eventually had to retire – mandatory – but at that stage I was still only 48 years old. What to do? I went to college, gained a Degree, then a Master’s and went into IT, consulting. Had fun with that, saw quite a lot of the world, mainly Europe but had a year in San Mateo then got well bored with it as the ‘suits’ took over from the ‘geeks’ – innovation was OUT, ‘bottom line’ was IN. Now, like you I’m widowed alone on the farm and repairing, rebuilding and restoring motorcycles to supplement my pension. Business is brisk, if I see the kid has little money I only charge for parts needed, or they can pay me in beer. I have a motocross track laid out on my place and some weekends it sounds like the Grand National out there but I like it. Happy New Year to you!

          • malenurseken says:

            Hey Popular! Were on same page! I understand ya! And you know, Im only 60 years old! Im thinking geting my CDL license back ! I cant walk hard tile floors but I CAN DRIVE! I AINT GIVING UP! Im too young! I respect you! And people like US is what built america! My dad died age 59! I wondered if id live longer then him. I tried to save him but I couldnt! Him and I were working together tearing a building down! He died. I poured a match on it and burned it all down. Couldnt finish the job alone after that. . Emotional! )))) I had just became a nurse! I suffer depression! BUT its friends like you sharing that gives me strength to move on and KEEP MY FIST UP! GO TRUMP! I WANT AMERICA BACK! I respect ALL patriots. Hard working americans. The SOUL of this country! I pray for those coming after us when were gone! Were safe for now long as we got Trump! But you know, Im even prepared here if tgheres an EMP strike!

            • Popular Front says:

              On a side note Ken, I did voluntary porter work in a major Geriatric Assessment Centre, lifting patients, commode chairs etc you know the routine. What struck me was the amount of aging men 65-66 years old who were partially or fully vegetative after retirement, compared to women who entered at a much later age. The men, after mandatory retirement had basically collapsed mentally as they had no outside interests other than their work. Admirable when you’re working but near fatal afterwards. I was brought up very outdoorsy so in my sunset years I can always find plenty to do to keep busy and enjoy a cleansing beer afterwards! The old body maybe slowing down – mainly due to wounds received – but my mind is sharp as ever. As I always half-jokingly say “They’ll have to kill me before I die!”

              • malenurseken says:

                Thats great Popular! And I agree. Ppl die earlier after retirement, OR sometimes after death of a spouse! I seen PLENTY myself in my medical experience and years! Its 20 degrees below zero here now so not enjoying much sunset outdoors! Blew snow against my wellhouse today to make sure water wont freeze. Talking -50 degrees now through weekend! Temp and wind chills. ITS COLD! Id love to sit and shoot the breeze with ya over a beer or two! But yes HANG IN THERE! Were not done yet!

  3. Navyvet says:

    College wouldnt be so bad if people waited until they had some real life experience before attending. That way they can easily see through the bullshit the “never held a real job” professors feed them. Also colleges need to cut out the requirement of worthless classes like Sociology and classes that tout Al Whores always proven fake global warming bullshit. (I had to sit through his stupid movie in two different classes where the movie contradicted geology classes, particularly regarding glaciers.) My degree is in Earth Science so I had to put up with that utter crap. Some prof’s didnt like some of my papers that laid out facts I was taught in other classes. (Yes that cost me a grade or two here and there)

    • Hardnox says:

      I hear ya. I changed majors after I asked a professor in open class why he was teaching after he told us how great the field was. He asked me to stay behind after class. Later he confessed that he couldn’t get a job in the field he was teaching. At least he was honest but probably only because he wasn’t an academic.

    • malenurseken says:

      Thats true Navyvet. Lot of courses I had to take TOO that were totally unrelated to what I was studying. But they were required so had to take them. And I agree also, that real life experience is a benefit before going to college. When I went to college for auto mechanic, i was fresh out of high school. 1975 to 1977. Alot of that was partying. But when I went back for Nursing degree in 1989 I had a totally different attitude. Lot more serious about it. Even made deans list. 4.0 gradepoint average. Tough courses too. Chemistry, Anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, …… I was proud of myself lol. Bet I wouldnt have got a 4.0 in nursing program if id tried right out of high school like i did when went for auto mechanic

  4. Shar says:

    Good story Ken. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    Kodachrome>When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School, it’s a wonder I can think at all.
    And then they go to college and exacerbate the problem with courses like “gender studies.” Well, you have to see these for yourself:

    One of the best ways to get ahead is to get some kind of mechanical or technology experience, then as you go through life and find you might be able to save some money by trying to accomplish a task you never did before, all you need to do is read a book or magazine on the subject. Wait, this is 2017, almost 2018, so all you really need to do is watch a couple you tube videos on the subject and you will find mostly helpful folks who have been there and done that. I installed a furnace and plumbed and wired a new 900 sq ft garage/workshop on my property. And it hasn’t burned down yet. Good thing I learned before doing on those projects. I bought the downward flowing oil furnace used, at a salvage place and then discovered I needed a “mobile home base” under it. Without that it would have been a disaster. The oil tank is a good bit lower than the upstairs furnace so I had trouble keeping it going at times. Until I found out about a Tiger Loop.” Look that one up.

    Some final advice. Some of us should not run with scissors or handle tools. If you are one of those types, get professional help with a project or repair. If your furnace repairman charges $80 an hour, it’s going to be worth it.

    But keep in mind, some professionals are more professional than others.

    Example; My Sister in law and her husband bought a half million dollar home built in the 1950s. They had a home inspector check the place out and sign off on it. When I arrived they gave me a list of things that weren’t working. I found two outlets wired incorrectly and a dead circuit to the garage. The gas furnace had a problem with the pressure regulator and the central a/c was dead.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    If you click the link I provided you will see a credit course specifically designed for lefties who want to go right to the top. The title? Tree climbing. No joke.

  7. malenurseken says:

    I clicked the link wayright. But couldnt find the link for tree climbing! Likely my idiocy on ability of internet useage. But you must be from Wisconsin? I love Scott Walker! And Ive a rental house in a neighboring town im renting out to ppl from wisconsin.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I’m from PA. The recently turned red state that helped Trump gain the White House.
      We unfortunately have a dem governor.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Link takes you to the list. Scroll down to Cornell for this gem:
      Cornell University, Physical Education: Tree Climbing. “Whether you are a rain forest canopy researcher, an arborist, or just a kid at heart, everyone loves to climb trees. Recall the excitement and your sense of adventure when you first crawled into the branches to look inside a bird’s nest. Then you swung from limb to limb without a thought of ropes and harnesses. But what about that big tree down the street you always wanted to climb, but couldn’t reach the first branch? Cornell Outdoor Education’s Tree Climbing course will teach you how to get up into the canopy of any tree, to move around, even to climb from one tree to another without touching the ground. This course will teach you how to use ropes and technical climbing gear to reach the top of any tree, to move around, and even to climb from tree to tree without returning to the ground. All equipment is included in the course fee.” Total cost for a year at Cornell: $64,164.

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