Good News: Guatemala announces it will move their embassy to Jerusalem

Kudos to Guatemala.

President Trump’s decision to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last week is what is known as “leading from in front” unlike before, especially with the Brown Clown squatter who could screw up a two-car funeral procession.

Meanwhile, the left warns of violence from troglodytes… well, no shit.  As if that were a new phenomenon?

Making America Great Again, one step at a time!

~ Hardnox

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13 Responses to Good News: Guatemala announces it will move their embassy to Jerusalem

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Reading this morning, I saw there are 10 more lined up to do the same. Nothing confirmed as of yet, though.

  2. Shar says:

    I saw that too Hade. Some of them are real small countries I never heard of. As Haley said “it will be remembered.”

    • Uriel says:

      At a guess, they took Trump at his word and figured hey we could use the $$ that those who voted against you want to get. You know what, I would gladly give it to them or at least a reasonable amount. Not because they were currying favor so much as being tiny and newer, they valued their new stance more than to give it up to those that would turn it socialist and suck the life out of them.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    I think there are 8 or9 more making the move.

  4. Amboyduke says:

    I’m having a wonderfully hard time adjusting to your president who has balls…and who is trying to do things correctly. He is, IMNSHO, a REAL leader.
    He won’t get everything right all the time, but at least he’s not afraid to make decisions and “take the bull by the tail and face the situation”. W.C. Fields quote.
    BUT, I’ll manage just fine…

  5. Navyvet says:

    The Commucrats will be having a hissy fit, like the pussies they are, no matter what our great President does. Sooooo, phuck em!

  6. Whitetop says:

    The damn liberals will bitch if they get hung with a new rope. Nothing satisfies them so to hell with them.

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