Video Reminder – Democrat Party stance on illegal immigration

The year 2018 is already shaping up to be a controversial and extremely trying year. The montage below is a reminder to both sides of the aisle in Congress, that what is said can and will haunt future actions when inactions and collusion to slow or derail occur by either party.

Citizens are tired of the whole thing or we would not have elected a non-politician to office. It is past time to put up, shut up, or be removed from not just one but both parties for congress members who are deliberately stalling and creating angst when action is required.

As usual Democrats seem to have short-term memories so here are a few brief reminders of where prominent Democrats spoke against illegal immigrants pouring into the US and on immigration reform. These videos also call out MSM news who aired these instances but also have short-term memories or refuse to check their own archives before posting new reports.

It should also serve as a reminder to Republicans — had they done their job and settled on writing a new immigration bill as they were supposed to back in those days, things might be a lot different now. There is such a thing as striking when the iron is hot and missed opportunites. Karma bites!

For those who have attention deficit (like me), all of the segments below are between two and three minutes long.






















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