Trump “Calls” UN’s Vote against US Jerusalem Embassy and doubles down (updated)


Future of Jerusalem: Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members
over Jerusalem vote


TRT World
December 18, 2017

Donald Trump has threatened to cut aid to countries that vote against his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency session on Thursday to vote on a resolution that doesn’t mention the US, but states any decision on Jerusalem should be withdrawn. It’s the second American threat in as many days to members of the General Assembly.




December 20, 2017

The UN General Assembly is set to hold a rare emergency session on December 21 to consider a draft resolution against his Jerusalem move. Trump says he’ll be watching to see which way countries vote.



Just as I released this post an update from The Hill came into my email:

The United Nations on Thursday delivered a stunning rebuke of President Trump‘s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, casting an overwhelming vote condemning the move and calling on the U.S. to withdraw the decision.

The final vote count in favor of the resolution was 128. Nine countries opposed the resolution while 35 abstained.

The resolution — essentially a formal statement of a U.N. opinion — is not legally binding. But it represents a condemnation of Trump’s decision and exerts political pressure on him to reverse the move.

Some of the U.S.’s closest allies, including Canada, Mexico and Australia, abstained from the vote.


Interesting that suddenly Muslim nations such as Turkey are strongly suggesting they will also open embassies in East Jerusalem now.

There is NO doubt that this is escalating into a major confrontation. One wonders where Trump will ultimately settle on this high stakes game.

Personally, the UN needs to “fold” and be escorted off US soil with not one more penny of US taxpayer aid. They have done nothing but sow discord and get in the middle of state sovereign business for twenty years. Nothing has been solved or negotiated that lasted past the ink drying on the signatures.

The UN should have from the beginning established that Jerusalem was their international “seat” perhaps some of this awful mess could have been avoided or clarified. They did not.

We have had that consulate in Jerusalem since the mid-1800’s so how is this any different. And what nation would allow someone from outside its borders to dictate which city was “allowed” to be its capital? Every new country seeking membership in the UN ought to think carefully about that.


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30 Responses to Trump “Calls” UN’s Vote against US Jerusalem Embassy and doubles down (updated)

  1. Amboyduke says:

    Trump should stick to his guns across the board…and the United States should stop sending “aid” to every country, excepting maybe Israel.
    They all shit on the U.S.A. every chance they get…give them NOTHING.
    Then watch them grovel…and somehow get rid of that pathetic United Nations…if I’m not mistaken, historically, the majority of the cost of running that abomination has been born by the U.S. since day one…

    • Uriel says:

      Amboy, you are correct. From the beginning the US has contributed vast sums of money to the UN and to different programs sponsored by the UN. Now we have to wait and see since the UN took the stance against the US just what Trump will do.

  2. Uriel says:

    Heritage: (

    The U.S. has been the largest financial supporter of the U.N. since the organization’s founding in 1945. The U.S. is currently assessed 22 percent of the U.N. regular budget and more than 27 percent of the U.N. peacekeeping budget. In dollar terms, the Administration’s budget for FY 2011 requested $516.3 million for the U.N. regular budget and more than $2.182 billion for the peacekeeping budget.

    According to OMB, total U.S. contributions to the U.N. system were more than $6.347 billion in FY 2009. (alone). In its 2006 report, OMB calculated that U.S. contributions to the entire U.N. system actually totaled $4.115 billion in 2004 and $5.327 billion in 2005.

    I can’t imagine how much in total since 1945 has been spent. But certainly enough that we could have funded a lot of infrastructure and programs here in the US.

  3. Shar says:

    Use the money to pay down our debt. The HE double hockey sticks to the UN. Replace the consulate sign with an embassy sign and be done with it.

  4. Edsss says:

    This should have been done LONG ago!……..Close the UN HQ in New York, clear the human vermin from the building and sell it to UZI as a firearms manufacturing facility!

    • Uriel says:

      Don’t forget the UN has a presence on a LOT of US college campuses that need to be shut down too. I might not ask UZI but I am sure it could be converted to something the city needs.

    • malenurseken says:

      I AGREE! Long ago! NO more payments to the UN AND no more AID to countries voting against this! They can move UN headquarters to IRAN or NK

  5. Popular Front says:

    I apologise on behalf of all us Australians who were disgusted with our UN vote abstention, total cowardice on the part of our Foreign & Prime Ministers. On the matter of the status of Jerusalem, from long before the time of Christ it has always been the #1 city of the area beit Palestine or Judea or whatever the region was called by those who held it, often by force. As I just posted on an Aussie political blog, when Germany was divided the seat of government was Bonn – mainly because Adenauer came from there – but when Germany reunified the Federal Government went back to Berlin practically overnight and no-one batted an eyelid anywhere. UN hypocrisy is staggering sometimes. I hope Mr Trump comes good and withholds all further US funding to that corrupt and useless ‘organisation’.

  6. Whitetop says:

    Being a sovereign nation what business is it of the other member nations where we have our embassy? Give them the one digit salute, stop making payments to this corrupt organization and give them 30 days to get the hell out of the US. Anyone still here will have all personal effects confiscated and put on a plane to their country of origin, at their home country expense. The UN is so corrupt the democrats are starting to notice them.

  7. vonmesser says:

    Hey, booger-brains, vote against us and we quit giving you money.

  8. Navyvet says:

    Trump should point out to these assholes that at least 70% of the USA citizens want us to GTF out of the UN and the UN to GTF out of the US. Over 50% VEHEMENTLY feel that way.

  9. Uriel says:

    I agree Popular. The folk like you and us around the world are very interested. Hardnox has records of many people who view our blog, I imagine even more listeners are checking out other sites as well.

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