The Deep Roots of the Obama/Clinton Muslim Outreach

A recent Hardnox post included a video clip of Tucker Carlson, and in that clip there was a throwaway line about Obama having destroyed the records of his Regime’s outreach to the American Muslim community.  Curious minds want to know why Batears thought he had to hide the evidence, considering how friggin’ important making nicey-nicey with Muslims is to the Left:  “Diversity” and all that, y’know.

Well, we discovered that President “Call To Prayer” Barack, through his hack trusty Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, started this outreach, funded with American taxpayer money, at least as far back as 2009.  In June of that year, Hillary appointed Farah Pandith, a Kashmiri American and an academician (instant alarm bells ringing) as the State Department’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities.

Now I ask you:  Does State have Representatives to the white community?  the black community? the trannie community?  No, of course they don’t.  State appoints Representatives to FOREIGN nations and entities.  From this I guess it is safe to conclude that our claims are correct, when we say that many Muslims living in America are indeed sequestering themselves, refusing to assimilate, and acting as citizens of de facto Balkan states within our borders.

We also found that in August 2016, Clinton appointed Farooq Mitha, a Tampa resident Muslim American, as her campaign’s Muslim Outreach Director, tasked with talking Clinton trash to mosque attendees across the fruited plain, in the hope of ginning up the Muslim vote for Madame Fuhrer-ette.  This position was likely funded from Clinton’s campaign war chest, which was filled at the time with libtard dollars … and taxpayer monies courtesy the Federal Election Commission.  Apparently Mitha discovered that his assignment was no bowl of baba ghanouj, as many Muslim Americans disliked Clinton for her destabilizing of their home countries.  Many of them were Bernie supporters, no less.

More damning however is this story from June 2009.  Hillary Clinton, in her role as Obama’s Secretary of State, held a conference call following Batears’ Cairo “I love Islam” speech earlier that spring.  On the line was Esam Omeish, one-time president of the Muslim American Society, an “affiliate” of the Muslim Brotherhood and a group on several high-profile list of potential US-based terror organizations.

In December 2015, former DHS chief Jeh (rhymes with “feh”) Johnson was dispatched to crisscross our nation, visiting with local Muslim community leaders, and alternately denouncing Donald Trump and dispensing asalamu alaikums upon Hillary’s head.  Of course, you and I funded Jeh’s purely political travels via our contributions to the IRS.

But we’ve saved the best for last, and that is the documented destruction in November 2009 of hundreds of DHS records of individuals within the United States with known ties to terrorist organizations such as HAMAS.  These records were purged from the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS), a multi-agency database designed specifically to share information on bad actors between federal agencies and thus enable swift detection of planned terror attacks.  The destruction of these records was apparently ordered by Ol’ Batears hisself.

So what exactly is the leftist Deep State hiding?  Or more accurately, WHO are they running cover for?

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12 Responses to The Deep Roots of the Obama/Clinton Muslim Outreach

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Someday there will be a TV series about all this, and the no-nothings will STILL think it is fiction.

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  3. GunnyG says:

    If there was any justice in America Barky would be wearing an ankle bracelet!

  4. Whitetop says:

    The lack of oversight by congress leaves the door open to crime families like the Clintons to practice their corruption. Expect to see more of it as a result of the Rosenstein/Mueller investigation. We used to think of the Mafia as crime families. Now politicians are giving the Mafia a bad name.

  5. Uriel says:

    Good catch and point on the Muslim Representative SafeSpace. Foreign entities should have embassies in the US and certain Muslims should stop trying to say they are not part of an Islamic Nation and since we are at war with radical groups, these representatives of an Islami Nation should be removed with prejudice from our country.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post.

    Good question… “who’s he covering for?”. Further, one really needs to wonder why Batears and the entirety of leftydom embraced radical islam. It’s as if 9-1-1 never happened. It’s as if the slaughter of Christians within our borders and especially overseas never happened.

    Now with the latest revelations of Batears allowing Hezbollah to operate a drug running operation WITHIN our borders AND preventing our DEA from stopping it is beyond treason.

    First and foremost, a president’s job is to protect our citizenry. Ditto with every office holder. I remain disgusted.

  7. Wise Owl says:

    I remain convinced that Ovomit was a Manchurian Candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood? For George Soros? Think about it– a person whose background is vague, without experience suddenly becomes a senator, and equally suddenly becomes the president of the United States??? All because he can read a teleprompter and speak well? This, alone, is fishy. Then, looking at what he DID cements the meme. Ovomit did everything to undermine the U.S.– economically, militarily, morally… Was it merely a general Socialist agenda or was there more to it? I keep coming back to his loyalty focusing on the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps groomed by Soros, who loves shorting markets for profit. The more he can undermine a company or country, the more money the SOB makes.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Wise Owl, the “deep state” and the CIA made Obama president, just like they did with Bill Clinton. It’s in Terry Reed’s book, “Compromised, Clinton, Bush and the CIA.”
      From the opening page:
      “This book tells how the Central Intelligence Agency co-opted the presidency and how “black operations,” like a cancer, have metastasized throughout the organs of government to the point where the malignancy cannot be removed without destroying the government it was initially designed to preserve.”

      Keep in mind this book was written 23 years ago. So where do we stand today?
      Still out of control and working against the interests of the American people in favor of the so called deep state. Well, we are starting to find out who some of the players are. Is it just a matter of time until they are dealt with, or are they going to skate some more?

    • Dynalady says:

      Wise—and all these years, I thought I was the only one who thought it extremely bizarre that someone w/a blank slate, blank past, blank resume suddenly got catapulted to the top job. Twice.