Let’s Be Clear, Here! Some food for thought…serious thought!

I’m a Pediatrician. Here’s What I Did When a Little Boy Patient Said He Was a Girl.

~I don’t think I need to say a word, here. The video speaks for itself (to the logical, common-sensed person).

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8 Responses to Let’s Be Clear, Here! Some food for thought…serious thought!

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Brilliant. Josef Mengele would feel right at home in today’s leftist American culture, sharing the vibe with Margaret Sanger.

  2. Yes! Josef Mengele WOULD be proud. So would be those who wanted to corrupt this nation from the inside in. And they’re doing it.
    Unless we stem this, this nation is screwed for the next 3 generations. Either we change this NOW or we deal with it for the next one hundred years.

  3. Uriel says:

    What a great video. Thanks for sharing Hadenoughalready I totally agree. There may be a few cases but it is absolutely to abuse entire generations in this manner. It is also worth noting this is one of the many steps Marxists and Socialist have developed to destroy an entire civilization.

    • When one questions their identity, they also question their beliefs. In such a quandary, one is susceptible to any influence and that’s what they, the anarchists, want – vulnerability.
      Unless we, as realists, capture their attention and show them what’s real and what’s not, they’ll remain at the whim of those pushing the Marxist agenda.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I know of a girl here in Post Falls who has had her breasts lopped off and been stuffed full of hormones. Her older sister (who ended up having 3 illegitimate children with 3 different men) was in my religious education class at church (ironic, no?) To state that the family life was beyond screwed up would be the ultimate understatement of the century.

    What legitimate doctor would do such a thing to a girl who is obviously troubled?

    Her little friends think she’s “brave” and “cool.” What I see is a person who is a future suicide just waiting for the next bout of depression.

    And all this dysfunction is paid for by the taxpayers – that would be you and me.

    As for the limbs being cut off? They are actually doing that now when a person demands it.

  5. Wise Owl says:

    I will argue. Not that it is wise for kids to make such decisions when their brains are half baked, but that transgender and inter-sexed people do exist. I have an acquaintance that started life as a girl, but always identified as male. When in his 20’s, he went through surgical and chemical changes. He is now in his 40’s, bald, bearded, and quite happy living as a man. How can anyone argue with that? Or more aptly, wouldn’t it be cruel to make him live as a woman?

    Further, I have read that hormonal imbalances during pregnancy can scramble a developing fetus, not only genetically (intersex) but sexually, and sexual identity. You can find plenty of doctors that will confirm this, so just because one pediatrician says it’s not, doesn’t mean it’s so.

  6. Terry says:

    Good post HEA. It doesn’t get much plainer than that.