All In The Tran Family

The liberal left continues to become completely unglued. Girls can be boys. Boys can be girls ( Archie Bunker must be rolling over in his grave ). White people can be black, Filipino, Hispanic, etc. Whatever you want! As long as that’s how you feel in your mind. The left tells us that whatever we believe we are in our minds is what the entire world should be forced to treat us as. And we can even be penalized if, in our confusion, we address them by the wrong sex or race. It’s very odd.

We’ve all seen the stories about young children being encouraged by their parents to switch genders and go through hormone treatment. It’s child abuse. No question. That’s bad. However, the situation just got a lot worse. Forget transgender children or transgender adults. Now, we have entire families that are transgender.

Radio station KJZZ did a fluff piece on one family in Arizona who have become just that. Meet Daniel Harrott, who lived most of her life as a woman and is now transitioning to male.
“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time. And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be,” she/he said,explaining that his/her family of four is happier now that they are all living according to the identities of their choice.

Harrott’s 11-year-old, Mason, is a girl but decided she wasn’t her biological gender and now goes by a boy’s name and sports boy’s clothes.

This is the dad who used to be the mom, the son who used to be the daughter, and the dog who used to be the cat.

Harrott’s first child, 13-year-old Joshua — who is wheelchair bound — was born a male but now also says he is not of the right body and is choosing to become a female. Joshua says he was only 6 or 7 years old when he knew he was a girl.

This is the daughter that used to be the son.

The children’s mother, Daniel, is engaged to Shirley Austin, a man who identifies as a woman.

This is the dad who used to be the mom (l) and the step-mom (r) that used to be….who knows ?


Daniel said that Josh came out as transgender first, followed by Mason, after which Daniel felt it was okay to accept her male identity. Following their identity changes, Daniel met transgender Shirley, who joined their family to make up a family of four transgenders.

“The whole family is in transition,” Austin said.

You can listen to the cheerful puff freak interview for yourself. 

This is all I gotta say ’bout that !
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I’m gonna go pump some iron and clean my guns now.
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13 Responses to All In The Tran Family

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Wow! What’s in their water?

  2. Uriel says:

    This makes me want to grab that handy barf bag.

  3. Hardnox says:

    I can’t watch any of the videos… too busy cleaning and oiling. All I have to say is WTF! No wonder the ragheads want to kill us. Who can blame them if this is what they see about America? I really miss the adults.

  4. Felinity says:

    No way I can bring myself to watch the clip. I want to drink, not snort, my morning coffee…and I want it to stay down.

    Curious minds want to know: What about the DOG? It is merely neutered: The “family” couldn’t find a vet specializing in tranny “companion animals”.

    (The dog: I have to pee. \Should I lift my leg or sit today?)

    Many houses of worship use the slogan “Come as you are”. When these folks traipse in…hoboy!

    Sorry, that was an offensive, gender-assumptive exclamation.


    • Terry says:

      I, being a strong, manly, unquestionably straight heterosexual male, took one for the team and sat through the video. Luckily, it was all audio with only the visible picture showing. Thus, I was able to read Playboy at the same time.
      An often used trick of the trade when reporting on stories of this nature.

  5. Whitetop says:

    I’m not strong enough to sit through those videos. Hard enough to read the captions beneath the pictures. SICK! SICK! SICK!!!

  6. Amboyduke says:

    I really laughed out loud about the “the dog that used to be a cat” comment…

    I am Canadian, I think…{?}, and up here in British Columbia, our western most province, that rivals California for the most fruits and nuts, and usually wins, there is a transgender “man” who fathered a penis bearing child whom they named “Searyl”.
    They insisted the British Columbia government not indicate “male” or “female” as it’s “gender” on the birth certificate, because, he says, the “thing” won’t know what gender “it” is until “it” gets old enough to decide on “it’s” own…{my ” quotation marks}
    That kid hasn’t got a prayer in hell of turning out any where close to “normal”, no matter how you define “normal”.
    But the really sad and pathetic thing is the province agreed to the ass holes demands and left the gender box blank. No one challenged him…indicative of the times indeed.

    I’ve seen a video of the “father” and as much as I can roll with almost anything, the father was an abomination and made me want to beat the shit outta him…he was appalling, smug, arrogant and had a condescending, entitlement attitude…because he knew he would get away with his demands!!!…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    I am no mental health expert…however I did work in a mental hospital for 7 years as a maintenance tradesman, {or was I, on occasion, a tradesWOMAN?? It was up to me, depending on MY specific frame of mind on that morning…LOL} and I observed some very unsettling and disturbing things, I also asked questions of psychiatrists who worked there.
    I learned a lot…these poor souls are mentally ill and need help, if there is any help possible.
    I also worked with a few gay men in my career and they felt comfortable “coming out” with me.
    One of them, who was a fairly well adjusted fellow and was somewhat comfortable with his sexual “orientation”, told me that if there is such a thing as re-incarnation, he most definitely DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK AS A HOMOSEXUAL, because, he said, there was SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM, he admitted to me that he wasn’t “normal”, and it didn’t take a psychiatrist to tell this fellow there was something in his psyche that was out of whack.
    He was an intelligent fellow, an a generally good honest person, and had a great sense of humour about his and my sexuality, mine being HETEROSEXUAL.
    It was good for him, as he had a straight friend whom he could joke with, and I had a gay friend that would answer my most personal questions as to his sub-culture…
    They refer to us straight men as “breeders”, which is meant to be as derogatory as “fag”…but I told him he was more than welcome to refer to me as a “breeder” whenever he wanted…LOL

    I also have a liberal “friend” who supports every word and action Justin Trudeau says or does. Trudeau could be a transgender/homosexual/metro sexual/bi-sexual/closet Muslim/transvestite all in one special package.
    And the imbecile factor in my country, of which there are many, will vote for him again and again…
    I fear this is the future for my grandchildren, and it is bleak and disconcerting.
    Can it last?

    • Terry says:

      I’ve read about that freak Amboy. Kori Doty is its name.
      Here’s the article & pic of it. :

      And YES it is an obnoxious creature. That poor child is going to go through a tough life.
      As for…
      “…Trudeau could be a transgender/homosexual/metro sexual/bi-sexual/closet Muslim/transvestite all in one special package.
      And the imbecile factor in my country, of which there are many, will vote for him again and again…”
      We just proved that in the USA over the past 8 years with the obozos. Between the 2 of them, they covered each of the categories you mentioned. And if possible, the ‘tards would make them 1st Family For Life.

      • Amboyduke says:

        Right you are Terry…

        I must admit I get a bit cavalier about adding links etc…simply because I get so sick and tired of the lunacy…However, I keep returning to see just what the next insane issue will be…not unlike a fly returning to the shit-pile.
        My father died over 40 years ago, and if he came back to life today, in this world, he wouldn’t believe what is happening, And he was not a real hard nosed conservative, but he was no liberal.

        Listening to Chris Plante…WMAL, WASHINGTON…