Roy Moore Campaign Planning to Fight Election Results

Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore reiterates he is not conceding the election to his leftist opponent. Moore stressed the fight is just beginning. One America’s Pearson Sharp has the latest on Judge Moore’s decision to contest the results of the election.

There are reports of massive voter fraud that took place in Alabama, and that must not stand.

It still amazes me that blacks are bullshitted into believing all the leftist crap when everything the left offers is counter to their self-professed beliefs.

Personally, I think Moore is peeing up a rope thinking he can change the election result but I applaud his efforts.  In the end, the UniParty won this one thanks to Mitch McConnell who never wanted Moore in the first place.

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to Roy Moore Campaign Planning to Fight Election Results

  1. Whitetop says:

    He is not doing anything the dems wouldn’t do if they lost. After all they are still bemoaning Hitlary’s loss. How much shit did algorzerra put the country through trying to win his rightful place at the throne? Remember Al Franken and all the recounts and each ended with more boxes being found till he got the winning number. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute there was voter fraud going on in AL and there prob ably was help from the GOP.

    • Navyvet says:

      Being from Minnesota, I no longer have any faith in election results. There is always massive fraud going on by the Commucrats….everywhere. Franken’s election was so fraudulent it was a joke….but nothing was done about it. As you said, they just kept finding ballots…100% for Franken….until they had enough and then the election was over. Bullshit!!! I have said for years that the Uniparty gets together and decides who is going to win and the only way to overcome them is massive massive turnout. However, in Minnesota there is no way to outvote the fraud.

  2. Terry says:

    How surprising.
    McConnell withheld campaign funds for Moore, and we were bombarded with TV spots for Jones even here in NW Florida, with no money for Moore to dispute the accusations.
    Now it seems Moore will have to pay for a recount from his own pocket, and the RINOs won’t help with that either. Disgusting.

  3. clyde says:

    You know damn well if Jones had lost by a half percentage point, every damned dimocrat would be screaming at the sky for endless recounts.