MSM Silent: President Trump Puts UN On Notice- Our Country, Our Laws

UN – Global Compact on Migration – We Are NOT Signing Away Our Sovereignty

 MSM is silent, except to criticize President Trump

As Hadenough posted on December 3, 2017, President Trump rejected the Global Compact on Migration which Obama and his cohorts deliberately got us into in 2016.  Trump again made reference to this in his Florida rally speech but so far the big media outlets are staying away from the issue. As of now so far only Breitbart, The Hill, and CNN even touched on this issue. In fact a quick search back in 2016 only shows a very few references to the subject—why am I not surprised?

Let’s look at what the traitor Obama, Soros, Clintons, and his shadow government would have had us get involved with…

On September 19, 2016, the United Nations General Assembly hosted a High-Level Summit in New York (, marking the first time world leaders, heads of state and government, came together at the UN with the aim of improving international cooperation and governance of migration and refugee issues.

Also on the margins of the General Assembly, on September 20, 2016,  President Obama hosted the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, alongside co-hosts Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan, Mexico and Sweden, which appealed to governments to pledge significant new commitments on refugees. While the Leaders’ Summit focused on refugees, not migrants, the General Assembly High-Level Summit addressed large movements of both. The two events complemented one another.

Obama issued a Joint Statement on the Leaders Summit. He of course poured his efforts into why the issue needed to be done and gave a sales pitch for the Global Compact. In the opening he also noted that:

In order to mobilize more substantial and sustainable funding for UN humanitarian appeals and other international humanitarian organizations, and provide further support to countries hosting large numbers of refugees, we sought a $3 billion increase in global humanitarian financing and commitments to maintain funding in future years. Through our mutual efforts, over the course of 2016, the 32 donors participating today have contributed this year roughly 4.5 billion additional dollars to UN appeals and international humanitarian organizations than in 2015.

In other words this is one massive scam to ensure that globally people are shoved into chaos, all countries lose their sovereignty in preparation of a one world government, and that the elite get massively more wealthy.

Anyone who believes Soros and his socialist buddies aren’t behind this have only to read a few articles posted at Open Society Foundation. One caught my eye called “Will a Global Compact on Migration Lead to Lasting Change?” Not so much the article was interesting but that a comment left there I found very interesting.

Having been a science teacher, this makes more sense to me than to some; however, the point is well taken. Mass introduction destroys cultures and countries. This is exactly what NWO people are pushing to happen.

“Patrciai P Tursi 9/20/2016: The study of ecosystems reveals species that are unique to a certain area and these can be as close as within a few miles. Humans are no different Cultures evolve out the context of the environment. When a new species is introduced, it can cause the demise of the ecosystem. The Controllers know this and have deliberately caused mass migrations and upset the cultures so that they are weakened and can be easily controlled. Anyone who protests is labeled Xenophobic.. Cultures are difficult to maintain, especially in this time of mass transportations and trade. Plants are introduced that take over the local systems and the wildlife may not utilize them because they are foreign. Political Correctness dictates that this concept not even be considered. Local dialects are disappearing along with support systems and other cohesive factors that allow for health and thriving. Species are disappearing and we are becoming an amalgam of easily controlled districts. The migrations are planned.”

We have only to look around us at species of plants and animals that have been invading our lands and waterways to see exactly how her statement makes sense in context with mass human migration.

This then would have been Obama’s gift to the country in which he hoped we would go down without a fight and the Muslim coalition would then assume control of our lands. I believe at that point he would have had Clinton removed and somehow his own august self would have been proclaimed the sovereign ruler of the new national continent.

Thank God and President Trump that this did not happen.

For those still confused as to what the real purpose behind the Migration summit and committment was about, here are the basic points that were to be agreed upon:

We call on States to show leadership and take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Global Compact to:

  • End criminalization of migrants and ensure that irregular entry or stay is only ever an administrative offense and not grounds for detention;
  • End detention of migrants (children, pregnant women and families most urgently) for purposes of assessing migration status and implementing alternatives to detention, and recognize that international standards state clearly that detention is never in the best interest of the child;
  • Ensure firewalls between immigration enforcement authorities on the one hand, and other government agencies and services on the other, enabling all migrants’ access to social services and to the criminal justice systemto report crimes against them, without fear of being detained or deported;
  • Ensure effective access to justice for all migrants, regardless of status, through all phases of the migratory process
  • Respect the rights of irregular migrants at work and outside of work, providing access to healthcare, including sexual and reproductive health services for women; accommodation, and access to education for children;
  • Ensure that gender issues are appropriately addressed at the levels of law, policy and practice so as to empower women in migration and allow them to enjoy full and equal rights protection and benefits from migration;
  • Address the need for paths for regularization of irregular migrants in the interests of social cohesion and integration and consider regularization as an alternative to return.

And should you have ANY doubt as to how we would lose our rights of sovereignty, here is how the EUROPEAN UNION is reacting:

The Guardian: “EU takes action against eastern states for refusing to take refugees–Commission moves against Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, which have not cooperated with relocation agreement” 6/13/17

NYT: “E.U. Moves Against 3 Countries That Don’t Take Refugees” 6/13/17



And by the way–how much money did Obama drop into that $4billion kitty from taxpayers? Where is it now?





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6 Responses to MSM Silent: President Trump Puts UN On Notice- Our Country, Our Laws

  1. R.S. HELMS says:

    Reposted to Facebook … great article and shows just how much sovereignty we have lost since the Agenda 21 of 1992 with the preceding presidents and their effort to bring about the UNs Global Socialist Union.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    The refugee problem…. Gee! You know, if the UN would pursue the tyrants, terrorists and just plain evil folks running a lot of the world then there wouldn’t be such a refugee problem they have to have a global summit over it and try to force countries into their bidding….Ya’d think.

    • Uriel says:

      Yep — which is why I see NO reason that the US should be funding their enterprises or allowing their occupation of space within the US.

  3. Typical of the UN, and most all diplomatic entities, is to do things ass-backwards.

    As Uriel suggested, dispose of the tyrants and there won’t BE any “refugees”.

    But NO, that would make total sense and they wouldn’t be able to extort the billions in bouillon from the west or threaten unwilling nations with fines for not housing these savages.

    Screw them! Time to threaten the UN with “piss off or pull out”!

  4. Whitetop says:

    No need to threaten the UN; just do it. We don’t need anything the UN has to offer but it needs our tax dollars to feed this communist makeover.