Wednesday Patriotic Songs – US Marines Christmas Season 12/6

  The United States Marines 




The Marine Corps Hymn, March




A Soldier’s Christmas Song




Trace Adkins – Semper Fi




A Soldiers Silent Night / Soldier’s Silent Night / Night Before Christmas Full Version 2010




I Won’t Be Home For Christmas





Dear Santa … A Marines Christmas in Iraq …
Santa’s List from a Soldier’s child – Frankie Taylor Fisher Published on Dec 19, 2008







Let There Be Peace On Earth – Mushafugga, Published on Dec 2, 2007


Merry Christmas, Soldiers!






You are in our thoughts and prayers as are the members of your families.

God Bless and Keep You Safe

 from my family to yours – THANK YOU.

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5 Responses to Wednesday Patriotic Songs – US Marines Christmas Season 12/6

  1. Jules Smith says:

    Well, look what you’ve gone and done now, Uriel. You’ve made me all emotional!

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Thank you, Uriel. Forwarded this to our retired USMC buds up here in the mountains.

  3. Uriel says:

    My pleasure and privilege to honor past and present who have so generously served.