Leftie Christmas. Bah Humbug

Having just read Nox’s post with the wonderful video Christmas Decorations At The White House,  I had to go back and find some of the horribly jealous comments and posts I have seen that the leftie Grinchtards have made concerning Melania’s beautiful job of making the White House look and feel like The Christmas/Holiday Season once again, after 8 years of an America-hating faux POTUS and FLOTUS disgracing it.

Despite the exquisite level of detail in the decorations, the leftwing media refused to give Mrs.Trump even the smallest amount of credit, and instead slammed the display as “spooky.” The Huffington Post published a scathing oped about the display entitled, “Spooky White House Christmas Chamber Is Creeping Everyone The Heck Out:” Here’s an outtake :

The White House unveiled its Christmas decorations Monday.

Given that President Donald Trump has made the celebration of the holiday a central talking point of both his campaign and his presidency, it’s no surprise they went big.

Many of the rooms designed by first lady Melania Trump have a classic Christmas look.

But one chamber in particular is getting attention online for all the wrong reasons. It’s a twig-lined hallway that’s being compared to everything from “The Shining” to “The Blair Witch Project.”

Here are some of the reactions:


View image on Twitter

 Melania is getting a little defensive about her decorating choices


And there are many more disgusting images in the HuffBlo post.

Leave it to the mainstream media to focus only on negative reaction to Trump’s White House Christmas display! Had the Obamas created anything like this, it would have undoubtedly been fawned over and described as one of the best White House displays EVAH !. Since the media is so heavily biased against Trump, however, they searched the Internet for only the worst reactions to the display for their pieces covering it.

Unfortunately, this sums up the way Trump has been covered since he first announced that he was running for president. The media has been against Trump from the very beginning, refusing to report on the positive things that he has done in favor of spinning everything he says or does in a negative light. Pure hatred seeps from every pore of the left. Not even The Trump’s Christmas decorations can escape the left’s scorn. What a sad way to go through life.


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20 Responses to Leftie Christmas. Bah Humbug

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post Terry. Meanwhile, the rest of America knows the score and is loving Christmas.

    Hating is what the left does best. In fact it’s the only thing they are really good at. PDJT is taking apart the left’s foundation one brick at a time and their screams are music to our ears.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks Nox. It must be miserable to wake up each morning and be so full of bile . You would think after a year, they would settle down a bit, but they are only getting worse.
      As for the “music to our ears”, I’m sure America will be saying “Play It Again Don” in 2020.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Great post, Terry. The sniveling leftards do not know enough about religion to recognize that Melanie is correct about the roots of Christmas celebrations. A winter holiday dedicated to entreaties for the return of warmth and longer days, existed centuries before Christ’s birth. Most of the symbolism in today’s Christmas decorations is that of ancient pagan times.

  3. Shar says:

    Melania was born in a country not free to express her faith. She is now free to do so in our wonderful country. Maybe the left will learn something. Of course it will be after their complete breakdown…..

  4. captbogus2 says:

    Too bad it couldn’t be published as Michelle had done it. Then the media would have tripped all over itself telling what artistic talent, yatta-de-yatta etc et al.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Terry, you just gave me a novel idea. I might get onto the libtard radar for doing it, but it’ll be worth every laugh I generate from it. I have 3 yuuuuge blog enemies I plan to smack down with it: “Lying Loser Lester Pookie Toot-Toot” Liberalmann, “Quackobyrd Ducky’s Here” and Dervish al Homotard Sanders. I’ll get together with my partners in crime to give those 3 a “Yuuuuge” Blog Rikishi Stinkface that will make them cry fowl and quack.

  6. Dynalady says:

    Ironic–the Christmas-hating Lefties don’t think the FL’s decor is Christmasy enough.

    Did the Grinches coordinate their ‘The Shining, IT, & demonic aliens’ memes? Recall, Stephen King is a big Trump hater. Btw, The Shining was about a high rent hotel indwelt & haunted by a great demonic evil that drives the winter maintenance guy homicidal/suicidal & ends w/fiery destruction from a faulty heater (the book; Not sure the movie) while dead spirits of the rich/poweful party glamorously.

    Hmm–might be something to that. Old pagan gods of corruption & darkness from past administrations haunting the White House, partying & living the high life while they actually bring ruin–now driven out by a beautiful Princess who believes in the Christian God….

    Melania’s tweet & her reedy hallway of great darkness ending w/brightly lit Christmas tree, all kinda reminds me of Is 9:2–‘the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those living in a land of deep darkness, a light has dawned.’ Very Christmasy–from Handel’s Messiah.

    Wow–I’m getting way too into this. Is life imitating art here, or art imitating real life?

    • Terry says:

      Great depth of thought Dynalady.
      To my simple mind it’s just a beautiful decorating job by a wonderful 1st Lady that, along with the rest of the 1st Family, love Our Country and the Christmas traditions and spirit, followed by another attempt by the gloomy, calloused, jealous and hateful left trying to spoil it.
      But yeah, I see what you are saying too.

  7. Dynalady says:

    Terry–I started out thinking ‘Gee-the 1st Lady’s Christmas decor looks perfectly lovely to me. All so very warm & inspiring. You’re totally right–hateful people hating on our 1st Lady & on Christmas. It was just funny to me how all that stuff I was ranting about just kinda connected symbolically, or whatever.

    My only criticism of the 1st Lady is that she doesn’t have a ‘beauty blog’ sharing her own personal workout, fashion, moisturizing products, lip color & decorating advice w/those of us over 40 & cosmetically challenged. Of course, she doesn’t do her clothes/make-up on a budget like the rest of us, so….

    • Terry says:

      I hadn’t made the King/ Trump hate / Shining / It- connection until you mentioned it, and you are right . Those devious sub-conscious lefties struck again !

      As for the beauty/ work-out blog, maybe that will come down the road. In the meantime, I still use Wookies exercise routine. My bi-ceps and shoulders are now almost as big as hers !

  8. Shar says:

    Every day I wake up thanking the Lord that the 8 yrs of darkness and gloom are over. No more waiting for the next shoe to drop. It is great to see class restored to our house and the true meaning of Christmas displayed. Let the left melt down.

  9. Shar says:

    No Living Nativity Display in Washington this year

    There will be no Nativity Scene in Washington this year due to a Ninth District Circuit Court ruling
    that there cannot be a Nativity Scene on Capitol Hill this Christmas season.
    This isn’t for any religious reason.
    Organizers simply have not yet been able to find Three Wise Men in our Nation’s Capitol.
    Also the search for a Virgin continues without success.
    There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.