MSM – Excellence not an event but habit. Settling for less.

MSM – Excellence is not an event – It is a habit. Why are we settling for less?


“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit” – Aristotle

“A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.”- Mahatma Gandhi

“A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”~ G. Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels), Propaganda officer for Adolf Hitler


Mainstream media and quite a few off-mainstream sites on the internet have been practicing Goebbel’s quote for years and forgetting the first two. When there is nothing happening that they want to have happen, then they verbalize with a great deal of fervor and constant drip-drip reporting until something breaks that gives them hope their ideas are coming to fruition. At their disposal are quite a few programs designed to send their vitriolic chatter in SMS texts around the world in the blink of the eye and with the ability to drown out more conservative or rational thinking.

Literally a person could type a thought, hit a button and instantly be included in more than a dozen places within what might be companion sites. Thus we see the exact same heading, the exact same internal wording, and from a dozen sites all reporting at once.

For the unwary or more likely the lazy, reporting then gets carried along on the media highway until the satirical remark or lie so oft-repeated takes on a life of its own. By doing this and with those sites receiving priority placement from search engines like Google and others, it is very easy to see how such a message can and does drown out any voices of truth or reason.

So you are thinking why in the world are you bringing up something that we all know –just a reminder that searching on internet needs to be focused and aware of how false trails and information can consume the current chatter while real facts and truth are completely pushed into the far reaches of the search mode.

Here is another quick note before I get to the point — SATIRE. The formal definition of satire is “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices.” It’s an extremely broad category. The “or” in the definition is key – most satires are humorous, ironic, and exaggerated, but they only have to be one of these things to count as satire.

Here is my point – we as a nation are being bombarded with internet sites that “appear” to have a foundation of information that “seems” to be factual. Yet, when checking the author’s information, we find that they are in fact billing themselves as “satire”.  Unfortunately, some of these sites have huge money behind them so that whatever they publish instantly then is transferred as “truth” to the point that people who don’t take the time to find out are having common sense being bombarded and silenced by the sheer volume of incoming garbage.

Now take for instance the reason for this rant – the internet site “MEDIUM“. It is trendy and on topics that resonate with younger adults.  The postings are short spiel blogs so young adults are prone to read it first.  And for a mere five dollars a month, one has access to “in-depth, expert stories from amazing writers, thinkers, and storytellers that inspire, entertain, and move readers.” Now I am not knocking the site in general. Everyone finds inspiration and information on sites of their choice.

However, once in a while I really get peeved at some of the information that pops up there. How did I get posts–frankly I have no idea how it came about. But it does give me a bit of insight into what others are thinking so mostly I tolerate or delete quickly without reading anything but the titles.

The title I read today though, gave me pause and made me see red. Since Thursday or so, MSM has been pushing hard on the meme that Tillerson is about to be fired, yada yada. I don’t know who their “unnamed” sources are but I do know that this is another case of oft-repeated lies hopefully causing dissension and ultimately creating a rift. On Friday, Trump and Tillerson AGAIN had to defend themselves against this obnoxious and fabricated tirade. It was tried in the early fall but was given a back seat to other slander or lies that popped up. Now they are at it again.

It is ridiculous that these men can not seem to be able to get through a day without some constant form of attack from MSM. Yeah, I know Trump uses Twitter posts to flog and at times his tendency does tend to irritate me. However, if MSM hadn’t tried for well over a year to run a smear campaign, then I seriously doubt we would still be at this level. Trump doubles down, every time they ratchet up.

So my inbox this morning from Medium carried the post “Tillerson, In Scathing Resignation Letter, Quits Before Trump Can Fire Him. Secretary of State slams beleaguered president in withering missive as he exits revolving door of doomed administration.”  That is it — the whole post but ties back to another site called Extra NewsFeed which definitely has “extra”.

So being nosey and a bit peeved, I decided to do the back research. Turns out the writer of the piece is a “satire writer” and according to his information:

I read. I write. I ride. I rest.
Editor of BullshitIST, Extra Newsfeed
Top writer in Satire, Travel, Food, Politics, Television

His response to one post summed it up nicely AND I might add the mentality of the one who posted comment when he was asked if it really was what Tillerson wrote…

I write satire, xxx.
You can check the eyebrow headline on all my posts.
But, right, he could have written it. Probably wanted to. He might even steal it from me and he’s welcome to it.
Thanks for reading.

Much to his credit, this was quickly made straight. However, here again is my point…had I not checked, I would not have known either who he is nor what kind of writing he does. First thing on my mind, was how the heck he would have ever gotten such a document. Second, was liberals have no sense of common sense or intelligence but tend to believe every word they read that is remotely in line with their thinking. Third, was “is this a trap for the MSM?” I admit that would be funny and simply validate even more the MSM lies.

So odds are this very minute someone out there is typing this blog as “breaking news from unnamed source”. Wonder how long it will take to show up in WaPo? or NYTimes?

Along with that interesting tidbit, I did discover something more…

I always thought that Twitter was mostly owned by one man if I thought about it at all. But it turns out in their SEC filing to go public in 2013 that Evan Williams was the highest stock owner. Those original four were Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. It was apparently Williams’ money that was used to get Twitter started.

Today Forbes notes Williams has a real-time net worth of $1.58 billion but sometime in the last year sold off nearly half of his stock in Twitter. Why is that interesting? Williams new pet project was and is “Medium” along with the Sara & Evan Williams Foundation which he and his wife started in 2011, and other projects. He is still blogging some and on the board of Twitter but has stepped back from more active participation.  He is definitely no fan of Trump and from some of the things he is interested in appears to be more than an average liberal. So, it is easy to see why the online site “Medium”grabs the attention of millennials.

Williams is neither a scholar nor an experienced news person. He is for all intents and purposes a “programmer” who made money in the tech industry and happened to be part of a team that launched a successful program called Twitter. He has been involved in a few other program projects but clearly Twitter was his big success story.

Perhaps over the last years he moved far enough left that Twitter no longer was able to handle his form of censorship. I don’t know or care. But the result is that he wandered off in search of a different project to absorb his time. In that wandering he chose social blogging which is only as good as those who write the information. It doesn’t appear to have criteria on what is expected of those who contribute, respect for posting truth, or a panel to review before publishing at least that I could find mentioned. It is ad-free and lists supporting media – all of which are liberal publishing sites.

Unfortunately, the same has happened to MSM over the years. Their reporters got younger and have less reporting skills while their minds looked to less search and more satire or fiction when truth would serve better. Their world may have expanded with the explosion on internet but their minds have atrophied. Now MSM who were at one time known over the years for truth in reporting more often than lies has been caught in a cycle where they have lost ground in the market and have even worse lost credibility.

No wonder reporting is going to the hounds of Purgatory…









Percentage of Shares Beneficially Owned Before Public Offering 2013

Name of Beneficial Owner Principal Stockholders

Named Executive Officers and Directors:

Richard Costolo  7,589,608     1.6%
Adam Bain        1,722,350    *
Christopher Fry         — —
Jack Dorsey       23,411,350     4.9%
Peter Chernin             — —
Peter Currie         291,666 *
Peter Fenton       31,568,740    6.7%
David Rosenblatt      283,333 *
Evan William          56,909,847    12.0%
All executive officers and directors as a group (12 persons)




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6 Responses to MSM – Excellence not an event but habit. Settling for less.

  1. Whitetop says:

    Democrats are always lying so they are striving for excellence in an area in which they can excel. We see this daily in the state owned media as well as the democrat party and the many organizations funded by George Soros and other democrats in their attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We have observed a trend for excellence in lying by members of the GOP. Remember 7 years of telling us they will repeal Obamacare once they have control of the Senate, House and WH? How did that work out for us?

  2. Hardnox says:

    The media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the left barring a few on FOX and Talk radio. Small wonder why people who pay attention regard it as fake news. No different how the Russians regarded Pravda.

    I love it how the left media is now imploding with the sex assault claims and false reporting.

    • Uriel says:

      so do I Hardnox….vindication for their smears and fake news…I hope Joe Scarborough also makes a nasty false step and gets his just due.

  3. Dynalady says:

    The topic of leftist misinformation possibly being planted online for alternative media to find & pass along unwittingly was recently addressed on The Hagmann Report podcast. That report & Uriel’s post here shows that the good guys are catching on to this tactic. Hopefully others will also take care in what they re-post & thereby refuse to be fooled or used by the propaganda machine.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for the addition Dynalady and we all need care when quoting or posting. For instance a quote taken out of context is a favorite of Libs and while sometimes that is the only available, at others I try to listen to the whole first. Simple fact checking has flown out the window apparently and that is a shame.