Haley Rips into DPRK and Asks For Greater Chinese Involvement – UN Emergency Mtg 11/29/17


I feel like I am witness to a rather loud and unruly cat fight where posturing, snarling, and puffing up are the order of the day. I haven’t figured out yet why China hasn’t simply made a military move and removed the threat of KJU. DPRK would have never existed without Chinese guidance and support. The country would have long ago caved into decay and obscurity without Chinese input and assistance. So what is the real reason that China has been dragging its heels displaying reluctance to stop any hint of war? Is DPRK the cover for something more. More attention on it, less attention on the end-run real plays?

China only limited petroleum to North Korea in September. Had it taken the hard-line then and stopped all, There might have been no fuel to set up yesterday’s launch. China has within its grasp the ability to stop another major war, yet it has like an indulgent parent, only been eliminating some playtoys along the way. China forgets who will be directly in the fall-out zones if DPRK continues to advance its temper tantrum. Either the regime will set off a nuclear hailstorm or blow the top off their beloved volcano. Either way Chinese interests will be threatened.

Ambassador Haley has proved her worth time and again since she took over at the UN. Amazing lady considering how much of the world views women in political positions or in public arenas.


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5 Responses to Haley Rips into DPRK and Asks For Greater Chinese Involvement – UN Emergency Mtg 11/29/17

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    I like Nikki Haley! In fact, I would like to see her as the First Female President of the USA in the near future. Haley has relatives in India, and knows that Fatso boi’s temper tantrums will be the death of Asia if he blows up nuke bombs. Fatso’s radioactive cabbage patch will kill the whole region unless he’s put in his place.

    • Uriel says:

      That’s what I hear as well. Supposedly there is already some leaked contamination. Not a bad idea on Haley!

  2. China would rather keep the status quo. They do not want a free, prosperous, capitalist country on another one of their 14 border areas. If we are thinking about some kind of preemptive action in NK, we better ask ourselves, what comes next?
    Does anyone think the brain washed North Korean people would acknowledge how F’d up their leadership was and settle down if given more freedom?
    I don’t know, but it seems likely we may have the answer before too long.

    • Uriel says:

      IR. That I think is spot on–and may be why China keeps pushing out border lines at sea. To keep the contamination of democracy away from their people makes sense. As to war, I fear we will find out sooner than later.

  3. Hardnox says:

    She proved herself to be an establishment hack while SC Governor BUT I like her role as UN Ambassador. She calls a spade a spade. Refreshing.