A Patrick Henry for Today

If you can take a few minutes to read the following words, I think you will gain some respect for the man who said them. It is a very important speech and ties in with the need to drain “the swamp.” He didn’t say, “Give me liberty or give me death’ but the judge hearing the case ought to conclude the wrong people are on trial. I believe you will too. It is time government is held accountable. Someone brought up a point in the comments section following the story linked here. It is about the property taxing authorities being able to confiscate your home and property for failure to pay taxes on what you already paid for and paid sales tax on when you bought it.

Bundys Released

Read the story and see videos at Freedom Outpost.

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7 Responses to A Patrick Henry for Today

    • Whitetop says:

      Any judge who listened to Ryan’s statement and still acted like a banker after the widows property should be tossed in prison. That statement should be required in any high school civics class.
      The Bundys aren’t the only people to be harassed by the federal government. The Hage family was put through a quarter century of legalized hell over water rights. The Sacketts were faced with fines of $75K/day by EPA over supposed wetlands in Priest Lake, Idaho. The government lost.
      Andy Johnson of Fort Bridger, WY won a long battle over EPA over the construction of a dam.
      All are part of the government program to confiscate as much private land as possible. Agency personnel need to be held accountable for their actions even if the orders come from the president.

  1. Hardnox says:

    It’s apparent that Obama’s gangster government perpetrated a great injustice (a crime) against the Bundy family. I remain amazed that no one was killed. It shows the restraint of responsible gun-owning conservatives.

    This mess will be in the courts for a while. The Bundys are owed big time. They should take it from Harry Reid.

  2. Shar says:

    Nox, wasn’t some one shot by a federal agent? I vaguely remember an older gentleman resisting arrest. May be wrong.

  3. Shar says:

    Thanks I.R. Wonder if we will ever learn the truth.