Fauxcahontas Is Offended. REAL Native Americans- Meh,Not So Much

Yes, The Libs are upset again.Imagine that. And to what do we owe this latest outcry of “Raaaacciiisssst” against President Trump ? During a special event on Monday at the White House to pay homage to a unique set of World War II veterans — the Navajo Code Talkers — Trump quipped :

“I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here, although, we have a representative in Congress who has been here a long time … longer than you — they call her Pocahontas.”

He was of course referring to dim-o-crapic Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, the liar who claimed to be partly Cherokee Indian. Warren had described herself as “Native American” in directories of law professors when she was on the faculty at Harvard Law. The school even used her alleged ethnic background to defend itself against accusations its professors were not “diverse” enough. In truth, there is no evidence she actually is Native American .

Not to be deterred by that inconvenient truth, as soon as Trump’s comment got out Chief Spouting Bull rushed to find the nearest camera to cry about it, and whine how “unfortunate it was that the President couldn’t make it through a simple ceremony without using a “racial slur.”

During an interview of one of the Code Talkers, Thomas Begay, admitted that he was somewhat “puzzled” by Trump’s inclusion of the joke about Warren, but he was in no way offended by it.

 “The Marines made us yell ‘Geronimo’ when we jumped out of planes and that didn’t offend me either.”


Touché, Good Sir, and thank you for your incredible service to this great country … and for not being an easily offended snowflake.


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14 Responses to Fauxcahontas Is Offended. REAL Native Americans- Meh,Not So Much

  1. Popular Front says:

    Those brave guys looked very pleased to meet with the President didn’t they. And what veteran wouldn’t? He is the Commander-In-Chief after all.

  2. Uriel says:

    Nicely put Terry…I agree, the Native Americans deserve to be part of our educational history just like every culture that has come to our shores. It is high time we see a President acknowledge and honor them for their contributions. We are one nation made up of many. Those many have lived, brought ideas, cultures, and beliefs that have made us stronger. They have made our country unique since well before our forefathers first drafted the Declaration of Independence.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    My only regret is that the Prez did not call her “Fauxcahontas”, as that would have better focused attention on Warren’s long and virtue-signaling approach to her career.

  4. clyde says:

    I sure hope the dimocrats Run this plastic banana in’20.

  5. ToNY says:

    It was an insult to Pocahontas, after all Pocahontas was honorable and a real Indian. Elizabeth Warren is a despicable liar and should be called
    LIARWATHA not a Real Indian name but describes her to a T. Someone pass this on to Trump.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Terry, I bet Lester Liberalmann read this post and threw an infantile temper tantrum when he couldn’t get through the block Hardnox has on him. Pookie Toot-Toot is probably passing flatulence in his ride, the Pinky Toot-Toot 2013 Honda Civic.

    Warthog got wupped by Trump with his remarks going viral in seconds.

    • Terry says:

      I’m not sure if ‘Nox has a block on him, or he’s too cowardly to come around here.

      Did you see when I pasted on Mike’s blog last week, the racist comment he made on your blog ? He REALLY got his Pookies in a Toot-Toot ! He swears you or I forged his name onto it.

      Uh…you didn’t did you ? Please tell me no.

      • myfoxmystere says:

        I saw his retort, and no, I didn’t forge his name onto his racist comment. Whenever he’s cornered, he makes up some wild excuse. There’s a fake Lester who punked him on The Political Jungle, and he accused me and another blogger Radical Redneck of playing the part of Fake Lester. Fake Lester has returned on another blog Who’s Your Daddy as Fake Dervish Sanders, punking another liberal troll Dervish Sanders.

        • Terry says:

          This is good. I’d hate to think Lyin’ Lester told the truth for once.
          I’ve noticed that his “You’re a racist” remarks have dwindled since I told him I will post his racist remark every time he says it.

          • myfoxmystere says:

            I just thought of this: I wonder if Fake Lester came by my blog and decided to punk Pookie Toot Toot. I hope he didn’t, as Lester deserves getting slapped around. Lester forged a dead liberal blogger’s name to launch an attack against me, but I blocked his retort.

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