Even as the DoJ and FBI begin cracking down on gang activity…

Gang violence appears to be escalating.

Much like the mobsters of the 1920’s, we are seeing a shift and attempted takeover of areas by different gangs. Strong enforcement and judicial systems will make a difference but what happens when the prisons get overloaded as they do frequently?

Think you are living in a safe area right now? You might consider the truth…NO area is safe as long as drugs and gangs are allowed to exist or protected by enforcement, bleeding heart liberals, and liberal-minded judges without clearcut ways to help the gang members who are still able to be saved.


There is a database dedicated to listing all mass shootings. It seems 4 or more is being tracked. For any interested, you can read the database HERE. Here a just a few listed for November 11-18. For me, while the site does provide a starting point, it doesn’t appear to encompass all that might have occurred. like all of the violence in Chicago or other cities due to gang violence.

11/18 Minneapolis, MN – 3 injured and 1 critical all males between 16 and 35
11/17 New Iberia, LA – 4 injured – 2 males and 2 females (no information because the victims and witnesses refuse to talk)
however this was believed to have been related to a string of murder/attacks on 11/16 in the area.
11/16 Columbus, GA – 7 injured (condition unknown) extremely sketchy details at this time.
11/14 Corning, CA – 5 dead and 10 wounded – 7 crime scenes including shooter and 4 adults including 1 female and children injured
According to the database graph 112 wounded and 53 dead already involved in mass shootings from November 1-18; in October there were 548 wounded and 94 dead; and in September there were 126 wounded and 32 dead The graph of course covers the year.

Hey Jackass site listed the following for Chicago:

November to Date: Shot & Killed: 23 Shot & Wounded: 100 Total Shot: 123 Total Homicides: 24
Last Week’s Totals (11/12 – 11/18): Shot & Killed: 9 Shot & Wounded: 29 Total Shot: 38 Total Homicides: 10
Year to Date: Shot & Killed: 571 Shot & Wounded: 2703 Total Shot: 3274 Total Homicides: 616

There is a government gang-related website called National Gang Center that has information that can be seen HERE. It gathers related information and news from around the US as well as providing a resource center for those looking for sources of assistance and programs to combat gang violence. The site according to its information has been functioning since 1995.

In a press release for DoJ posted September 29, 2017, there have been criminal charges against more than 3,800 MS-13 and 18th Street gang members in the United States and Central America in a coordinated law enforcement action known as Operation Regional Shield up to that date. That number included over 70 individuals in the United States in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and Virginia. These cooperative and coordinated efforts have helped Central American partners convict thousands of criminals, seize over $1 billion in illicit assets, and coordinate on dozens of transnational investigations with their U.S. counterparts.

News according to the National Gang Center on gang related information for November:

North Carolina
Injunction bars NC gang members from meeting in public places (New Hanover County, NC): A New Hanover County Superior Court judge on Thursday granted a preliminary injunction against members of a Wilmington street gang which bars members from meeting up in public places. This legal action is aimed at curbing violence and other illicit activities associated with the gang.
Source: WNCN News Date: November 17, 2017

The new gang threat: Hybrid Gangs (Columbus, OH): Forget the typical gang colors and gang graffiti. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says traditional gangs are now becoming hybrid gangs. “So it’s really not the Bloods and Crips no more,” says Deputy Tyler McDowell who works Community Relations in the sheriff’s office.
Source: WBNS 10 News Date: November 15, 2017

There are more articles listed that can be found HERE.

I think by now you get the gist of what I am trying to say. Gangs, mass murders (not just suspected terrorists jihadists activities) and other related incidents are exploding all across the country. Most affected are those in the low-income and often most vulnerable areas but that is no longer the only place or people being targeted. Those areas are more just training grounds for the real crimes.

In some information it has been suggested that these gangs are actually moving into the “hitmen for hire” status. A Breitbart article from 2013 points to the possibility and logic also suggests that as some avenues are closing others like being hit men will open up where fewer number and loyalty are not an issue. When one considers it, who is more likely to sneak into a base or into some other mixed-age areas after all, especially if they have yet to be tatted excessively.

It is NOT the guns or gun laws that are to blame. In most instances, gun laws are much stricter in the most violent areas. Criminals, especially gangs, are hooked into a huge network of black market gun sales along with every other vice. These are most often stolen or contraband from other countries as well as local areas. Some are even courtesy of enforcement storage or actual enforcement weapons, including enforcement/military base inventories.

In general gang members could not realistically walk into a gun shop and purchase a weapon from a legitimate dealer especially when you consider minimum age requirement is 21 years old. Most gang members are younger than the legal age to purchase guns. There has to be another source for gangs to acquire weapons unless there is a lack of evidence in data bases such as we have seen already or there are “friends over the minimum age” who have clean records that acquire the guns for the criminals. However, why would any criminal ever pay full price for what they can “acquire” either cheaper in the black market or through their own efforts free of charge?

The glaring point that few in MSM or liberal gun grabbers ever choose to acknowledge is that most of these criminals are rarely over 21. In other countries as here, those under age 16  or so are often given a free pass and a slap on the hands. They are not on average put into “gang” programs that reprogram their thinking or help them change their outlooks on life — that would require funding that is often in little supply.

Too many children fall prey to the lure of gangs because they are looking for a sense of family, love, power, money, perceived safety or some other need or want. When all the “liberal” money guys talk about helping in communities, I want to puke. If they really were helping, wouldn’t they have already been pouring time, money, and their own efforts into helping save young people and real efforts to help communities? How many of their own children actually fall into one of those categories?

Sadly the average life expectancy of a gang member is around 20 years old. By that time they are either dead or redundant since the younger crews tend to become more vicious and desensitized to life with every passing year. Loyalty to gang and history of the gang gets to mean less as each group is trained so the prevailing attitude becomes — what is best for today and today’s gang members. Even those current members are only guaranteed the next minute if they mess up or do not accept the current gang ways or loyalties. Older members eventually will lose peer respect and authority as new leaders make a move to challenge them.

The plain fact of all human existence is that people have two sides to their nature – good and bad. Since time began there has been criminality often involving youths. Why, because young people have such uncontrolled emotions, have poor examples to mimic, or lack guidance that changes their behavior.  They are ready fodder for the grist mills of hate and violence controlled by peers and adults. They are much more easily led by their hormones, immediate personal wants and needs, or peer pressure.

There are a lot of people in communities who are pouring their heart and soul into helping to change these teens through programs. If they save 1 in 10 then they have made a difference. Still time, money, and the basic natures of humans are against them saving whole generations. We should applaud and help them but at the same time realize that not all children can be saved. Those children are the ones which seem to be multiplying faster with each passing year. Often it is the prevailing social attitude and vices of adults that are to blame. Sex trafficking, abuse, drugs, pedophilia, loose morals of society–all contribute to the decay and loss of many children into the darkness of evil.

We can’t possibly hope to provide enough long-term incarceration for criminals. Nor can we provide enough social programs to save many. Stricter gun laws make no difference to criminals.  They have a ready market to shop and apply the art of supply and demand daily. Stricter gun laws simply provide more sheep for them to harass and rob.

Yet at the same time, we can not afford to go back to the vigilante days of the old west. There has to be a balance. Social programs do help some but even more than that are projects like trade/apprentice programs from the early school years that provide a better way forward, a sense of worth, and a means to gain strength to turn away from the constant bombardment of the worst elements by peers. Stopping the cycle early is the only way I see forward to reducing the problem. It isn’t going to be easy…twenty years or more of increasingly bad choices and actions can’t be erased in a short time. However, the power of the mind and the will of the community can go a long way to breaking the cycle.


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12 Responses to Even as the DoJ and FBI begin cracking down on gang activity…

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  2. Skip says:

    GITOMO comes to mind.

    • Uriel says:

      It does Skip but even that one couldn’t hold all. besides I really like that one for politicians lol remember the old movie Escape from New York? maybe that would be ok where everyone is herded into a tightly controlled space and let the evil simply consume itself

      • captbogus2 says:

        Virtual total abolishing of capital punishment has been another Failed liberal social experiment with We, The People once again bearing the brunt of the consequences.
        First take away honest folks guns then close insane asylums and abolish capital punishment… At $35-50,000. a year to incarcerate folks who will not, will never rehabilitate and then eventually releasing them back on the public is a clear illustration of just how low an opinion liberals have for the rights and safety of honest folks. And DO NOT ever get the idea of, “Life Without The Possibility of Parole” actually means that at some future date every effing one of these sentences will be reexamined for “possible rehabilitation”…That kind of shit is just in the liberal’s mindset.
        A simple solution to the current (and future) crime problem would be a return to capital punishment and a legislated (or Constitution amended) fast track to the appellate process would surprisingly solve much of the crime problem.

      • Navyvet says:

        REinstating and enforcing enforcement of the death penalty would solve a lot of the over crowding, recidivism, and crime in the first place.

        • Uriel says:

          It works IF proven. However we have seen more than a few death row inmates who were scapegoats and patsies

  3. Whitetop says:

    Have no fear because AG Jeff Sessions is devoted his efforts to rid the country of MS-13. He has the time since he recused himself from all investigations related to Hillary and the Russians. (Sarc off)

  4. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Honestly, how were MS-13 allowed to form in the first place? There’s our problem.

    If our laws were enforced, problem over.

    Now that Sessions is leading the charge, still a good thing, but it’s low hanging fruit. Set the dogs loose and serve the judges with notices of impeachment if they let them go, then let mass deportations begin.

    • Uriel says:

      Agreed on judges. They should be monitored and performance reviewed just like doctors or lawyers. I’m tired of them overriding law and making their own laws