A Nasty Divorce -Brexit

Guest Post by Jules:

Last night I had to restrain myself from throwing one of my cowboy boots at my beautiful, 60” HD television when the BBC NEWS AT TEN came on.

Now I’m not one who is quick to temper unless I’m stuck behind a tractor on a country road or faced with a unicorn, but when this ‘breaking news’ announcement flashed up on my screen I had to grip the sides of my leather sofa with force, and let me tell you, that is no mean feat.  Leather is very slippy.

Theresa May, in her infinite wisdom, has moved from a 20 billion pound Brexit negotiation deal (which she insisted would be the absolute ceiling) to a now 40 billion pound deal.

I’m sorry, what? This woman is two sarnies short of a picnic.

FORTY BILLION POUNDS?  And where exactly is that coming from?

Now I try be diplomatic and sensible when considering this divorce from Europe because I appreciate that we have dealt with them for forty plus years and it is in our interest to stay in the single market and have ease of trade. Over 5,400 British companies rely on passporting rights to bring in around 9 billion in revenue every year to Britain. The loss of passporting would be disruptive and a colossal ball ache.  There are many firms who trade backwards and forwards with Europeans and just telling them to “do one” would result in the closure of businesses and loss of jobs and the ripple effect that would cause – etcetera.

However, 40 billion pounds to leave and accommodate the EU is absurd. Especially when there are great restraints on our public spending:  Our police force numbers are low and out National Health Service is barely able to function. There’s a shortage of GP’s and our emergency rooms are full causing hideous waiting times. The NHS needs a mere 4 billion pounds next year just to stand still in its current chaotic state. Surely this 40 billion pounds would be better spent there or am I missing something?

Perhaps if it wasn’t bled dry and abused by those coming here to take advantage of it or the rainbow crew stopped giving extra funding for transgender operations to appease anxiety ridden flowerpots, it might be able to concentrate on the British people who have paid into it and HAVE REAL ILLNESSES, but I’m no expert and that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, to further add insult to the injury of the colossal divorce settlement, it was then stated that an agreement was being made for non UK citizens living in Britain to be allowed to be protected by EU law.


If I go to America I abide by American law. If I go to Kazakhstan I abide by their laws and so on.  If you come to Great Britain it should be the same.

Excuse me Theresa, but this isn’t what your people voted for. Ahem…Hello? Step aside and let Boris in.

I think this is utterly appalling and the voters are being shafted.

So, I need some help from my fellow Americans.  Since we have no firearms here I’m wondering how to form a militia to overthrow the muppets in Parliament.  Turning up with a balaclava, a cricket bat and a German Shepherd isn’t going to cut it. The SAS will take me out in a heartbeat.

Personally, I think we should tell Brussels to go forth and multiply.

Can anyone name a famous Belgian anyway?  Jean -Claude Van Damme is about all I’ve got and that ain’t saying much.

We need to keep our money in our pockets and put it to the good use of our services and people. If we say no to the EU demands we can watch the whole concept fall like dominoes.

Yes, it would be harder to trade, taxes would be higher and there’d be a lot of fighting in the playground. So what. That works both ways, pal. Time to grow some balls Britain and remember the Great Empire that you once were.

~ Jules Smith

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22 Responses to A Nasty Divorce -Brexit

  1. Uriel says:

    Boy, you sure can tell the Islamic State has taken over the EU with a forced tribute … that is exactly why the US sent in the military to Tripoli…they couldn’t pay and refused to pay the “toll” fee. I thought the Brits solved this problem after WWI when they broke up the Ottoman Empire…obviously like bad cancer surgery it simply escaped to infect other areas.

    As for Theresa May .. why is it the two most powerful heads of two most powerful states are women? Since I am a woman I can ask that.. Theresa May and Merkel must be sipping from the same cup of Middle Eastern BS or have secret dreams of being a harem wife after reading all those “fantacized” Sheik of Arabia novelettes.

    The minute I heard you elected a practicing Muslim for mayor of London, I knew there would be a major clash coming. You guys fell a looooong way after WWI. Where is the moxy of the Brits and the Irish and the Scots and the Welch? Or will they let history again repeat itself of being conquered? Then it took an infusion of Danes but I think this time that infusion can’t be counted on again. Perhaps now would be a good time to find it within rather than without.

    You aren”t alone. We have objected for years to being held hostage and paying ransom for the world through the UN. Now it is getting to the point we are bleeding out. At some point the EU will do the same. Especially if other countries like Poland, Hungary etc decide to withdraw.

    How about “exposing” every member of Parliament and poking back at every “ghastly ghostee”? It seems we are learning here that punch/counter punch and exposing their lies has been the only way to push and sl;ow the rancid disease.

    As to other ways, I’m thinking your across the channel compatriots are also beginning to wonder if banding together and more violent take down may be the only solution. At least the little news we get suggests that.

    As far as I am concerned, I want our NATO troops home. Our money flow stopped and the UN starrved into submission. Short of that, wellllllllll there is the monster in the closet that no one wants to see let loose.

  2. Whitetop says:

    Uriel, you are correct in the UN needs to be starved into submission. Why our politicians can’t see how corrupt the UN has become is beyond me. They seem to think they can buy friendship from thugs. How has that worked out so far? Theresa May seems to have joined with Merkel to bring Europe to its knees by the muslimization of the continent. As a sovereign nation the Citizens of GB voted to get the hell out of the EU so why should they have to pay a bribe to accomplish? There appears to be strong feelings in Hungary and Poland about getting out of the EU so we need to encourage them to do so.

    • GunnyG says:

      Whitetop, the scum in DC DO see the UN as corrupt however, they use it as a scape goat. They can blame stuff on it, use it as an excuse to attack someone, i.e., Iraq, and of course, there is those awesome parties to go to. They use the UN like the GOPe uses the DNC, something to whine and moan about, while using it as an excuse to do nothing, and maintain the status quo.

    • Jules Smith says:

      Hear hear. Well said Whitetop. If we left with our head held high and a bit of hardcore “we’re not paying” spirit, the rest would follow.

      • Whitetop says:

        What are there 193 nations in the UN? The US taxpayer pays for nearly 30% of the cost of keeping this damn place open. Yeah; pull out the US $$$ and the damn place will fold. What are we waiting for?

  3. Elaine Cook says:

    Well not sure she has yet agreed to it but think it’s definately on the cards!! Me I’d play hard ball walk away from the unelected Bafoons who are obviously trying to bleed us dry, since when do you have to pay to leave a club??!! Walk away and go it alone no transitional deal and let’s make it and do things our way and if that means a no trade deal then so be it, this will hurt them more, they are trying to take as much from us as they can because they have no money without our money they are insolvent, well Mr Barnical and Mr Drunker..,,NOT OUR PROBLEM….

    • Jules Smith says:

      Because she’s bound to stand up…not. What are they going to do if we don’t pay? Trembling at the possible repercussions …
      The “Keep Calm And Play Nice” British philosophy needs to be canned, stamped on, set fire to and kicked to the kerb. Then we can all have a nice sit down and a cup of tea 🙂

  4. Hardnox says:

    It seems to me there are people behind the curtain pulling May’s strings, chiefly the bankers and special interests. Just like here. There are only two ways to fix it. One is by voting, the other is by revolution… both of which no one has the stomach or intelligence to achieve until such time it is too late.

    BREXIT was a shock to the New World Order assholes, just like the election of Trump. The NWO isn’t letting go without a fight. My recent post with your Nigel Farage when he rightfully accused the MPs at the EU of being in bed with George Soros speaks volumes.

    Since Brits have voted themselves to be unarmed, I recommend bats. Baseball bats. One size fits all.

    • Jules Smith says:

      Well vote we did and look at the shambles! I call for anarchy! We don’t play baseball but we do have rather sturdy cricket bats, Nox. Made from willow and treated with linseed oil – easy to wipe the blood off!

  5. Jules Smith says:

    PS: Due to time differences and me being 5/6/ or 8 hours in your future, I may not be able to respond till later. See, it’s now time for me to go to the cocktail bar whilst y’all get on with your day. However, I will respond to anyone on my return which will likely produce more interesting, fuelled with margarita, comments. I apologise in advance.

  6. vonMesser says:

    There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, when the Canadians come into the camp with the Americans. The Brit CO says to his number 1 “This is the best the Americans have? God Save the King”. and his #1 replies “God save us all”.

    We are at that spot now.

    And for your enjoyment, here is the scene.

  7. Hazel says:

    I actually despair for my country. I proudly & passionately voted out, although actually thought that in reality, due to the government propaganda against leaving the EU, there was no way a leave vote would win. But win it did, by whatever small majority that was the democratic result.
    It was clear that Europe wouldn’t want its biggest cash cow to leave & also that the Brit haters would make it as difficult & as expensive as possible for us to leave. It seems none of the politicians care, they just walk away from their responsibilities without taking any accountability for their actions.
    I am not a racist bigot for voting out as the lefty middle clas would like to portray but a working class middle aged nurse employed by the NHS.
    The NHS is no longer fit for purpose with too many taking from it who have contributed nothing to it. Those that cry out how proud us Brits should be that there is nothing like it in the world may want to ask themselvs why?!
    I just wish Margaret Thatcher was leading our country right now.

    • Jules Smith says:

      And that win sent shock waves they weren’t ready for, hence the bumbling mediation since. Now they still want to bleed the cash cow just to save face with the remainers, banks, elite trophy takers and Europen Nazis.
      The NHS is not serving in the purpose it was first created and is constantly abused and overun by too many cooks. It’s a crying shame because I believe in a system where anyone has the right to healthcare but once such a beast of an organisation is thwarted and violated it needs to be replaced with something else.
      Theresa May, for some reason known ony to her ID and Ego, believed she could be a second Iron Lady. LMAO. Go home.

  8. I.R. Wayright says:

    How about trading 1 billion pounds and 1 million muslims for the price of Brexit?

  9. Jules Smith says:

    I think you and I could come to some pretty good deal, I.R Wayright!

  10. Great article! Agree entirely! You’re a fab writer. Brexit will be a shambles with May, we need Boris or Nigel!!

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