Pissed-Off Yet? You should Be

I heard about this video on talk radio the other day.  Here’s our hard earned tax dollars at work supporting a welfare queen who is on Social Security because she is “too depressed to work”.   She makes a video mocking the poor shlubs (us) who pay the freight for her useless lifestyle.

Of course, she’s not alone.  She’s only one of millions on our tit.  She’s obviously capable of working yet has gamed the system set in place by a tyrannical and ineffective lefty controlled government bent on keeping the likes of her voting for the left.  This was designed after the Cloward-Piven model which is determined to “collapse the system” so that a leftist utopia can be then built.  None of this is by accident.

Meanwhile, people who have worked hard, paid into the system their entire working lives, and truly deserve to receive their earned benefits, get mere crumbs.  Old folks are eating cat food to make ends meet.  Any wonder why Donald J. Trump got elected?  Yeah, me neither.  People are fed up with this shit.

Then throw in the illegals that poop out a baby on US soil and they are on welfare and social security too.  WTF!

Of course, if anyone brings this up we’re labeled ____ist (fill in the blank).  It’s bullshit and it needs to end.  It’s a crime against all of us.

I remain disgusted, as I know all of you are too.  We need adults in Congress to remedy this.  Lean on the flockers or elect new ones that will.

If you are not angry about this shit, and willing to do something about it, then you might as well quit everything.

I am pissed-off beyond words.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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15 Responses to Pissed-Off Yet? You should Be

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  2. SafeSpace says:

    You didn’t mention that those preggers illegals ALSO import their entire extended families to live large on the maggot taxpayers’ dime.

    • Hardnox says:

      I know. I tried to keep my rant short.

      Add to this mess, the DACA assholes, the vermin let in as “refugees” and all their extended tit suckers.

      Btw, the troglodyte that killed 8 and wounded 26 in NYC brought in 23 of his family.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Duly noted that Miz Foulmouth is a paleface. Scamming the system is not just for persons of colour anymore.

  4. Whitetop says:

    Giving stuff to people so they will vote for them has been a popular ploy of the democrats since at least FDR time but for the past couple of decades it seems the republicans think they can employ the same tactics and maintain a voter base. That is an example of what the lack of leadership provides.
    I’m no prude but the girl in the video might be more effective if she cleaned up her language. Just another example of the way our education system has been dumbed down. The F word is the most common word in the language of people who rely on the welfare state.

    • Hardnox says:

      Indeed it has. Both sides have used us to help buy votes, That shit needs to stop.

      As far as potty mouth goes, it just proves who she is. I’m not immune from it either but don’t use it in every sentence, except to underscore when I am pissed.

  5. Jules Smith says:

    We could move on from unicorn hunting ~ just a thought….

  6. tiretramp says:

    If and that is a BIG IF. Any one in charge of the welfare system in the state this leach lives could do anything to this sorry POWS if they just happened to view this video? Like wash her moth out with P&G soap, then cut off all her state funds and then see if POS receives any federal funds that could end like Now?

  7. And to think I waited to have kids until when I could afford to feed, house and educate them. Well, I’m an old fart and still waiting.
    Oh well, I don’t like sea food anyway.

  8. clyde says:

    Why am I thinking a ball bat upside the head?

  9. malenurseken says:

    Im not retirement age yet. Couldnt aggord to retire if I was. Made good money as a nurse till had hip surgery in 2012. Replacement. DR fd it up. Took till 2014 to get another Dr to try fix it. Cut me open from lower back almost to knee. Well that was most painful recovery i ever had from any surgery. It helped some but once f up its hard to fix another DR mistake. So I live with it. Glad I can at least walk now. BUT my point is I had to quit my job as a Nurse. Not much I can do except DRIVE! I finally managed to get on disability and got on the OBUMMACARE program with a subsidy. OH thast didnt last long. Took my subsidy away and forced me onto medicare cuz I couldnt afford the insurance I had out of pocket. Medicare SUCKS! Your in the GOVT hands! Plus the monthly premium for medicare is deducted from my SSD check! And they pay CRAP! I go to DR I end up with a big bill that medicare didnt cover!
    After medicare premium taken out I have 1300.00 left to pay bills and groceries and any expenses! Before mid month I was broke! Over 2 weeks left till next SSD check! BUT I NEVER VOTED DEMOCRAT IN MY LIFE AND WONT! Hope TRUMP can fix this BS! So you ask if pissed off yet? IM FURIOUS for years already

  10. Terry says:

    Wish the bottom dweller hadn’t blocked out her name on the EBT card. We could do her some damage.
    I hope her thug boyfriend beats her up for wasting all that crack money.

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