White House Sending A Clear Message To Dangerous Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities

In case you missed this Fox News report today,




Illegals Sprint For The Border After Trump Hires Merciless ICE Director!!

Published November 17, 2017


I am glad that Fox interviewed two sides of this topic from not just the Trump appointee but from the ICE angle (as I reported yesterday).

We simply can not accept that the managers and attitudes of the Obama administration continue to be influencing our enforcement personnel. There was obviously a misunderstanding of law and order between what was and what should be. ICE agents and Border Patrol agents put their lives on every day in order to carry out their duties. Corruption, misuse of funds, and deliberate or contrary management decisions are continuing to poison the efforts of these men and women to carry out their jobs.

Something has to give both inside the agencies and at the top before we lose trained and capable officers who can not support management decisions which could place their lives or families in jeopardy. Nor should they have to be chained by political agendas in order to do their jobs, especially in so-called sanctuary areas.

We do expect them to follow the law and to remain within the law in order to complete their assignments, obviously. However, “back door” deals or other actions that waste their time, talents, and taxpayer money should be stopped immediately. If that takes firing every manager that has been investigated through proper protocol for illegal agenda and corruption, then that should be done.

Whether the new appointee, Thomas Homan, can actually reverse his prior actions and do the job correctly has yet to be seen. However, it did not appear from what the ICE website said that this will be the case. Fostering the same old attitudes and activities can only bring discord at a time when the federal government is looking to hire more officers. I seriously doubt that this is what President Trump wants or demands in his efforts to fulfill his promise of a more secure homeland.

I have no way of knowing the true depth of discord and actions but just the little I reported the other day makes my blood boil. I have to wonder what is the thinking for Homan and the new head of DHS or if President Trump is only relying on the advice of others. Deep state activities affect White House decisions daily in subtle and overt ways. He is surrounded by those with counter agendas. Can he actually make a difference if those making recommendations are not giving him facts or good advice?

General Kelly made a difference at DHS.  I can’t understand why the new DHS commander would be backsliding into other agendas when clearly he recommended the lady.  Kirstjen Nielsen was John Kelly’s principal deputy chief of staff. Does that recommendation and ICE claims mean that General Kelly had poor judgment on this recommendation or is he in fact part of the Deep State efforts? I simply don’t get it.


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9 Responses to White House Sending A Clear Message To Dangerous Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities

  1. Whitetop says:

    Reminiscing from the early 70s: “It is hard to remember your original objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators.” Trump is going to have to weed out the alligators if he wants to drain the swamp.
    The Rule of Law was trampled decades ago when presidents and members of congress decided we need more immigrants in this country and they didn’t care how we got them. We need elected servants who believe in the rule of law and I would defy anyone to find a majority in congress who believe the rule of law.

  2. malenurseken says:

    This should bring MORE sex scandals out of the closet! HAHAHA

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good. After that, let the round-ups begin.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I’d nominate Dennis Michael Lynch as ICE director.
    Look him up if you don’t know who he is.