Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell: Soul Brothers From Different Mothers – Updated

The testimony given by AG Jeff Sessions to the House Judiciary Committee yesterday convinces me that Sessions dwells in the same swamp as our ol’ pal Smidge McConnell.  Both of them do a fine job at giving credence to the leftist stereotype of dumb Southern white men.  Sessions has mastered the “duh, you’ll have to ask someone else about that, I don’t remember” response to pointed questions about his actions and overall strategy.  Watch how Jeffie handles questions from Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the founder of the House Freedom Caucus:

Jim Jordan was not the only one who dismantled Sessions.  Al Franken (bless his pointy little head) tried but ultimately fell off his slippery pile of prepared bullshit.  But then came Trey Gowdy’s turn:

The “performance” Sessions gave yesterday fits right in the dumpster where we can also find Jeff’s recusal from investigating most anything related to Clinton criminal activity.  And Sessions apparently thinks that Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey have nothing but good intentions as they spend the next three years and millions of dollars of OUR money building a campaign platform for Moochelle Obama’s 2020 Presidential run.

Most EVERYthing Sessions says and does (or does NOT do) is right out of the McConnell playbook:  The hangdog good ‘ol boy look, the “I’m not sure, ask someone else” responses, the visible unwillingness to go after longtime members of the Establishment on either side….  The topper is Sessions’ channeling of McConnell’s “wheels of Congress must move slowly” attitude.  Remember the speech McConnell gave to his local KY Rotary Club, where he said that poor dumb Donald Trump “had not been in this line of work before”, standing before a row of smirking members of the Congressional Establishment:

Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell both display the same Establishment arrogance, deploy the same stall techniques, and in the long run are working together to damage if not outright destroy the implementation of President Trump’s agenda.  Once again, it is us maggot voters, us deplorables, who are bending over and taking it where the sun don’t shine.  Never mind that the Democrat Party has not been this seriously weakened and damaged in 70 years.  Never mind that the Republicans control all the visible levers of power.  No, McConnell, Sessions & Company believe they’ve just gotta spin their wheels, play footsie with the Other Side Of The Aisle, make it look like “Congress is working together to help the Amurrican people”, and hang on until 2020, when that oaf Trump can be sent packing back to the private sector.

UPDATE 11/15 at 4:30 PM EST: 

At this moment I’m listening to a conversation between Sean Hannity and Jim Jordan. Jordan pointed out that Sessions gave two different answers five minutes apart in his testimony yesterday on the topic of appointing a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One story: “No”, and “I don’t know”. Jordan also pointed out that Sessions has hinted that IF such a counsel is appointed, Rob Rosenstein will head it up. WTF? Rosenstein is butt-buddies with Comey and Mueller.

Hannity noted that we maggot taxpayers have spent one full year of our time and money investigating something that never happened: Trump’s “collusion” with Russia. Meanwhile, we cannot get a straight answer from OUR Attorney General about ever investigating the very real crimes of profiteering, corruption, pay-to-play, and weakening American security committed by Hillary Clinton & Company.  Sorry, Jeffie, I’m calling bullshit on you.

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12 Responses to Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell: Soul Brothers From Different Mothers – Updated

  1. Wise Owl says:

    To say I am pissed would be an understatement! Will we EVER be rid of the corrupt Deep State?????????

  2. Shar says:

    For quite some time I felt he was a swamp dweller. He sounded like an idiot at the hearing. How in the world do we get rid of him?

    • SafeSpace says:

      Shar: Some folks are suggesting that Trump could send him back to Alabama on a deal with the governor there, to replace the soiled Senate candidate Roy Moore. Now who would replace Sessions as AG? Dunno, but I can think of a few fire-breathing lawyers who would do a killer job defending and advancing the Trump agenda in that position.

  3. Uriel says:

    Good post SafeSpace…I listened for as long as I could (before barfing reflex). I have never heard him come across so badly. I vote Hardnox head up the AG lol or even you. Both of you would do a better job than is being done now.

  4. Whitetop says:

    Jeff Sessions wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit him on the ass. The guy is as screwed up as Mitch McConnell; they are blood brothers the likes of which the American people can do without. Jordon had him on the fence but wasn’t able to push him off. Gowdy made some good points but I recall Trey also ran the House investigation on Benghazi and never put Hillary under oath and after millions of taxpayer dollars came up with nothing. I don’t trust any of them.

  5. Ragnar says:

    Well no one said draining the swamp would be easy, first you have to identify all the swamp creatures, some of which hide behind the weeds…it appears this uniparty creature has now exposed himself….

  6. Ragnar says:

    here is more proof…
    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reclaim his Alabama post
    and install Jeff Sessions back in that seat…..nuff stated in the article